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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 56. The powerful Cookout alliance was still operating undetected. And only three non-Cookout members were left in the house. Each member of The Cookout alliance had a partner outside of the alliance… Tiffany has Claire, Kyland has Sarah Beth, Xavier has Alyssa, Hannah had Derek X. and Big D/Azah had Britini. Sarah Beth successfully backdoored Derek X. after Xavier pulled himself off the block by winning the power of veto. With the veto he also got the following punishments: BB Bankruptcy, Strategy Shutdown, and Third Nominee at the next HOH. During Derek X.’s eviction speech, he called out Sarah Beth and compared her to Nicole F. (from BB16, BB18 and BB22). In his speech Derek X. said “I believe this week I see a second inflection point. There’s someone in this house, I believe is playing a Nicole F. game. I am her biggest threat in this game, and if I stay, I can promise I can take this person out, and I will be your biggest shield.” Unfortunately, his speech didn’t work, and with a vote of 5-2, Derek X. was evicted from the Big Brother house.  And Tiffany, who desperately wanted to keep him, voted him out. SMH! The power was up for grabs. Sarah Beth, as the outgoing Head of Household (HOH), was not allowed to play the HOH competition called BB NFT’s. In the competition, each HG was tasked to memorize clips displayed on the memory wall throughout the week. During Thursday night’s show, Julie asked True or False questions regarding the NFTS they had seen throughout the week. If a player got a wrong answer, they would be eliminated from the competition. Tiffany was the last person standing and the new HOH. On their way back into the house each player grabbed an envelope that contained a random amount of ‘BB Bucks’ inside it. With only 9 remaining in the house. Who will Tiffany target, and will the last High Roller’s Game, Coin of Destiny end her reign as HOH early? Keep reading to find out!

TEARS, TEARS, AND MORE TEARS. During Thursday night’s eviction show, Tiffany did not vote to keep Derek X. (shocking)… and she explained in the Diary Room (DR), that the reason she chose to evict him was because she wasn’t willing to risk The Cookout. And she felt that by trying to keep him, it would send more attention her way (whatever, Tiffany, whatever). #ButFirst, with her new win as HOH, Tiffany secured safety for herself and presumably, Claire, Azah and Hannah. Who secretly celebrated in the storage room. Meanwhile, Kyland cried (very fake tears!) on Big D.’s shoulder and said he felt so guilty about Derek X.’s eviction. But he did point out that he doesn’t regret Derek X. going. I’m sure he didn’t, because Kyland knew Derek X. was a threat to his game! And Kyland wasn’t the only one crying, so was Sarah Beth! But not because Derek X. was eliminated, no she was crying because she got called out during his speech. SB sure did not like that! She mentioned how Derek X.’s speech was hurtful. But she felt assured because she formed a new alliance with Alyssa, Xavier and Kyland called The Monarchy and so she felt her alliance would keep her safe (yeah. That’s not going to happen). And finally, joining in on the crying game…Hannah told Tiffany she felt so guilty for playing a part in getting Derek X. evicted. Hannah was worried he wouldn’t talk to her outside the game anymore. Tiffany tried to comfort her and told Hannah that he would forgive her. And Tiffany reiterated how crucial the pact that they made was to choose The Cookout over any relationship in the house. She also reminded Hannah, that Xavier, Kyland and herself would be going through the same type of pain when they send their besties out the door! Despite the pep talk, Hannah broke down in the DR and said that if it weren’t for The Cookout, Derek X. would be her number one!

TALKING TO TIFFANY. Tiffany approached Kyland and asked him who he thought would be the best pair to go up on the block. And without hesitation, he replied it should be him and Sarah Beth. Pretty sure Tiffany was having a party inside her head…but she played it off in a cool and collected manner. And she asked Kyland if he was sure he wanted to go up as a pawn, or maybe it’d be better to nominate Alyssa and Sarah Beth instead?  But Kyland insisted it be himself and SB. He didn’t have to ask Tiffany twice! Because everyone knew that Big D. had enough money to play the High Roller’s Game, Coin of Destiny… Tiffany wanted to make sure that he knew that she wanted him to play to win. Since the two of them haven’t quite seen eye to eye, the little conversation that Tiffany had with Big D.  made him think that perhaps he was going up on the block as a pawn. She even asked if his bag was still packed? Shady boots! Later, Tiffany spoke with Sarah Beth in the HOH room. Seemed like Tiffany wanted to gauge and see if SB had enough money to play Coin of Destiny, which she didn’t, but she wasn’t about to tell Tiffany that! So, SB made it seem like perhaps she would play to win. Apparently, SB thought this would make Tiffany second guess putting her and Kyland up. And during their chat, Tiffany let Sarah Beth have it! She’s been wanting to do this for a while now. And since Tiffany was the one with power, she took the opportunity to let her know that sending Derek X. home was basically ‘cutting off her legs’. Sarah Beth acted surprised when Tiffany revealed this to her. But in DR she said she knew Derek X. leaving would be a huge blow to Tiffany in the house.  After a brief segment with Tiffany sharing her HOH room and her letter from home, SB and Tiffany had a follow-up chat, where Sarah Beth asked Tiffany to perhaps look at other people as possible nominees. Specifically, Alyssa. Wait, wasn’t she in a supposed alliance with SB? Shady Boots, SB. Shaaady BOOTS! But Sarah Beth was grasping at straws! SB told Tiffany that Alyssa called out Tiffany’s strong negative reaction when SB won HOH. And Tiffany ‘pretended’ that SB throwing Alyssa under the bus was a very convincing argument. (Sure. As if this is believable. We know Tiffany is not falling for this!!).  

THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. At the nomination ceremony, Tiffany nominated… no surprise … Sarah Beth and Kyland. The couple joined Xavier on the block, who was the automatic third nominee as a result of the Third Nominee punishment from the previous Power of Veto competition, Domino Effect. Tiffany explained that the reason Sarah Beth and Kyland were on the block was that they were the most powerful couple in the house, and she needed to put her own personal game first. In DR, Tiffany said that she couldn’t be swayed from taking a shot at Sarah Beth and nominating Alyssa. After nominations were made, Sarah Beth and Tiffany met once again. Tiffany told Sarah Beth that Kyland was her actual target. She lied to her in hopes of getting Sarah Beth not to fight as hard during the Coin of Destiny game. Which, SB could only play if she got 100 ‘BB Bucks’ from America and chose an envelope with 100 ‘BB Bucks’…the odds were stacked against her. Sarah Beth thanked Tiffany for being so candid with her. She told her that she appreciated her for being so up front about her decision.

TIFFANY’S REVENGE AND THE COIN OF DESTINY. The Coin of Destiny would be the last competition in the High Roller’s Room and the HGs needed 250 ‘BB Bucks’ to play. Prior to the HGs competing for the Coin of Destiny, Tiffany announced that the winner of the comp could earn a shot at not only removing her as HOH but could also replace her nominees anonymously.  She also noted that the new potential HOH could not nominate her, since she was safe, and that Xavier would have to stay nominated due to his punishment. He wasn’t thrilled about that. One by one they entered the High Roller’s Room. Azah was first to enter. She earned 50 ‘BB Bucks’ from America, and there was 50 more in her secret envelope. Amounting to 200 ‘BB Bucks’, which was not enough to play Coin of Destiny. Xavier received another 75 ‘BB Bucks’ from America and got 50 from his secret envelope. But since he took a punishment of ‘BB Bucks’ Bankruptcy, where he lost his previous ‘BB Bucks’, so he only had a total of 125. Alyssa was next to enter the room. She earned another 75 ‘BB Bucks’ and got 50 from the secret envelope. However, since she played in the previous game, she didn’t have any ‘BB Bucks’ to play. Prior to playing the Coin of Destiny, Hannah suggested to Tiffany that they should get Claire to play and win, so that she takes over Tiffany’s HOH and will be ineligible to compete in next week’s HOH, making Tiffany eligible to play. Hannah and Tiffany met with Claire who said she planned on playing if she had enough ‘BB Bucks’. Hannah also spewed out some past BB superfan info about SB possibly getting 100 ‘BB Bucks’ from America because she was the underdog (not going to happen). And so, the plan was set, Claire would play the Coin of Destiny and try to win. Hannah was next to enter the room, and she received 100 ‘BB Bucks’ from America, and 50 in the secret envelope making her total 300 ‘BB Bucks’ and she chose not to play. Kyland received 50 ‘BB Bucks’ and received 100 in the secret envelope, making his grand total 200 ‘BB Bucks’…not enough to play. Tiffany received 100 ‘BB Bucks’ from America and 50 from the envelope. Giving her a grand total of 225. Not enough to play. Sarah Beth was next to enter. She got 50 ‘BB Bucks’ from America (you know it’s killing her that she isn’t getting money!) and she received 100 ‘BB Bucks’ in the envelope. Giving her a total of 200 ‘BB Bucks’… just 50 shy of being able to play. Her fate was sealed, SB would not be taking over as HOH.

THE COIN OF DESTINY PART TWO.  Prior to playing the Coin of Destiny game, Tiffany went up to Big D. and told him that she needed him to be able to compete next week for HOH. And so now she wanted him to NOT play the Coin of Destiny. As opposed to before when she said she wanted him to play and win (this was prior to Hannah’s calculating plan). She explained that if Claire won, she wouldn’t be able to play HOH next week. Big D. was next to enter the room and he received 75 ‘BB Bucks’ and 100 in his envelope and won 100 ‘BB Bucks’ in the Domino Effect veto comp…giving him a grand total of 425 ‘BB Bucks’. So of course, he didn’t listen to Tiffany and played the Coin of Destiny. He didn’t want his money to go to waste, plus he wanted it to look like he tried to win. In the Coin of Destiny game, the player had to roll oversized coins down a ramp into one of three slots in an attempt to get the most in any slot within 2 minutes. It looked easier than it was. However, Big D. went really slow, as he didn’t want to win.  And he got a score of one. Ha! Claire was the last person to enter the High Roller’s Room. She definitely wanted to play in order to protect Tiffany’s HOH. But would she have enough ‘BB Bucks’ to do so? Claire received 100 ‘BB Bucks’ from America and 50 in her envelope. Giving her exactly 250 with her previous earnings… enough to play the comp. And although she had some trouble getting coins in the slots, toward the end of the allotted time, Claire managed to get three coins in… two more than Big D. Claire was the winner of the Coin of Destiny competition.

A NEW HOH? Because the Coin of Destiny resulted in a secret HOH, the results of the competition and who played in it, were also kept secret from the HGs. Instead, they were informed that there was a winner, and that Tiffany would have to flip the Coin of Destiny (with this ridiculous handmade contraption) to determine if her reign of power would be overthrown. Tiffany flipped the coin and she lost! Meaning her time as HOH was over. Which wiped her noms clean! SB and Kyland were removed off the block. Prior to the flip, and after playing the Coin of Destiny, the players were able to choose their nominees in case they won. Since Claire won, her two nominees were Kyland and Sarah Beth. And once again, their faces appeared on the wall. With that, the High Roller’s Room was closed for good, and the nominees were Sarah Beth and Kyland. Which in SB’s mind meant, one of the two would be going home.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. I’m still sad over Derek X. being gone. He should’ve played the darn Chopping Block Roulette and he still probably would’ve had enough money to play the Coin of Destiny. So stubborn Baby D. So stubborn!! Now speaking of Derek X… I’m not sure where Hannah’s game is at. She acted as if she wanted Derek stay, but she was shady when it came to planning on keeping him. And with every chance she gets, Hannah throws Tiffany and Azah under the bus to Kyland and Xavier. During live feeds she blamed the whole ‘Save Derek X. plan’on Tiffany and Azah.  If Kyland brings this back to Tiffany about Hannah, baby girl is going to lose some serious credibility with Tiffany. And in BB jury news, they showed Britini at the jury house, so that probably means there’s no ‘battle back’. Which means, Derek X. has no chance in returning! Booo! I hope he wins America’s Favorite Player then! He’s got my vote!!

So who will win the power of veto competition? And will they use it to remove either of the nominee off the block? And who will win HOH? Come back at the end of the week to find out!

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