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COPSHOP (2021)

Though the film seems to forget it is telling a story once the chaotic third act arrives, CopShop is an action-packed outing for both Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo with each of them clearly having a blast, but this really is Alexis Louder’s show.

A con artist (Grillo) gets himself arrested in order to escape an assassin (Butler) who himself ends up at the precinct, all while one cop (Louder) finds herself wrapped up in it all. Copshop is a wild ride that showcases the talents of its two leads built upon a creative premise that launches the mayhem. While Butler and Grillo deliver committed performances, it’s Louder who is a standout, balancing the energy of her costars with a steady hand. You’ll root for her unexpectedly, mainly due to the two male characters not being very likable. Though those who are fans of Grillo’s pantheon of underwhelming action films will find Copshop an especially impressive entry, the action is the highlight in a film that has a thin plot that doesn’t quite get the full attention it deserves.

Boss Level this is not, thankfully, and director Joe Carnahan really flexes his muscle here with a simpler premise and the focus on action. Do all of the pieces come together? No, especially with an underwhelming ending, but you don’t expect that from a film like this. Viewers shouldn’t expect anything new here, but CopShop’s bombastic fight scenes make for a fun weekend watch.

Copshop is now playing in theaters.

Rating: 3/5

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