Big Brother 23 Post-Nominations Recap From Pop.GoesTheMovie – September 8th, 2021

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Big Brother 23 – Day 64. TIFFANY GOES ROGUE.

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 64. With a vote of 5 to 1, Sarah Beth was evicted from the Big Brother house, putting The Cookout one step closer to being the six remaining houseguests in the BB Beach Club. During her exit interview, SB told Julie Chen Moonves that she stood by her decision to target Derek X. (Sure, SB, that was YOUR decision!). Sarah Beth also learned of the alliance in the house from Kyland’s goodbye message. Although he didn’t mention The Cookout by name, he did mention that he’d been working with this alliance since week one. Following Sarah Beth’s eviction, the remaining Houseguests (HGs) participated in the endurance Head of Household (HOH) competition, The Flying BB-inos, where each HG had to hang onto ropes and balance on tiny discs as they swung around in a circle. Not only did they swing around, but they were also slammed into a giant elephant named Bubbles, because it blew bubbles out of its butt! As the outgoing HOH, Claire was not eligible to win and had to throw the competition at some point since she was the secret HOH. Before the show ended, Big D. fell off during the commercial break. And shockingly, Alyssa fell off right before the show ended (I thought she would’ve held on much longer) with only The Cookout, minus Big D. and Claire swinging and holding on for their BB lives. Who ended up winning the endurance HOH, and who did they nominate for eviction?

ROUND AND ROUND THEY GO. At the end of last Thursday’s episode, Big D. was the first to fall off the disc. And at this point, without even realizing… it was crucial for Alyssa to win in order to secure her own safety. She had no idea that she was playing against a group of six! Unfortunately, she fell a little after Big D. because she got super dizzy. Which meant that as soon as Alyssa fell, someone from The Cookout was guaranteed HOH, since Claire had to throw the competition at some point. Claire waited a little longer after Alyssa had dropped before throwing the competition. Although I’m not sure why she didn’t wait a bit longer, as the first three to drop were named Have Nots. If I were Claire, I would’ve dropped in fourth place. Previous footage was shown of Azah, Hannah, Xavier and Big D. discussing that Claire would be the next target, but they accepted that Alyssa was probably a better target as she was more competitive and would be better to get out first. Tiffany told the group that she preferred not to win, because she did not want to be the one to take out Claire. Hannah and Xavier told the Diary Room (DR), that they did not want to win because they didn’t want to take a shot at either of the non-Cookout members. And because of this, they each threw the competition at fourth and fifth place, which left Azah, Kyland and Tiffany. At this point, the plan was to throw it to Azah, however, neither Tiffany nor Kyland would drop. It seemed like Kyland was not dropping before Tiffany and Tiffany was definitely not dropping before Kyland. So as they fought it out, Azah could not hold on any longer and she slipped off her disc.

KYLAND VS. TIFFANY. Kyland was waiting for Tiffany to drop, but it didn’t seem like she was throwing this win to him. Which not only surprised Kyland but also several members of The Cookout. Azah was confused as to why Tiffany wouldn’t drop. Especially since Claire was the next target. As more time passed and Tiffany was not dropping, The Cookout realized that Tiffany wanted to win this HOH comp, figuring that she wanted to avoid becoming a nominee on the block with Claire, and also to protect Claire from being nominated. In the DR, Tiffany said that letting Kyland win would just add more to his resume. So, she had to choose between being a pawn, or being HOH… and she was choosing HOH! Kyland asked Tiffany once again if she was going to drop. He even mentioned something about a deal, but Tiffany ignored him and said she could still keep holding on. Eventually, Kyland dropped and Tiffany became the new HOH… much to the chagrin of The Cookout. After the competition was over, The Cookout alliance tried to congratulate Tiffany as best as they could, but they were stewing inside, as neither of the members were happy that Tiffany went rogue and won. Especially Kyland and Xavier! When Kyland finally had his chance to talk to Tiffany, it became clear to him that she too wanted to pad her resume and keep herself off the block. He wasn’t happy about her selfishness. (But what about him? Why didn’t Kyland drop before Azah?? Hello Pot, meet Kettle!)

THE COOKOUT V. TIFFANY. Xavier was livid with Tiffany. He wasn’t happy that he’d have to go on the block for the third week in a row since Alyssa was most likely going on the block. He was upset that Tiffany didn’t follow the ‘plan’. Where she would be nominated alongside Claire and Claire would go home. Xavier went to talk to Alyssa who was also majorly upset because she was certain that she was going to be nominated. Plus, it was her third week straight as a Have Not and on slop. Alyssa and Xavier were NOT happy campers!! The only people who were happy that Tiffany won HOH, were Tiffany and Claire. Who figured she would be protected all week since her closest ally, Tiffany was back in the HOH room (Oh man… Poor Claire. Has no idea what’s coming!). Hannah was also happy because Tiffany winning meant there’d be tension between The Cookout alliance, and Hannah’s plan is to sit back and let them all fall apart as she makes her way to the finish line. Azah and X continued to mull over Tiffany being HOH. Both were frustrated that they dropped so early and allowed her to win HOH. But they also realized that if she hadn’t won, Kyland would’ve, as he wasn’t about to drop either. They were angry that they keep sacrificing their own safety as Tiffany and Kyland only looked out for themselves. (Well then Azah and Xavier should stop). Later as Tiffany talked to Xavier, she explained that her plan was to never target Claire this coming week, and that in her mind it was always 50/50 between Alyssa and Claire going. And she told Xavier that unfortunately he’d have to sit on the block next to Alyssa because then Alyssa would expect X to use the veto on her if he won.

TIFFANY’S HOH ROOM. “Who wants to see my HOH room?” Apparently, no one did. And Big D. and Xavier had a hard time pretending to be happy. All Xavier could think about was how this should’ve been Azah and Big D.’s moment. But I mean seriously, there was no chance Big D. could’ve won that comp. He fell off in less than 2 minutes. Prior to the HOH reveal, Big D. was beating up on himself (feeling sorry for himself) for being so poor at his performances time after time. Azah was attempting to brighten his day, but he wasn’t having it. In live feeds he mentioned something about how these comps weren’t fair for people his size. But there were several times when he could’ve won and he didn’t do too well, and size had nothing to do with it. (Perhaps Big D. should do some training and studying instead of instantly falling asleep or sitting on his chair doing nothing).  Back in the HOH room, Big D. and Xavier had enough of the celebratory fakeness, so they retreated downstairs to complain about Tiffany with Kyland, who also joined them. Tiffany, Hannah, and Claire watched from the HOH TV and Tiffany mentioned how the boys were probably talking about her and upset that she won HOH. So much tension was brewing between The Cookout alliance!

TIFFANY’S NOMINATIONS. Tiffany planted it into Claire’s head that the next week would be crucial for Claire to win HOH (they have no idea a double eviction is coming) because the entire house would be gunning for them. She hinted to Claire that it would be best if they worked with Azah and Hannah and that perhaps Xavier would be a good person to target. Later, during her one-on-ones with Alyssa, Tiffany told her that she was considering putting her up next to Xavier this week and Alyssa asked Tiffany to give her a chance to pitch a different plan. Alyssa asked Tiffany to put up the memory wall on the TV and she went through several scenarios, pointing out that Alyssa has no votes on the jury, but everyone else that Tiffany could possibly sit next to in the finale would have votes to win! Alyssa points seemed valid to Tiffany, and perhaps taking her to finale would be better for her game (I doubt Tiffany would do this!). But all that was for nothing because at the nomination ceremony, Tiffany nominated Alyssa and Xavier. She told them that they were both strong competitors and a power couple in the house and so it was a better decision for her to make. In the DR, Xavier said that if won veto, he might consider doing something selfish and would take Alyssa off the block instead of himself…which would force Tiffany to chose between The Cookout and her own ally, Claire. (If X did this…he deserves to lose).

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. I love how these HGs always have excuses as to why they do what they do. Like Kyland always comes up with his word salad excuses (too many to list). And Tiffany with her excuses. But the thing that gets me the most is, how the HGs all fall for their dumb excuses. When Tiffany was telling Xavier that he had to be nominated next to Alyssa because then she’d expect him to use the veto, he should’ve told her he’d throw the veto comp and he wouldn’t need to be nominated. But he didn’t say that! Or when Kyland wouldn’t throw the comp to Azah. Excuse after excuse. And Alyssa is the queen of excuses. In live feeds she’s always giving excuses as to why she can’t win comps. During one of the comps Alyssa said Julie used a word that she didn’t understand (sequentially) and that it wasn’t fair because she had never heard the word before. Life isn’t fair, especially in Big Brother! And the fact that Xavier said if he won veto and would take off Alyssa instead of himself, ruining Tiffany’s plan… why would this even ruin Tiffany’s plan? What wouldn’t stop her from putting up another member of The Cookout since Xavier was protecting Alyssa? To me that just goes to show the lengths Xavier would go to save Alyssa more than anything else…and that alone would be a good reason to send him out the door.

Who won veto, and did they use it to save the nominees on the block? Also, it’s a double eviction this Thursday! So, who was the HOH/Veto and second evicted houseguest? Come back at the end of the week to find out.

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