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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie will be recapping the latest happenings in the BB Beach Club!

NOTE: We’re catching up with ALL of the action that has been going down as we speed towards the end of the season. Better late than never!


PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR….Day 72The Cookout had a plan to make it to final six and Claire was the next casualty. But before the live vote, Julie Chen Moonves unleased some breaking news unbeknownst to the Houseguests (HGs),.. it was DOUBLE EVICTION time! By a vote of 4-1, Claire was evicted from the Big Brother house (and left without hugging anyone)! After The Cookout took out Claire… only Alyssa stood between them and their goal. With Comics Week unleashed, the power was up for grabs. As the outgoing HOH, Tiffany was not eligible to play. After several rounds of the Head of Household (HOH) competition…Crash, Boom, Pow, Hannah won HOH.  Hannah nominated Xavier and Alyssa, The Cookout’s final’s target. During the Power of Veto (veto/POV) competition, Logo, Let’s Go, Xavier smoked the competition, winning the veto and sealing Alyssa’s fate. Hannah had to nominate a third person to replace Xavier, and she put up Kyland. With a vote of 3-1, Alyssa was blindsided and evicted from the BB Beach Club. And after a summer of gameplay, The Cookout made history by being the first alliance of six Black players and for the first time in regular Big Brother history a Black player will win this game (Note: Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother). With only the six HGs remaining The Cookout have prepared to battle one another. But who will become the new HOH and who did they nominate for eviction? Keep reading to find out!

CHOOSING SIDES. The Cookout achieved what they set out to, by being the last six remaining in the BB Beach Club and had their celebratory moment. #ButFirst Hannah had some explaining to do as to why she put up Kyland. He didn’t understand why Azah, or Tiffany didn’t go up, but he said he was fine and shrugged it off. However, we all know Kyland never forgets! Even Tiffany warned Hannah not to put up Kyland, but that one move from Hannah, proved to bite Tiffany in the booty. Tiffany tried to do some damage control with Kyland, as he was visibly upset at the decision. (Heaven forbid someone puts Kyland up on the block!). He was mostly upset because it was clear to him that Tiffany and Hannah were trying to win over Alyssa for jury management. Oh my gosh, with this guy. He did the same thing during his goodbye messages! So he needs to shut up! And it wouldn’t be Kyland if he didn’t include his infamous word salad. Tiffany continued with her apology tour, going to Xavier this time. (She’s always having to apologize, but these guys never seem to own up to what they do. Ugh. It’s sickening!) She told Xavier that she would not be targeting him for the first eviction, but of course he didn’t buy it and said he no longer trusted Tiffany. Looks like she put herself into a pickle! Hannah also went to talk to Kyland, in case he won HOH, because she didn’t want him to come after her. He told Hannah everything was fine…but in the Diary Room (DR) he said moving forward he had no more plans of working with Hannah or Tiffany. Big D. and Xavier also met, and they discussed who they wanted out first. Big D. made it crystal clear that he would be targeting Tiffany! And he couldn’t wait for her to leave the house. He said if he won HOH (sure, Big D. sure) … he’d nominate Tiffany and Hannah and if one of them came down, he’d nominate Kyland as the replacement. After that conversation took place, Xavier and Kyland met and made a Final Two (F2) alliance. They figured since they were both targets in the house, it’d benefit them both to go F2. They called themselves The Gentlemen (my eyeballs rolled to the back of my head!)

THE HOH EGGCITING COMPETITION. It was time for the HOH competition. As outgoing HOH, Hannah was not eligible to play. The new HOH comp (which I don’t believe was given a name), was introduced by The Cluckster. In this HOH comp, the players were locked in cages and had to navigate eggs through the chicken wire mesh cage ‘maze’. Once the egg reached the end of their ‘maze’, the players had to roll the eggs down a ramp and knock down three levers. If the eggs broke, or fell off the ramp, they had to start over with a new egg. Big D. wanted to win, since he hadn’t won, and prior to the competition he had asked Xavier and Kyland to throw it to him if they could. Azah was the best at maneuvering the eggs through the wire cage, but like the cocktail comp she competed in a while back, she couldn’t roll the eggs down the ramp at all. It looked promising for Big D. as he was the first player to get his eggs down the ramp portion. But he was struggling to get the eggs through the wire, as his hands were too big! This should’ve been Tiffany’s comp, but she was terrible at both the wire cage and rolling the eggs down the ramp. Eventually Kyland came up with a strategy of dropping the eggs from one hand to another. He said he could move quicker this way. It was a little riskier, but it was worth it to him. In DR, Tiffany said she was okay with Kyland winning as she, Hannah and Kyland came up with a F3 prior to the HOH comp, calling themselves The Con-Artists. A little after Kyland hit his second lever, Xavier got his first lever down. And soon after, Big D. knocked down his second lever, but Big D. was having trouble knocking down his last lever. Azah eventually got an egg down her ramp, and it knocked down a lever. And despite, Kyland claiming that he would’ve thrown it to Big D., he decided that he wanted to win, and knocked down his third lever, making him HOH for the third time. Big D. was super disappointed but took it well. Which I didn’t understand why it was okay for Kyland to NOT throw the competition like he said he would, but the dumb guys got mad at Tiffany for playing a ‘selfish’ game and winning the endurance HOH and not throwing it to Kyland. Double standards much?

MEN VS. WOMEN. This HOH win was a heavy one for Kyland, as he knew that he’d have to be the first one to take a shot at the alliance. Tiffany and Hannah felt safe, and so did Big D. and Xavier, since both pairs had alliances with Kyland. Which meant one thing… that two people were in for a shock. Kyland consoled Big. D., as he was down on himself for once again not winning a competition. Kyland then went to Xavier and said it made more sense to nominate Tiffany and Hannah, and if either of them won POV, he’d replace them with Azah. But he hoped it wouldn’t come down to that. And with those words… this history making alliance quickly became the tired old… men vs. women game. (read more in Hot Takes and Opinions below). It was time for the nomination ceremony. Even with Hannah and Tiffany pitching excellent ideas to Kyland, he still nominated Hannah and Tiffany on the block. He told them that he came to the decision because of a “lost of trust” (in Tiffany) and he put Hannah on the block so she wouldn’t use the veto on Tiffany. In DR, Tiffany said she thought Kyland made a good move because he said he couldn’t trust her, and he was right! So did the veto save either Hannah or Tiffany? Keep reading to find out.

THE NOMINATIONS. Wednesday’s show opened up with Xavier’s words… “Brothers and sisters…welcome to The Cookout.” Following the nomination ceremony, Kyland confirmed in DR that Tiffany was his primary target because he couldn’t trust her (this again!). Tiffany felt betrayed, because she thought their F3 alliance, The Con-Artists was real. She also said that she knew if she lost veto, she’d be heading to jury. Big D. was overtly confident that Tiffany was on her last leg. And both he and Xavier were thrilled that Kyland was targeting Tiffany…and more so Xavier, because he didn’t have to get the blood on his hands. Hannah quickly pulled Kyland aside and asked him to chat. They went up to the HOH room, where Kyland told Hannah that there was no scenario where Tiffany and Xavier could move forward and work together. Which gave Hannah a lightbulb moment and she realized that the guys were all working together, and that Kyland was a fool! In DR, Hannah said that if it was Kyland’s goal to hand over Xavier the prize-winning money, then he was doing a great job! Although being on the block and knowing she was the target, Tiffany remained calm, while her and Hannah strategized about the veto competition. Hannah reiterated that the guys were working together, and Tiffany said she pretty much figured they were, and that if either of them come off the block, Azah would be the replacement nominee. Hannah asked Azah if she was surprised by the noms. And Azah claimed she wasn’t, but she didn’t know Kyland would target Tiffany. Hannah then proceeded to plant her little seeds of doubt about the guys into Azah’s mind. Which was a good thing, because wishy-washy Azah, still can’t decide who she should side with. Either way, Azah will not be winning the main prize! Hannah told Azah that if Tiffany went this week (they don’t know about the second double elimination yet)… she couldn’t see a scenario where either of them would make it to the end. Azah then said that she could only see herself making it to F2 if she were able to win comps, which she hasn’t been able to do so far. (Azah still doesn’t get this game). But either way, Azah said, it wouldn’t matter if she decided to roll with Big D. and Xavier or Hannah and Tiffany, if she couldn’t win the veto. And we all know she won’t be able to! Tiffany was heartbroken to be on the block and she did a little cam talking. She said the hardest thing about being on the block was the fact that it was her son’s birthday, and her son was the biggest reason that she was playing in the first place. She knew that she was going to play hard in the upcoming veto to hopefully win and ensure that she stay in the house.

THE VETO COMPETITION. It’s time for the Veto competition!! The veto competition was the classic BB Comics. Where one at a time, the players would zipline past a window of ‘BB Comics’, where they’d have to memorize them, and match 16 of the correct comics in the proper order. The player to complete this in the fastest time would be the winner of the Golden Power of Veto. There were some good, and funny comics! And each player had some interesting but mostly shady things to say about the past HGs. Hannah made a comment about not remembering who Travis was. And Xavier drooled over Alyssa’s comic (X had a crush on Alyssa that was only known in the live feeds…despite her being in a showmance with Christian). Each player had similar strategies, to put the comics in the order that they see them as they zipline past the comics, then check to see if they’re right by buzzing in, and then look for the differences in the comics if they’re wrong. Hannah seemed pleased with her turn. As she got them all right in the first try. Tiffany once again did the worst in the competition as she timed out! But apparently it was a race between Big D. and Kyland because Big D. beat out Hannah’s time by a fraction of a second! UGH! And it was Kyland who beat out the rest of the houseguests as his time was the quickest. Kyland now held all the power… HOH and POV.

VETO CEREMONY. Tiffany felt defeated…but still felt like she could talk Kyland into keeping her in the house (nope). . Delusional Derek. said in DR that he was afraid that his second place wins in both the veto and previous HOH, might show what a comp beast he was. HUH? BIG D!! YOU HAVE TO WIN COMPETITIONS TO BE CONSIDERED A COMP BEAST. He hasn’t won one single competition! So yeah, you’re safe bro. No one will think you’re a comp beast. Kyland pulled Xavier aside and asked if perhaps he should pull Hannah down and put up Big D. as the replacement nom? But Xavier advised against it, saying Big D. might end up getting evicted. (This was totally DR manipulation). Xavier said if Big D. left the house, he’d end up competing against all the women. Because we all know Big D. won’t be winning nothing! (Even though he thinks he’s a comp beast…hahahaha). Tiffany went to the HOH room to apologize to Kyland and acknowledged that her game was over unless he saved her. She pledged her loyalty to him. The offer intrigued Kyland, but at the end of the day, he wasn’t buying it. Hannah basically pleaded the same case. However, at the veto ceremony, Kyland decided…NOT to use the Power of Veto. Either Tiffany or Hannah would be heading to jury tomorrow night. Xavier was beaming with glee, as he knew Kyland was putting more blood on his hands. And unless some strange major turn of events happened, Tiffany will be the first Cookout member of the jury house. And it’s such a shame…because she was the one who started The Cookout and led them all there in the first place.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. As historic and successful as The Cookout alliance was, one thing this group did not fix was the show’s continuous misogynistic gameplay.  More often than not, women seem to get screwed over by the guys in this game. To be fair… Tiffany made mistakes that hurt her own game. Because, as good a job as she tried to do with jury management, she did a piss poor job with managing The Cookout players who were still in the game! But, even if the guys had a good reason to evict Tiffany, being a woman isn’t enough reason to evict Hannah or Azah. Although, Azah hasn’t done jack and in my opinion, she should’ve gone sixth. Things could’ve been really interesting when it came down to the Final Six…but instead it has turned into a ‘bros vs. hoes’ type game, since Xavier and Kyland can pretty much dominate the game from here on now. Kyland said he wanted to go to the end with a competitor. If that were the case, then he should’ve stuck with Hannah and Tiffany and Xavier. Because Azah and Big D. have been dragged to the end. So Kyland is full of poop! I’m just hoping Hannah pulls off a surprise HOH win (if she isn’t voted off!) I’m SO over the hypocrisy with these fellas! It wasn’t okay for Tiffany to not throw the competition to Kyland, but it was okay for Kyland to take the comp from Big D. when he was SO close to winning? And not being able to trust Tiffany is the excuse the boys are using as the reason that they’re voting her out. But they all have proven untrustworthy. And the thing that chaps my hide the most is that Xavier and Kyland are both taking credit for moves that they didn’t orchestrate.

I was a huge fan of Xavier’s going in… but these last few weeks I’m SO over him. Although I’d much rather see him win, over Kyland. I’m hoping with my every being that Hannah wins HOH and boots Kyland’s booty out the door! Xavier is always saying he has made more sacrifices than anyone in the house? What sacrifices has he made? Both he and Kyland have said that Tiffany always made decisions for herself and that she was being selfish. Right, the selfish decision to create a six-person alliance? And put that said alliance ahead of her personal game? The person who evicted her own ally to keep that six alive? Yeah, she’s real selfish.

Who will be evicted during tonight’s double elimination? And who will win HOH/Veto and be the second person eliminated? Come back later this week and find out!

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