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Ripe with interesting ideas and dark undertones, Behemoth fails to capitalize on what could have been, instead becoming bogged down in forgettable performances, weak visual effects, and a lack of much to connect the dots.

As his daughter battles a mysterious illness, a man (Josh Eisenberg) goes after his former company who he deems responsible as he slowly loses grip on reality. From the beginning, Behemoth hooks you with a premise that takes off in the very first scenes of the film. Just as quickly, however, it falls apart with lackluster acting and horrifyingly routine dialogue that becomes more distracting than anything. Eisenberg certainly acts his heart out here, but he simply has minimal to work with. The same goes for Paul Statman, Jennifer Churchich, and Richard Wagner who each have intriguing arcs that culminate in spectacular fashion, though it leaves little impact.

The entire storyline hinges on scenes early on that result in a kidnapping that then becomes key to the film’s events, though said early scenes are laughably unbelievable and, worse, without logic. When the set-up fails to achieve what is intended, you’ve already lost. As visual effects supervisor Peter Sefchik’s first feature film, I can say without question that he has a lot of promise. The key is not overplaying the visual effects hand and ensuring that all other facets of the film are firing on all cylinders, the absence of which unfortunately renders Behemoth a forgettable outing.

Behemoth is now playing in select theaters and VOD.

Rating: 2/5

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