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SURGE (2021)

The intensity is turned up to 100 in Surge, the debut feature from director Aneil Karia that benefits from a captivating performance by Ben Whishaw.

A man (Whishaw) breaks out of the monotony of his life by committing a reckless act that leads to him becoming completely unhinged. As strange as this may sound, there is a lot that audiences can identify with in Surge, mainly the feelings Whishaw’s character is wrestling with… isolation, lack of direction, stress, and misunderstanding. From the very beginning, you are waiting for him to explode. The film is a wild ride both in plot and in the way in which it is filmed with the viewers always on the edge of their seat. Whishaw’s ability to play a character who experiences a severe mental break is both mesmerizing and heartbreaking, especially in scenes with his mother and father.

There isn’t much resolution here in Surge, rather viewers may find it particularly satisfying to see a character absolutely let loose, as destructive as it may be. Though it may be a bit one-note, Karia’s film is never boring. It thrives in the uncomfortable demeanor of Whishaw’s character while never quite showing its cards. It will be hard to turn away once the action starts.

Surge is now playing in theaters and hits on demand October 25th.

Rating: 4/5

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