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William Moseley and Johanna Braddy star in this Hallmark-esque cheeseball film that, although predictable, sucks you in and envelopes you with a ton of heart and charm.

When the the owner of one of the last pencil factories in the country suddenly passes, his corporate hot-to-trot son (Moseley) inherits the nearly bankrupt business, a pillar of the small town community. Saving Paradise, inspired by a true story, features corny line after corny line with cookie cutter characters and a plot that is intriguing, yet not surprising. Will he or won’t he save the factory? Can the old friend warm his chilled heart and, perhaps, become more? But there is an energy and sincerity that emanates from the film which keeps you engrossed until the foreseen conclusion arrives. Perhaps it’s that these characters, the supporting roles included, come across as genuine and representative of small towns across the country (Moseley excluded). So many corners of the United States feature close knit communities that rely on specific business to keep the economy churning, their families fed, and their lives in order. As the world moves forward at a rapid pace, many have been left behind.

This is all represented in Saving Paradise from the very start. Each character is incredibly likable, though the majority of the dialogue they bring forth will have you cringing in your seat. It is all saved by the emanating feeling of hope as the people come together to chart their path forward. This is a story that many will likely identify with. Fine performances and well-structured storytelling make this film a pleasant, even delightful watch.

Saving Paradise is now playing in select theaters and on demand everywhere.

Rating: 3/5

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