Big Brother 23 Post-Eviction/HOH Recap From Pop.GoesTheMovie – September 4th, 2021

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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 60. With Tiffany ceasing power, she nominated Kyland and his BFF, Sarah Beth with her number one goal to take out Sarah Beth and bring The Cookout one step closer to the final six. After taking a punishment in the Domino Effect veto competition, Xavier was also on the block as a third nominee. With the High Roller’s Room back open, the Coin of Destiny was up for grabs. Hannah came up with a plan to convince Claire that she needed to try and win the Coin of Destiny, so that Tiffany would be overthrown and be eligible to play next week’s Head of Household (HOH). That also meant Claire wouldn’t be eligible to play, making it easier to nominate her on the block next week. Meanwhile, Claire had no idea that the entire Cookout knew the plan. After Claire won the Coin of Destiny, and a chance to become HOH with a coin toss, Tiffany flipped the coin of destiny. And a flip of fate took power away from Tiffany and put it in Claire’s hands… secretly! Since there was a new HOH, Sarah Beth and Kyland were removed from the block. But Xavier had to stay on because it was his punishment. Claire kept Tiffany’s nominations the same, and so SB and Kyland were back on the block. With Claire controlling the house from the shadows, and even though she knew that Tiffany wanted Sarah Beth gone, Claire was gunning for the Golden Power of Veto (veto) to switch up the game. She had other ideas of who should go out…and it wasn’t Sarah Beth. So, who won the Golden Power of Veto, and did they use it to save Kyland, SB or Xavier from the chopping block? And who was the next person evicted from the Big Brother house? Keep reading to find out!

CLAIRE THE SECRET HOH. Because Claire won the secret HOH power, and was keeping nominations the same, she also had other plans… #ButFirst Claire had to win Veto. Claire wanted to shake up the game and get Xavier. However, she was keeping this bit of info to herself. During camera talk (where the Houseguests (HGs) secretly talk to the cameras in the rooms), she mentioned that evicting SB was not good for her game and only good for Tiffany and Hannah’s game. With the High Roller’s Room officially closed, Tiffany had no idea who won the Coin of Destiny, but she had her suspicions it was Claire who won since noms stayed the same. Later, Claire confirmed her win to Tiffany and Hannah as Tiffany was moving back into the regular bedroom. Tiffany told Hannah and Claire to let everyone think that she won the secret power and dethroned herself, so that nobody could make Claire feel guilty. But Tiffany wasn’t really thinking of Claire, she just wanted to keep people out of Claire’s ear, to not give her any wise ideas! Claire, on the other hand wasn’t a huge fan of this idea. She wanted to get credit for her win. Meanwhile, it was hitting Sarah Beth pretty hard that only one of them could win the Power of Veto and remove themselves off the block and the other was going home. As she was crying in the Diary Room (DR), Sarah Beth said she hated sitting next to Kyland but knew she had to look out for herself first. (Guess what SB? Nominating and targeting the one person Kyland wanted you to target is not looking out for yourself!). Sarah Beth continued to sulk with Kyland present and asked him why they were so unlikeable? (Of course, Kyland doesn’t think this!). And although Kyland felt bad for SB, he couldn’t completely be honest with her since he was part of the plan to evict her. She felt defeated and Kyland couldn’t seem to cheer her up.

THE VETO COMPETITION. It was time to pick players for the veto competition! As the HGs gathered in the living room, they were given a sneak peak of the movie “Dear Evan Hansen”. Ben Platt (who plays Evan Hansen in the film) let the HGs know that the veto winner would get to see an advanced screening of the movie. And the winner could also take three HGs of their choosing. In the BB High School Hijinks veto competition, the HGs played one at a time in the backyard. Each player had to arrange fictional high school scenes of the evicted HGs in chronological order. Whoever put the photos in the correct order, in the fastest time, would win the Golden Power of Veto. As the HGs were playing the competition, it seemed like everyone went through the comp pretty quickly. Well, everyone but Xavier and Alyssa. However, Sarah Beth seemed to have the quickest time. When the competition was over, the HGs gathered around in the living room to find out their times. Xavier finished dead last with a time of 8:29. The rest of the order went like this: Fifth longest time went to Alyssa. Claire had the fourth longest time. Kyland was next. It was down to Sarah Beth and Hannah. It looked as if perhaps Sarah Beth had won this, but with a time of 5:22, she did not beat Hannah’s time of 4:59. Hannah was the winner of the Power of Veto. Sarah Beth looked defeated. But her spirits were lifted momentarily when Hannah, as the winner of the veto, chose the HGs on the block: Xavier, Kyland and Sarah Beth to watch “Dear Evan Hansen” with her. Big D. complained that Hannah did not take him to see the movie, because he really wanted to see it. Big D. has been doing nothing in the house, so not sure why he thinks he should’ve been chosen to go!). The four enjoyed their movie time… and Sarah Beth and Hannah were in tears, while Kyland was in pretend tears.

SHADY BOOTS KYLAND. Kyland was determined to get Hannah to use the veto on him and take him off the block. And even though he was safe, Kyland talked to Claire and asked if she’d be willing to convince Hannah to use the veto on him. This just raised a red flag with Claire, and she told Tiffany everything (of course she did). Which made Tiffany not happy with Kyland. In DR, Tiffany voiced her annoyance with Kyland and said for him to sit next to Sarah Beth on the block and shut up about it. (Hmm..wait until she has to sit on the block with Claire. If that ever happens!). Since the Claire angle didn’t work, Kyland decided to talk to Hannah himself. He tried to convince Hannah to use the veto on him, but Hannah pumped the breaks! She didn’t understand what Kyland’s angle was…and she told him she wanted to use the veto on Xavier. Kyland explained that he wanted to come off the block to give Sarah Beth a sympathy vote, so she wouldn’t be sad on eviction night. (Whaaat? Oh my gosh, I can’t with this guy! Nothing but word salad with him). Thankfully, Hannah wasn’t buying it and sensed Kyland was just spewing his nonsense. At the veto meeting, Hannah chose to use the veto on… XAVIER! Completely ignoring Kyland and his word salad. Trying to persuade Hannah into using the veto on him, pretty much put Kyland on shaky ground with The Cookout.

THURSDAY’S SHOW BACKYARD SHENANINGANS. Coming into Thursday’s live show, Sarah Beth and Kyland were on the chopping block and one of them would be evicted. SB thought she had a chance, but with The Cookout in power, there was no way they’d be keeping SB instead of Kyland. Even if he was on shaky ground with most of the members of the alliance (mostly the women!). But Tiffany wouldn’t let anything get in her way (even a shady boots, Kyland)… and couldn’t wait to send Sarah Beth out the door. Meanwhile, in the backyard, Alyssa was joking with Claire and telling her that if Sarah Beth left, Claire would be the last white person in the house. And Claire laughed along and said she had noticed and asked “.. is there an alliance I don’t know about?” Xavier tried to play it off and said he didn’t even think about it. Xavier then ran to the bathroom and did a bit of cam-talking saying that Alyssa needed to keep her mouth shut…and that perhaps she may have to go before Claire does. (Dun-dun-dunnnn). The HGs were enjoying the backyard and the nice weather, as Azah and Claire were making dinner for them. Everything seemed to be going perfectly…until it didn’t. Big D. and Hannah were lying in the hammock, while Tiffany was sitting on the floor talking to them. A giant beetle started buzzing around them, and Big D. was nervous about the beetle and kept asking Tiffany what he should do if the beetle landed on him. Well, the beetle buzzed by Tiffany and she freaked out and ran off, so that freaked out Big D.  and he jumped out of the hammock so quickly that he catapulted Hannah to the ground, where she hit her head hard on the wooden base of the hammock. Hannah screamed in pain and Tiffany ran to comfort her, as Kyland ran to get some ice and help. Big D. was still swatting at the beetle. Hahaha.  (Tiffany is recounting all of this in DR and it’s hilarious). As Tiffany was comforting Hannah and checking to see if she didn’t split her head or had a knot in her head, she told Hannah “Now that wasn’t me, because I was never on the hammock. I definitely want to let you know to blame Derek. But I’m sorry”. (Seriously funniest moment when she said this). Big D. was a bit shocked at what Tiffany was saying. And told Tiffany not to blame him. Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Xavier was hearing all the commotion and realized something had happened and ran outside as Claire and Azah continued to make dinner. Azah said dinner was done, so Claire opened the oven and tons of smoke shot out, burning her eyes! She quickly closed the oven door to go tend to her eyes. Azah opened the oven door and fire was pouring out. She kept screaming that she needed a fire extinguisher…but Claire was preoccupied with her eyeballs being burnt! Claire then saw the huge flames shooting out of the oven and screamed. Azah was so in control though! She closed the oven door, ran to get the fire extinguisher, and told Claire that she needed her to open the oven door. Claire opened the oven door, where fire was still shooting out, and Azah used the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Good job, Azah! Then Claire ran outside to tell everyone the oven was on fire. As they walked into the house, the entire kitchen was filled with smoke. In the DR Claire said it wasn’t her fault as she’s a vegan and doesn’t cook steak! And Big D. apologized to Hannah, to no end, after she came back from checking on her head. She was fine. And Big D. didn’t once move from ‘his chair’ in the living room.

THE COOKOUT GETS SOME ALONE TIME. With the season almost coming to an end, all the members of The Cookout, minus Xavier, happened to be in the restroom, all at once, with no outside members in there.  Which is the main reason why the other HGs never suspected an alliance… because they were never in the same room all at once. They wanted to make it ‘official’ even though the alliance was official back on day two! So Hannah went to wake up Xavier, who was peacefully sleeping through the whole thing. Once Xavier was in the room, they got together, chanted, and finalized their six alliance. Gooooo Cookout. Now the big question was, who would get evicted first, of the six? In the DR, Xavier gave his pros and cons of going to the final three with either Kyland and Big D. or Tiffany and Hannah. Kyland mentioned how he didn’t trust Big D. Meanwhile Big D. mentioned how Kyland, or Xavier would take him (more like drag him, since he does nothing) to final two (F2). In DR, Big D. claimed that once he’s F2, he can talk his way to the $750,000. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Kyland were laying on the bed, scheming, and Tiffany told Kyland that they had to get rid of Big D. first and then Xavier. In DR, Kyland revealed his true F2 was with Tiffany. But he was torn between her and Xavier. And in the DR, Tiffany said her F2 was with Hannah. Looks like drama for your mama will be happening once Claire and Alyssa are out of the house, and The Cookout starts turning on one another!!

THE JURY HOUSE. It’s been a while since BB showed the jury house so early in the season, but we got a glimpse at what was happening in the jury house with evicted HGs, Britini and Derek X. Britini was shocked to see Derek X. walk through the door. She thought she’d be seeing Alyssa, Sarah Beth or Kyland. She wasn’t happy to see Derek X. because she thought he’d last longer in the house, but she was happy to see him since she really liked him. Derek X. told Britini that he wasn’t expecting SB to put him on the block. As they watched back at everything that happened, Britini was SO shocked by how it all went down (this was SO funny). Derek X. mentioned Kyland’s goodbye message, and how Kyland told him that he was secretly working with a large group of people since week one. Britini mentioned something about Kyland having Sarah Beth, and then a lightbulb moment went off for Derek X. as he realized that each member of the alliance had one person that was not in the alliance. He mentioned Kyland, Tiffany, Xavier and Azah, but they didn’t include Big D. or Hannah as being part of the big alliance. Britini was adamant that neither of them was in the alliance. Derek X. didn’t believe that Hannah could be, but he thought Big D. was. But in the end, Derek X. thought that the alliance was genius, and he had no hard feelings. (Awe man… I love this guy!!)

GOODBYE… It was now time for the live voting to begin. Prior to the vote, Sarah Beth and Kyland each gave their last plea speeches. They were both duds! You could tell Sarah Beth knew she was getting evicted. One at a time each HG went to the diary room to cast their vote to evict either Sarah Beth or Kyland. With a vote of 5-1, Sarah Beth was evicted from the Big Brother house. Tiffany gave SB a sympathy vote and made sure to tell her as she walked out the door. During her one-on-one with Julie Chen Moonves, Sarah Beth said she didn’t regret targeting Derek X. which ultimately sent him home. She said she regretted being so obvious with her loyalty to Kyland. Sarah Beth was also surprised to hear in Kyland’s goodbye message, about a secret alliance he was in since week one. Azah mentioned in her goodbye message something about not being able to keep SB because of a bigger plan, so Sarah Beth kind of put it together that Azah and Kyland may have been secretly working together. Let’s see if she gives any of that information to Derek X. and Britini back in jury house.

ENDURANCE COMP. The Power was up for grabs. As outgoing HOH, Claire was not allowed to play. However, since she was a secret HOH, everyone would be playing in the competition, but Claire had to throw it, since she was not allowed to win a second HOH. So, the odds were pretty much stacked against Alyssa because it was The Cookout vs. Alyssa since Claire couldn’t win. The Flying BB-inos HOH competition was an endurance comp, where each HG had to hang onto ropes and balance on these tiny discs as they swung around in a circle. Not only did they swing around, but they were also slammed into a giant elephant named Bubbles, because it blew bubbles out of its butt! Big D. fell off during the commercial break. And shockingly, Alyssa fell off right before the show ended (I thought she would hold on much longer) with only The Cookout, minus Big D. and Claire swinging and holding on for their BB lives.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. Tiffany is playing this game! She has an agenda and a reasoning for everything. She was the ONE person who desperately wanted SB out the door, yet she gave her a sympathy vote? Total jury management right there. She knew this would help her with SB since she was the one who initially put Sarah Beth on the block. And she also wasn’t as nice to SB in the past. Tiffany isn’t playing around. And the fact that Kyland is contemplating who to take to F2 between her and X, says a lot. Although, he wouldn’t win against either and would do much better against Azah or Big D. But hey, he wants to take X or Tiffany, I’m not complaining! Meanwhile Alyssa has no idea how much she needed to win HOH and I was shocked how quickly she fell off the endurance comp. Maybe she can pull a W during the veto comp, but I’m not betting on it! Well, that’s assuming she is put up on the block (Spoiler alert…she is).

Who won the endurance competition and became next HOH? And who did they nominate on the chopping block? Come back after Sunday’s show to find out!

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