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Big Brother 23 – Day 79. DOUBLE EVICTION MAYHEM

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR….Day 79. Thursday’s live show was two weeks’ worth of gameplay in a special two-hour episode! Tiffany and Hannah were nominated for eviction by Kyland and were surprised since he was supposed to be in The Con-Artists alliance with them. Unfortunately, they did not win the Power of Veto (veto/POV), in the BB Comics veto comp. Tiffany timed out (how was that even possible?) and Hannah came up a fraction of a second short to Kyland. Both tried to convince Kyland to take them off the block, but he wasn’t doing it. He said he didn’t want more blood on his hands, but really… he just wanted Tiffany out the door. So, who was voted out first in the double-elimination? And who followed them out the door? Keep reading to find out.

BUT FIRST. Julie Chen Moonves didn’t automatically tell the Houseguests (HGs) that it was a double eviction, so that meant, they’d think it was business as usual and would be blindsided. Which I was hoping for since there haven’t been very many blindsides this season! Instead, we saw highlights from Wednesday’s show while Tiffany and Hannah reminisced about the past few weeks. Tiffany said she wanted to play the game hard, meaning, she would’ve made different choices in who she would’ve played with… but that she wanted to ensure the first Black winner of Big Brother happened in this season. If only she had realized that a Top Four Black people’s alliance would’ve probably benefited her more, than a Top six. Hannah and Tiffany realized that they would more than likely be leaving soon, but at least they were part of history. Tiffany talked to a VERY sleepy Azah (that’s all Azah does in the house is sleep!) and told her how much she wanted to stay in the game but was afraid that Big D. wouldn’t work with her (she’s right, he won’t). Tiffany didn’t understand why Big D. would be willing to work with Hannah, when clearly, she wouldn’t work with him…but he wouldn’t work with Tiffany. Azah pretty much was nodding off and could barely keep awake. Tiffany walked away and said hopefully Xavier could save her (he won’t). Later Kyland talked to Azah and holy cow, no one, including Azah (or me) knows what he was saying. He was literally rambling! Like literally!! Azah just nodded and in the Diary Room (DR) she said anytime Kyland talks, she never understands him and just nods…and that she won’t be asking him how he’s doing anytime soon. (OH MY GOSH!! Kyland’s word salad is SO annoying. He literally says a bunch of words and then mixes them all up and thinks he’s making sense! UGH! This man bothers me SO much!). Next Kyland went to talk to Xavier and told Xavier that he was the only person in his family that they could rely on. Xavier then shared (miracle Kyland let him speak), that his brother had died in April, and he was playing for his nephew to ensure that he has money for college and for anything he needs. Awe.

MORE SCHMOOZING. Tiffany and Hannah were both trying their hardest to stay. Even though they were each other’s F2, and wanted to play this game together, they knew that they’d have to campaign against each other if they wanted to stay in the house. Tiffany decided to talk to Big D. Of course, he was in the HOH bedroom, lying down and listening to music. Tiffany went and plopped herself on the bed and laid on his tummy! Which I thought was hilarious. She pleaded her case to stay over Hannah. And although Big D. seemed like he was listening… he’s intent to seeing Tiffany leave. So, this was a futile attempt for Tiffany. She then went to Xavier. She said she knew that she was Kyland’s target, but if she left, Xavier would be next. Why would Kyland go after Big D or Azah? The argument was valid, but Tiffany had no idea that Xavier and Kyland were in a F2 alliance, The Gentlemen (which Kyland is serious about…not so much, X). Xavier didn’t really believe Tiffany, because he just didn’t trust her. Which is a bit ironic, because Kyland fully trusts Xavier, but he’s playing Kyland…SO once again, Xavier.. POT MEET KETTLE! Later, Big D. and Xavier compared notes from the Tiffy Toes talk and they wondered if Hannah was the bigger threat?

LIVE SHOW AND JURY HOUSE. Back to the live show. Julie congratulated The Cookout on achieving their mission. She spoke to all the members of the alliance, and each had something meaningful to say. It was time to check in on the jury house. (I’d much rather see the live feeds from this house now, then the actual BB Beach Club!). Britini and Derek were not surprised to see Sarah Beth walk in the house. Both Britini and Derek X. were blown away when they saw that SB was nominated with X and Kyland and she ended up being evicted. And they get even more shocked when they saw Hannah use the veto on Xavier! SB then told them she was convinced that all the Black players were working together to make history, since no African American player had won regular Big Brother US (Except Tamar Braxton won Celebrity BB). Derek had no idea (because he had never seen the show!!). SB said she respected Kyland’s decision to not tell her about the alliance because she would’ve used it against him. But she was still upset with him for telling her unnecessary lies. Britini still thought Kyland was the most annoying person in the house. Claire arrived next and they weren’t surprised to see her walking through the door. But what they were shocked about was that it was Tiffany’s HOH that evicted her. Once the shock wore off, Alyssa walked through the door. And she admitted that she really was the ‘dim one’ (Zingbot roasted her about being dumb and called her dim). When they finally saw the footage how that week played out, they were shocked. Claire said she still respected and admired Tiffany and wanted her to win (wait until she sees Tiff walk through the jury doors). They next watched Alyssa get evicted under Hannah’s HOH. They were blown away by X’s veto comp and had a lightbulb moment that he was probably throwing comps this whole time!

PART ONE. COMPLETE. It was time for the live vote and eviction. Tiffany and Hannah gave their last-minute pleas. Each promising the world to the remaining HGs. But clearly Tiffany knew she was being evicted as she was dressed fancy, while Hannah was in her workout clothes (that’s always a sure sign they know who’s being evicted!). The only thing worth noting about their speeches was that Tiffany promised that if she stayed, and won HOH, Kyland would be nominated. With that, by a vote of 3-0, Tiffany was evicted from the Big Brother house. As the remaining HGs thought the show was over, they were meandering through the house, until Julie called them all to the living room. One by one they all took a seat. Julie congratulated them all for being Final Five and then revealed that this was a double elimination! They all looked mortified. And I was happy that someone finally got blindsided!

THE POWER IS UP FOR GRABS. It was now time to play a new HOH. As the outgoing Head of Household, Kyland was not eligible to compete. In the HOH Comp, BB Ballers, the players had twelve silver balls on the grass at the end of a ramp. When Julie said go, they had to retrieve the balls from the ball box and roll their ball up the ramp in an attempt to knock off their silver balls. The first two players to knock all twelve balls would advance to the next round. The winner of two rounds would become the new HOH. Xavier was the first player to advance, and after a bit of a slow start, Azah was the next HG to advance to round two. Hannah and Big D. were eliminated. Both Azah and Xavier faced off in round two where it differed from the first round, in this round, they had to roll their balls onto the grass instead of knocking balls off the grass. They had to toss ten balls one at a time, at the same time (which Azah had trouble paying attention to the rules…as usual), the person to get the most balls on the grass, would win HOH. It took a while for either of them to score, but after the fifth shot, they both scored at the same time. The next shot, Azah was able to land another ball. And after all the shots, Azah won with a score of 5-3. Azah was the new HOH. (Miracles do happen). But who would she nominate on the block? Although she had told Hannah she would be safe, she never really was a fan of Hannah’s. Anytime Tiffany would talk to Azah about Hannah, Azah was ready to drop Hannah quicker than a hot potato. So, Hannah had to have known her days were numbered. BUT, Hannah thought that perhaps Azah would keep her.

LIVE NOMINATIONS AND VETO. It was time for the nomination ceremony! Prior to the noms, Azah told Hannah she was going on the block with Xavier. Azah told Hannah she had a plan that would keep Hannah in the house, but I had a feeling she was lying. Or at least she seemed like she was. Although, that could’ve been because she was clueless. Hannah asked her why her and not Kyland and Azah said she had promised Kyland safety. For the life of me, I don’t know why she promised Kyland that she wouldn’t put him on the block. He had been her target since day one! So, I’m not sure if Big D. got in her ear, or too much Kyland word salad did? Whatever the case was…Azah nominated Xavier and Hannah for eviction. It was now time for the veto competition, What the Bleep? Players viewed a number of videos containing statements made by former HGs. However, each statement had a bleeped-out word or phrase. Julie then read out the bleeped-out word and and it was up to the HGs to decide whether it was true or false. Hannah was so close to winning, but unfortunately, she got one wrong, putting Kyland and Xavier in the lead. At the end of the seven rounds, the game went into a tie-breaker question…  “In seconds… “how long was the Cluckster HOH competition?” (that was the name of it??) Whichever player was closest without going over, would win. Xavier wrote 1100 (well he wrote a 1500 but scratched it and wrote 1100), and Kyland wrote 1690. The answer was 2002 seconds. Kyland won Power of veto. (wah wah waaaahhhh). At the veto ceremony, Kyland used the power of veto on Xavier. So, the only other option was to put Big D. on the block. Kyland stayed true to his world to Xavier, and Azah looked blindsided. I still wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep Hannah safe, but I think she wasn’t expecting Kyland to use the veto on Xavier. And with a vote of 2-0, Hannah was evicted from the BB Beach Club and the double eviction episode was over. Before the show ended, Azah looked furious…maybe she had intended in keeping Hannah, or maybe she was mad about something else? Keep reading to find out!

REMINISCING TO FINAL FOUR. Following the previous night’s double eviction, Big D was thrilled to still be in the house (especially since he hasn’t been doing jack!), but what he didn’t like was the veto switch-a-roo that Kyland and Xavier pulled off. He wasn’t sure if they were truly loyal to him. Azah was thrilled to have won her first HOH, but the double eviction was intense for her. In DR, Azah confessed that she never solidified a final two with Hannah, but that the boys always had her back, and so she felt her best shot at making Final Three was staying true to her middle school crush, Xavier, and her BFF Big D. And she also admitted to lying to Hannah during the double eviction. She seemed so happy and proud of her move, and totally unaware that the guys were working together. A flashback of Kyland telling Hannah he had planned on using the veto on Xavier was shown. In DR he explained how he had to lie to Hannah and tell her he thought there was a way to save her. Then they showed Xavier telling Hannah he would vote to keep her. This just keeps getting worst and worst. But when the veto was used, Big D. was livid because it wasn’t part of their plan. So, Xavier decided to vote to evict Hannah along with Kyland instead of making it a tie, so it would appear to Kyland that he was loyal to him. This made no sense… but whatever. Azah felt like Kyland played her by pulling Xavier off the block and putting Big D. in danger. So Azah did feel played, but not in the way I thought she did.

FINAL THREE PLUS AZAH. Following Hannah’s eviction, Xavier pulled Kyland into the bathroom and they had a brief chat session about what just went down, and they committed to a final two once again. But Kyland didn’t let Big D. know this. And Xavier wanted Kyland to feel comfortable with him, but Xavier’s true Final Two was… WITH BIG D. WHAT? In DR, Xavier said he wanted to bring Big final two but wanted to make sure that Kyland would take him, as a backup plan. Azah asked Big D. questions about what had happened during the double eviction, but he dismissed her and told her to just let it go. However, he had some questions for Xavier. In DR Big D. said that he deserves the Final Two spot! (For doing what? Laying down all day?? What in the world makes him think he deserves to win this game?) He then questioned Xavier if he was working with Kyland. Xavier smoothed things over, as usual, and Big D. was back to thinking they all have a Final Three.

HOH COMPETITION. It was now time for the HOH competition. As the outgoing HOH, Azah was not eligible to play. The HGs previewed the new CSI: Vegas show, and the competition was themed and named after the show. In the CSI: Vegas HOH comp the HGs had to collect evidence to identify the primary suspect that stole the HOH key. Once they found a clue, they had to head back to the lab and match it to the evidence on the wall. And once they believed that they had all five correct pieces of evidence, they had to hit their buzzer and lock in their time. The player with the fastest time and correct evidence, would become the new HOH (and also get to watch a sneak peek of the premier show). The ‘evidence’ were photos of fingerprints and DNA and other intricate images that would not be as easy to memorize. Big D. was doing okay, but he would miss a few details. Xavier moved quicker, but he had to move his cards around as he missed a few details. Kyland seemed to be the least frazzled, and calm throughout, but the question was… was he faster than the other two? It was time to find out the results of the HOH comp. Big D. finished with a time of 15:44. Kyland finished with a time of 14:52. And Xavier finished with a time of 10:18!! Xavier won HOH.

NOMINATIONS. In the DR, Xavier cried when he realized he had made final three and that he was in a very good position to winning the money. Then it was Big D’s turn in the DR. He complained how he constantly lost and was forced to ride the coattail of others. Sure, Big D. you were ‘forced’. Kyland was furious with himself that he lost that competition. He felt okay that Xavier won… but he knew winning the upcoming veto was the most important. And he worried his fate would be in someone else’s hands. Kyland went to congratulate Xavier and they sat down for a chat. He told Xavier that he’s worried that the final two agreement has changed, and he HAD to win veto. And in DR Xavier said Kyland’s fears were justified, that if he didn’t win veto, his game would be in jeopardy, as his true alliance was to Big D. (again…whaaaaaat?). Xavier and Azah had a chat and she asked him if he had a final two deal with Kyland, which he denied. And then she asked if he would tell he the truth, and he told her, maybe. Azah became sad when she realized Big D. and she would probably be on the block together. Once again, she felt played. Next, Xavier talked to Big D. about their options. Xavier said he felt confident that they could both beat Azah in the final HOH, but it would be a harder road ahead to beat Kyland. Xavier was planting the seeds in Big D.’s brain that he wanted Kyland to go home. His plan would be that Big D. get all the blood on his hands and Kyland wouldn’t have bad feelings toward Xavier in the jury house. But Xavier didn’t factor in one thing… Big D. is practically in love with Kyland!! Funny thing is, Big D. has no clue that Kyland doesn’t want him in the final two! It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Xavier nominates Azah and Kyland on the block. Azah believes she is headed home if she loses veto. And Big D. doesn’t trust what’s going on. Xavier said that if he won veto, he would leave noms the same and let Big D. decide. He wanted no blood on his hands and would do whatever he could to convince Big D. to evict Kyland. But would the plan work? There are three shows this week, and by Friday, it’ll be down to three players. Who will those players be? And who will be one step closer to Final two?? Come back at the end of the week to find out.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. There was a chance for a fantastic season with REAL gameplay and strategy. Unfortunately, that went out the window once The Cookout made an alliance. I understood it was for a good cause, and I was totally behind the alliances reasonings…it was about time a Black person won regular BB, but it’s hard to say that any of the members of The Cookout (besides Tiffany) were actually good players. In any previous season of Big Brother, Xavier, Kyland and Big D. would have been taken out long before jury or at the beginning of jury…  OR they would have had to change their gameplay in order to stay in the game. A good player can pivot when they are in trouble.  But none of these guys ever had to worry about that for most of the game. So yes, The Cookout was a noble idea, but at the end of the day, they were all there to play a game with only ONE winner. And that winner should’ve been Tiffany. Or at least she should’ve come in Final three! Unfortunately, the best player this season lost because of the cause. But on the flip side… if Tiffany was such a good player, she could’ve thought of a way to get to F2, and still get The Cookout to the end. Food for thought.

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