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Mysterious and intriguing from the outset, To Kill The Beast is a mesmerizing debut film from Agustina San Martin that plays with the unknown to entrap viewers with every scene, though it frays into varying directions that never come back together.

A young woman looking for her long lost brother becomes embroiled in the local myth of a man transforming into a dangerous beast. To Kill The Beast is, visually, a beautiful film that establishes an unsettling atmosphere early, never straying from that feeling. This is elevated by a spectacular score that advances said feelings with every note. It’s the story that fell short for me here. The intriguing premise turns more into an exploration of the main character’s sexuality, though many of seemingly intentional symbols and deeper meaning doesn’t quite deliver. The interesting angles explored and directions taken never come to resolution, instead feelings as though the storytelling is unfinished.

What I most enjoyed was that the mostly-female cast delivers powerful performances that keep you intrigued throughout. To Kill The Beast really serves as a showcase for incredible talent that viewers will want to watch for in the future.

Rating: 2/5

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