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Big Brother 23 – Day 85. AND THE WINNER IS….

PREVIOUSLY ON BIG BROTHER… Day 85. After 9 weeks of living in the BB Beach Club, a winner was announced. So, who was the big winner? And what did they do to get there? Keep reading to find out!

THE FINAL FOUR. Immediately after the second double eviction last week, the Final Head of Household (HOH) competition, CSI: Vegas, was held. As the outgoing HOH, Azah was not eligible to play. The three remaining Cookout guys gave it their all, but it was Xavier who became the HOH. He ended up putting Azah and Kyland on the block, and finalized his Final Two (F2) with Big D. However, the winner of the Power of Veto (PoV) would hold the biggest power, as they would be the one who determined who got evicted from Final four. So how did it play out?

SCRAMBLING BEFORE VETO. After noms, Xavier reiterated in the Diary Room (DR) that his goal for the week was to win PoV and ensure that he and Big D. make Final three. Which contrasted with what Kyland assumed was happening.  Because he thought that he and Xavier had a final two. This was also a tough decision for Big D. as he wanted to stay true to his F3 deal with Kyland and Xavier, but he wasn’t ready to send Azah home. Since she was his BFF in the house. Azah, sensing that she was out of the loop, asked Big D. if he had a Final Three deal with the guys. And although Big D. said no, he did tell her that he had a Final Two with Kyland and a Final Two deal with Xavier. So, this was a lightbulb moment for Azah as she realized if she didn’t win PoV, she’d be going home, because she hadn’t made any deals with the guys (of course she didn’t…she’s been sleeping!). And that included Big D. who was her closest friend in the house. The chat with Azah made Big D. feel like he had to have a chat with Kyland to ensure that their Final two was still good. He didn’t want to send Azah home, only to feel like she would’ve kept him and Kyland wouldn’t. So, when Big D. asked Kyland if their F2 was good, Kyland felt like Big D. was leveraging his power over Kyland, and so Ky didn’t want to commit to anything. Which in turn made Big D. feel uneasy and unsure of Kyland. Meanwhile, Azah was trying to figure out where X stood. And if he had really planned on playing against ‘strong competition’, but he didn’t really answer her clearly. Per usual. Kyland and Big D. met up again, both trying to get assurances from each other, but neither said what the other wanted to hear, and it ended with Kyland upset and leaving the room. Big D. later met with Xavier to go over the heated conversation he had with Kyland, and Xavier said that all he cared about was getting both he and Big D. to Final two. But Xavier was still trying to plant the seeds in Big D.’s mind that he needed to evict Kyland over Azah. However, Big D. said he didn’t think Azah should go to the end because according to him, he carried her this whole season. He was completely undermining her gameplay and her. He felt like she hadn’t lied or had to stab anyone in the back. And he told this to Azah! (Such a bad thing to do!). But then eventually he apologized to Azah for making her feel bad. But he was just covering his bases in case she won Veto.

THE POWER OF VETO. It was time for the veto competition!! Everyone played in this final and most important Power of Veto (veto/PoV) of the season. In the veto, BB Winning Days, the players had to recall the date of various events throughout the season. Then, they had to navigate across a seesaw and place a combination of numbered balls that totaled the correct date in the shovel on the end of the seesaw, without balls falling out. The last person to do so in each round earned a strike. Each player was eliminated after two strikes. The first person to finish round one was Azah, followed by Kyland. Xavier beat Big D. by a fraction of a second, giving Big D. his first strike. In the second round Xavier was first, Azah was second and Big D. was third, giving Kyland his first strike. It was a toss up between Big D. and Kyland, since they each had a strike. However, Kyland couldn’t seem to keep his balls in the little shovel part and so he came up short for the second time and was eliminated. In round four, Azah wasn’t sure about the answer to the question “What day did the oven catch on fire”, which was  strange since it was her and Claire who started the fire! So Azah picked the wrong date, and she earned her first strike. In the next round, the answer was a quick one, and Big D. and Xavier answered quicker than Azah, eliminating her from the competition. Big D. really wanted to win, but Xavier was not going to let that happen. And after a long round… Xavier won, giving Big D. his final strike. Now that Xavier had won the POV, he had all the power in his hands. After the competition, Kyland was hard on himself. He was emotional and unfortunately, Xavier walked in on Kyland at that moment. Ky pressed X to reassure that they still had their Final Two deal, but Xavier shut the conversation down. Which showed Kyland that Xavier might have a plan B in mind, which involved send him packing!

BIG D’S BIG DILEMMA. Kyland admitted to Big D. that he was stressed about the upcoming eviction. And Big D. was stressed that he’d have to cast the sole vote. In DR Big D. talked a big game, but when push came to shove, he didn’t seem to want to get his hands dirty. Kyland also started to get paranoid that his days were numbered, and instead of trying to butter up Big D. he started to get really condescending toward him. Although, he was being a jerk, Kyland did have a point. Which was that Big D. didn’t have to cut anyone close to him the entire game, like the rest of The Cookout had to. (Actually Big D. hasn’t done much in this game! But according to him, he’s done it all!). Xavier wanted to make sure that Azah and Big D. knew that Kyland wanted to take X to Final two. Azah offered to evict Kyland if Big D. didn’t want to. And Big D. was thinking about jury management. But he seemed so clueless that he was going to lose no matter who he took to Final Two. Well, if he went with Xavier or Kyland he’d lose by a landslide, his biggest chance of winning would be taking Azah. But even then, she’d pretty much overtaken Big D. in the game. She won competitions when she needed to and wasn’t afraid to get blood on her hands. Up to this point, Big D. hasn’t done jack! But he continued to say how he plotted so many things that Azah didn’t know about. And she would see when the show was over. (I’ve been watching the show and live feeds and I am curious what Big D. has done since I haven’t seen him do whatever it is he thinks he did?!). One thing’s for certain, in no way had Big D. carried Azah like he claimed he did. X and Kyland carried both Big D. and Azah. It wasn’t just them… it was Tiffany and Hannah who also carried Big D. and Azah. Big D. and Azah are lucky that The Cookout existed. And Big D. burned another bridge with Azah. It wasn’t understandable why he was talking to Azah that way. That was the one thing that Big D. always seemed to have a problem with… all the women in the house. He was so condescending toward every woman in the house. It was weird. And now that it was just down to one final woman, he switched his bitchiness toward his BFF. Sad! After asking Big D. if he would vote to evict Kyland, Big D. would not give an affirmative answer. And so, Xavier considered pulling Azah from the block and replacing her with Big D. letting Azah be the sole vote to evict Kyland.  Big D. seemed to have an issue with evicting Kyland because apparently, he thought he had a showmance with him. Like he called Kyland his showmance and everything. It was pretty funny.

LIVE VETO AND EVICTION. It was time for the live veto meeting and eviction. As the final veto holder, Xavier had to decide if he wanted to use the Power of Veto on Azah or Kyland, or if he was leaving the noms the same. Xavier chose NOT to use the Power of Veto. And left the final decision in Big D.’s hands! (Yikes and fingers crossed). During her last plea speech, Azah made a joke about her crying, cooking, and napping her way to the Final Four, which actually wasn’t a joke because that’s completely true! Kyland gave his word salad speech…and said he hoped Big D would keep him in the game. Big D then stood up and said he voted to evict Kyland! And he said it correctly instead of “I sadly evote”. And with Big D’s vote to evict, Kyland was evicted from the Big Brother Beach Club. And he was blindsided. Big time! (Finally! A good blindside!!).

KYLAND PLAYS DIRTY. As Kyland prepared to leave the house, he turned to Xavier and asked, “Any reason?” and X just shrugged his shoulder and said that this was how the game goes. However, instead of walking out the door, Kyland decided to bring up Xavier’s nephew Kobe, in an attempt to slander Xavier’s character. I’m pretty sure he wanted X to punch him! But Xavier just stood there. Prior to entering the Big Brother house, Xavier’s brother passed away earlier this year. And Xavier had expressed grief over his brother’s passing to Kyland. He also told him how he wanted to help provide for his nephew. So Kyland knew what he was doing when he brought up Kobe’s name. He was attempting to get a rise from Xavier. But Kyland persisted. He said “You know, named after Kobe, Kobe doesn’t step down from a challenge. He accepts it.” As X was facing Kyland, things got a bit heated, and Xavier asked Kyland to keep his nephew’s name out of his mouth. But Kyland persisted. “I think that if your nephew has nobody to look up to, that is gonna figure out how to raise him and teach him ow to be a man”. But then Julie Chen Moonves came over the loudspeaker and demanded that Kyland exit the house. She had to tell him about four times, one of which it looked like he was going to go back and get another ‘jab’ in, but instead he grabbed his water glass. And finally, Kyland walked out the door. I’d never seen an exit like that in Big Brother history. The fact that he basically evicted all his ‘friends’ from the house and then was played, but went out this way. Total loss of respect for Kyland. Not that I had any! As Kyland spoke to Julie, he acted as if nothing had happened, and he didn’t do anything wrong. And of course, he had his word salad answer. OH, and yeah, he said he would love to come back if given the chance. Ugh. Kyland is the worst!

THE FINAL THREE REMINISCE. Once Kyland’s messy ass left the Big Brother house, the Final Three; Xavier, Azah and Big D. celebrated with a steak and lobster dinner and champagne. They reminisced about past houseguests and stuff they did in the house. Azah pretty much laid and slept in her room the entire game. But apparently, she was very vocal about taco meat. Which according to Azah was a certain type of chest hair. And she mentioned how Big D. had this taco meat chest hair. Which he took personally and claimed he had beautiful chest hair. They then switched the conversation to Hannah and her bad cooking. They remembered the time she put wet beans on top of her pasta. And Big D. also got offended that Kyland (before he was evicted), told Big D. that his food was simple, and anyone could cook that. But that Azah’s food was delicious and that her food was difficult because he wouldn’t be able to cook anything she made. There was a montage of DR bloopers. And they all talked about how genuine friendships were made this season. Claire and Derek X. were shown talking about her sexuality and how she hadn’t really come out as bi-sexual until the show. Christian and Alyssa’s ‘relationship’ was also discussed. And how it looked like he was more into her, than she was into him. And they talked about The Cookout’s first meal together, where they discussed their identity as African Americans. And each shared their experiences in mostly white environments throughout their lifetime. In their discussion the group agreed that this season, they all came together because of a cause and shared vision. And that various and different personalities could still work together, regardless of the color of their skin. After their steak and lobster dinner, the Final three headed to the living room where each of them got a video message from home. They ended the night looking forward to the upcoming final HOH and the crowing of the Big Brother winner.

PART ONE. The Final three played the first part of the HOH competition, Bouncy Boat Bash. It was an endurance competition where a ‘boat’ (that looked more like a rocket ship) suspended in air and bounced the players all over the place. Azah knew that to make it to Final 2, she’d have to win the Final HOH. So, she had to win Part 1 to guarantee her spot in Part 3. Meanwhile, Big D. knew that both X and Azah were taking him to F2, but he still wanted to control the game. After 19 minutes, Big D. fell from the boat. Azah started to get sore because she was straddling the boat with her arms and legs, unlike Xavier who was sitting upright for most of the comp. And at 26 minutes, Azah started to slip off. As she tried to adjust herself into a better position, Azah fell off the ‘boat’. Xavier won Part one of the HOH comp and advanced to Part 3. After the comp, X and Big D. celebrated and solidified their F2 deal. And Azah told Big D. that she needed to win to get to F2. Because Big D. would be going to F2 no matter who won, but Xavier and Azah would need to win, to take Big D. to F2 with them.

PART TWO. It was time for the second part of the HOH between Azah and Big D. In the Four of a Kind Slot Machine competition, they had to spin four dials to the faces of the HGs that correctly answered each question. On go, each player received a jackpot question which had the same answer for four of evicted houseguests. Each player had to race up the stairs and roll their giant slot machines to the four correct HGs. Whoever completed the task in the fastest time would win part two of the Final HOH. There were only three questions, but the competition was more physical than mental. Azah had trouble with the slot machine and didn’t align the answers correctly. Which cost her some time. Lucky for her, Big D. could barely balance on the slot machine, so instead he was crawling on it. Which did some damage to his knees! They were badly scraped. He called it the most difficult competition of the season, which it might’ve not been to others, but since he is a big guy, I could see why it was difficult for him. ( I felt so bad for him and his knees!) Azah finished with a time of 13:19 and Big D. finished with a time of 20:22. Azah won part two of the Final HOH. Big D. officially won NO comps in Big Brother.

PRIOR TO FINALE NIGHT. Having won part two of the Final HOH competition, Azah was positioned to reach the end and Big D. was not happy. Especially because Azah and X were cuddling on the couch. Big D. once again claimed he carried Azah to Final three, and she really shouldn’t even be talking to X (and only be kissing Big D.’s ass). When Azah asked Big D. (in front of X) who he would take to F2 if he had the opportunity, Big D. said Xavier! And continued to let Azah know that he didn’t respect her game, even though she told him she would bring him F2. (Julie did mention how someone should’ve reminded Big D. that Azah had just won the second part of the comp). It wasn’t making any sense why he was arguing with her. It seemed petty and honestly quite mean. Azah wasn’t my favorite person in the house, but she didn’t deserve the attitude and it made me feel so sorry for her. Azah told Big D. that they should stop talking game for the rest of the season (only a few days left). She told him that she had given him no indications that she was changing her mind who she was taking to F2 and that she was tired of his insecurities. In the DR, Azah says that she was sure she was taking Big D. to F2, but that she no longer respected the way he talked to her, and it made her unsure of what she was going to do. After some soul searching, she called Xavier over and told him that she was thinking of taking him to F2, and that she was going to pray about it. In DR, X was ecstatic that Azah came to this decision, thanks to Big D. and his disrespect toward Azah. X was happy he didn’t have to do anything but sit back and let Big D. implode. Azah then dropped the bomb on Big D. and told him she would be taking Xavier to F2. Big D. was stunned! And got up to walk away, but not before giving her a very rude hug! Poor Azah was torn as she headed to DR in tears. Meanwhile, the jury discussed who they thought was most deserving of winning Big Brother. Oh, and Kyland joined the jury, and everyone was thrilled to see him!

PART THREE. It was time for the last part of the HOH competition. In Houseguest Headliners, videos were shown of each evicted houseguest. Three statements were made about the specific HG. One statement in the video was false. Each correct answer equaled one point. At the end of eight rounds, the person with the highest score would win the most important HOH of the season. On the first question, Azah got it wrong. Which was all it took to lose the final HOH. Xavier won with a score of 8-7.

LIVE EVICTION AND LAST JUROR. It was now up to Xavier to evict either Azah or Big D. He chose to evict Azah (no surprise). Big D. was so excited (at this point, he still believes he could win!). Azah left the BB Beach Club and chatted with Julie Chen Moonves. She said she was sad that she had messed up because she knew the answer. And she admitted that if she had won the final HOH, she would’ve taken Xavier to F2. She knew she could’ve beaten Big D. but it wasn’t money that motivated her. She wanted the first Black winner of Big Brother to deserve the title of winner. And she wouldn’t have felt right if Xavier came in third. Yeah Azah!!

AND THE WINNER IS… After 85 days of scheming and planning and crying and sleeping (Azah and Big D.), the winner of Big Brother 23 was finally going to be crowned. Big D. and Xavier answered questions from the jury members (not everyone had a question to ask. Hmmm). Xavier answered. Then Big D. And then each pled their case as to why they should win the $750,000 prize. I thought Big D. lied a little bit. And you could tell that Xavier thought so too! Or perhaps it was just Delusional Derek rearing his ugly head.  One at a time each juror approached the voting box and inserted the key of the person they wanted to win Big Brother. Britini (remember her?), who was super excited, and Julie even told her to calm down, cast the first vote. Then it was Derek X.’s turn, and Sarah Beth, Claire, Alyssa, Tiffany (who said she was proud of both of them and was voting for the best player), Hannah, Kyland who threw some shade about there being more important things than money in life (whatever Kyland!), and finally Azah cast the last vote and said something like “I’m voting to evict”.. then she stopped herself and said she had no idea what she was saying!

BUT FIRST. Before the winner was crowned and after the jury voted, Travis, Frenchie, Whitney and Christian popped up via web cam. Julie interviewed Christian and Brent only. And then asked Tiffany and Derek X. a few questions. Apparently, Derek X. was lovestruck over… Travis. Ha. And then all the secrets were finally revealed! (Because this crew kept their secrets). Hannah was a pre-med student and not a future fashion designer. Sarah Beth was a forensic chemist and not a voice actor. Claire was an AI engineer. Britini was a blackbelt. Big D. then revealed that he was the son of Joe Frazier and X was besides himself! He couldn’t believe it. And then X dropped his bombshell that he was a lawyer. Everyone freaked! Then Julie asked Kyland if he regretted saying what he did to Xavier. And of course, Kyland said something about his statement being subjective. And that he asked to replay his answer. And blah blah blah. WORD SALAD!!! Xavier said he didn’t understand why Kyland brought up his nephew’s name. And Kyland said some nonsense…and of course, he never apologized.

(now for real this time)…

AND THE WINNER IS…. With a vote of 9-0, XAVIER PRATHER was crowned Big Brother Season 23 winner, winning $750K, the biggest amount of Big Brother. Not only that, but he was also the first Black winner of a regular BB season. Big D. won $75K and Tiffany was awarded $50K for winning “America’s Favorite Houseguest”, beating out Derek X. by a narrow margin. And with that… Season 23 was over.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. I am SO glad Xavier won. This is the first time that a player I chose from the very beginning actually won! Also, if there’s one thing about this season that rings true, is that this group seemed to be genuinely friendly and loving toward one another. And they seemed to genuinely enjoy being with each other during their time in the house. It was so refreshing. But not as refreshing as seeing a person of color win Big Brother! Until next time America! But we could be hearing “Who wants to see my HOH room??” sooner rather than later because Celebrity Big Brother is coming in February! Woohoo! Stay tuned….

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