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The latest from the team behind the incredible RBG documentary, Julia delivers a deliciously thorough, albeit a bit uneven look at culinary television sensation Julia Child.

Bursting onto the culinary scene in 1961 with her first book (and the precursor for the modern cookbook) Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia Child would go on to become a mainstay on television and the first true celebrity chef. The film is everything you would expect from a properly crafted documentary, rich with detail and full of footage spanning decades. Child’s infectious exuberance for food is palpable in every frame while the images of the cuisine she artfully creates will leave your mouth watering. 

Julia does feel as though it is the tale of two films; the first half documenting the early years and the rise to fame and the second jumping into a quick-hits collection of controversies, challenges, and ultimately perseverance. There were times somewhere in the middle where the scenes felt repetitive and laborious to watch, but they quickly are forgotten as the filmmakers power on with a full plate of storytelling. Ultimately, this is another impressive outing from the team, one that again focuses on a strong female role model who bucked societal norms and created her own recipe for success, paving the way for the chefs of today.

Rating: 4/5

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