Big Brother 23 Post-Eviction/HOH Recap From Pop.GoesTheMovie – September 12th, 2021

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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 63. The Cookout remained hidden as the powerhouse alliance. Mostly because they were each working in duos outside the alliance. After Kyland watched Sarah Beth get evicted last week from the Big Brother house, The Cookout’s next plan was to take out Claire. And Tiffany seemed to be on board with not winning Head of Household (HOH) so they could target her pawn partner. But during the endurance HOH competition, The Flying BB-inos, Tiffany went rogue and decided not to throw the comp because she didn’t want to touch the block. And since the comp came between her and Kyland, she stated that she didn’t want Kyland to win his third HOH and pad his resume even more… so, Tiffany ended up winning, much to the chagrin of The Cookout. And because Tiffany won, her plan was to keep her non-Cookout buddy, Claire safe. And The Cookout were not happy! At the nomination ceremony, Tiffany set her sights on Alyssa and nominated her and Xavier. Both knew it was coming… but what the houseguests (HGs) didn’t see coming was they were about to be roasted… because Zingbot was back baby! (more like Meanbot)!  Would the Golden Power of Veto help secure Tiffany’s plan, or would it foil it? And what did Zingbot have to say about the HGs. Keep reading to find out.

BUT FIRST. Following the nomination ceremony, Xavier wasn’t happy to be sharing the block with his closest ally, Alyssa…and apparently, he had no one to blame but Tiffany. And since he wasn’t a happy camper, he hinted that if he ended up winning the veto comp, he’d use it to remove Alyssa from the block and force Tiffany to nominate Claire. (This was just Xavier being petty and a spoiled sport). Meanwhile, Claire and Tiffany celebrated the fact that they were safe this week. Alyssa wasn’t surprised to see herself on the block alongside Xavier, but she had no idea that she was The Cookout’s (minus X) target. Xavier was still complaining about how selfish Tiffany was acting. Although, if truth be told, the fact that he wanted to use the veto on Alyssa to force Tiffany into nominating Claire, seemed more selfish to me, than Tiffany winning HOH. But whatever, Xavier. Whatever! Upstairs, Tiffany told Claire and Hannah that she did not want to nominate a third person, so she was hoping that either of them get selected and win veto. And unbeknownst to Claire, the only person left outside of The Cookout that Tiffany could nominate, was Claire! Which Tiffany did not want to happen, as this would put her in a tough position. Big D. and Xavier continued to talk about how Tiffany upset them, Xavier could not get over the fact that Tiffany won HOH. And how he was the only person who sacrificed so much in the game (huge eyeroll). He then told Big D. his plan about winning veto and pulling Alyssa off the block, just to ruin Tiffany’s game (stupid plan). Big D. was loving that Xavier was so upset with Tiffany, because she is NOT his favorite person, but he was also too scared of Tiffany putting up another Cookout alliance member (mainly him) instead of Alyssa…to entertain Xavier’s plan.

ZINGBOT. The HGs were all lounging around when the voice of Zingbot was heard over the intercom. He told everyone to go to the backyard for his infamous Zingbot roast. Alyssa was up first. Zingbot told her that she’s from the Florida, the sunshine state, which was ironic considering she was so dim. She didn’t really get it, and Zingbot followed up with “To be clear, I’m calling you dumb!” ZIIIING.  Zingbot then told Xavier that he was going to reveal his secret. That he had a crush and had been admiring their body all season long…”Oh wait, that’s just your reflection!” ZIIIING. He then made a zing about Tiffany’s age and being old. Next Zingbot called Claire, “Big Foot”. Hannah was next to be roasted. It was actually pretty funny. It went like this… “Houseguests, I have a joke for you. Knock, Knock! Who’s there? Hannah. Hannah who? Exactly”. ZIIIIIING! Zingbot then zinged Big D. and said he left a big mark on the Big Brother house… in the toilet. It was Azah’s turn next. Zingbot said “As a robot, I can accurately predict the future. I do determine the following things will never happen… time, travel, teleportation and Xavier going on a date with Azah.” ZIIIIING. And finally, it was Kyland’s turn. Zingbot told Kyland that listening to him talk was like sitting by a brook. An endless, babbling brook. Then he told him to shut the eff up! ZIIIIING. Personally, I didn’t think Zingbot was as funny this season as usual. But he did get in some good zingers. Especially to Kyland and Alyssa. Who could not stop thinking about her zing.

VETO COMPETITION. Time to pick players for the veto competition!!! Joining Tiffany, Alyssa and Xavier in the veto competition, were Hannah (chosen by Tiffany with Houseguest Choice), Big D. (drawn by Xavier) and Azah (drawn by Alyssa).  Zingbot told that Houseguests that after his tiger sanctuary went belly up, he became a Zingfluencer. And everyone on Planet Zing was obsessed with people doing stupid challenges. SO, he thought of the HGs to help him go viral. And to make sure the video ‘blows up’, Zingbot ‘blew up’ the players of the veto. (They then pretend to get ‘zapped’ by Zingbot and the players ‘disappeared’ and then appeared behind these miniature settings of a small table with tiny little cocktail glasses). As host of the veto competition, Micro Cocktails, Claire told the players that it was time to help Zingbot go viral with their ‘Zingstagram’ challenge. The players had to stack 21 micro-sized cocktails onto a tiny pyramid on a tiny gold table by using giant tweezers. But it wouldn’t be easy because the players were all huge and these were micro-cocktails. The first player to stick the 21 micro-sized cocktails in a pyramid would win the veto. Xavier proved to not be good at this challenge. Big D. was close several times, but his giant hands kept knocking down the glasses. Hannah needed one glass to finish the pyramid, when she hit the side of her house and the glasses came crashing down. Tiffany, who’s a phlebotomist and supposed to have steady hands, came close several times, but always knocked the glasses down.  In the end, it was Alyssa who after several attempts, finally managed to stack all her 21 micro-cocktails into a pyramid. Winning the power of veto. Which most likely meant she was taking herself off the block and Tiffany was either going to have to nominate Claire or upset The Cookout and nominate one of the alliance members.

TIFFANY’S “SOPHIE’S CHOICE”. Now that Alyssa won the veto competition, Tiffany was dismayed. And Xavier couldn’t be happier. Not only was his pawn partner not getting evicted, but he was also going to see which way Tiffany was playing this game. Was she choosing Claire, or The Cookout? Xavier figured if Tiffany sent Claire packing, she had no chance in winning over the jury. (Honestly, she has more of a chance, if she handles it correctly… if she nominated a Cookout alliance member, she has less chances!) Big D. was worried he’d be put on the block next to Xavier. And instead of trying to figure out what Tiffany was doing, X and Big D. assumed that she would not put-up Claire and continued to bash Tiffany, and her gameplay. The big dummies have no idea how much Tiffany is playing this game! She knows she is going to have to suffer the consequences of winning HOH. She talked it over with Hannah and both tried to come up with a plan to break it to Claire that Tiffany was nominating her on the block. As the Tiffany bashing continued between Xavier and Big D., Hannah interrupted their bashfest and told them that Tiffany planned on nominating Claire and that Tiffany was going to tell Claire that she had a one-week deal with The Cookout. But of course, X and Big D. weren’t happy with that plan, because then The Cookout will be exposed and apparently Alyssa will seek vengeance. Again, this makes no sense! X and Big D. why don’t YOU tell us how we should all play this game? Talk about selfish!

BREAKING CLAIRE’S HEART. It was time for Tiffany to tell Claire the plan. In the HOH room, Tiffany was as honest with Claire as she could be, without jeopardizing The Cookout alliance. She told Claire that her main target was Alyssa, but that she couldn’t be the person who sent home Azah, Big D., Kyland, Hannah or X. And then Claire asked Tiffany if she was putting her up on the block? And Tiffany said, she had to. Tiffany told Claire that when this game was over, she’d have to look at herself in the mirror, and even though she cares about Claire more than anyone in the house, this wasn’t about personal feelings. Claire asked Tiffany if she was in an alliance, and she denied it. And Claire burst into tears. (Seriously, the hardest thing I had to watch! It was heartbreaking!!). In the Diary Room (DR), although Claire was sad, she wasn’t mad at Tiffany. She mentioned how people wouldn’t get it, but that’s why she couldn’t be mad at her. She told Tiffany that even she went home, she wouldn’t hold it against her. It was time for the veto meeting. Alyssa took herself off the chopping block and Tiffany replaced her with Claire. And in the DR, Tiffany said “We cannot always get what we want. “Not even me.” (so sad!).

THURSDAY’S DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT. Thursday night’s show was double eviction night. And The Cookout had one mission to make it to final six. After handpicking week after week who the target would be, Claire was the next person on their hitlist. Despite Tiffany going rogue and winning HOH, and not wanting to nominate Claire, when Alyssa won the veto, Tiffany had no other choice but to confess to Claire and told her that she didn’t want to be the person to send the Black person home, and she nominated Claire on the block. But little did the HGs know it was double eviction night. And with less than three weeks away from the finale, would The Cookout make history and complete their mission of being final six? In DR Tiffany said that having to nominate Claire was one of the hardest things she ever had to do, but “… before there was a Claire, there was a mission”. And Tiffany stuck to that mission, even if it meant losing a confidant and ally.

CHAOS AND CONFUSION. Coming into the live show, Thursday night, Alyssa believed that she masterminded the entire plot to put Claire up on the block. This wasn’t really shown on the CBS show, but in live feeds, Alyssa was led to believe that it was all her idea to get Tiffany to nominate Claire. (Hannah likes messing with people’s heads). And in DR, Alyssa said she couldn’t wait for Tiffany to get blindsided. Oh Alyssa…perhaps Zingbot was right. Not knowing that it was double-eviction, the house was already making plans for next week who to send out next. Xavier and Big D. asked Azah who would be her target if she won HOH (as if that will ever happen) and she said she wanted to see Kyland out first. And to no one’s surprise, Xavier and Big D. want to see Tiffany go out the door! During a different day, Alyssa was talking to Azah and Big D. when she had her ‘lightbulb’ moment and mentioned that if Claire goes home, they’d be the only minorities in the house. And she joked, “…since I’m half white, am I next?”. Azah and Big D. just laughed. If only Alyssa knew the truth! Hannah then came up with yet another scheme to pin the next target on Kyland. And also, in case Alyssa happened to win HOH, Hannah wanted to make sure Alyssa targets Kyland next, and not her or Tiffany. Hannah told Azah that she planned on voting for Claire to stay. And was going to pin the vote on Kyland. Hannah then planted a little seed of doubt in Alyssa’s mind about Kyland and told her that she thought Kyland would vote for Claire to stay.

TWO WEEKS IN ONE HOUR. Because it was double eviction night, there was no time to waste. It was time for the nominees last plea speeches. Xavier’s was forgettable (I literally already forgot it) and Claire warned the HGs that if they kept Xavier in the house, he would win, and she would help him from the jury house! So HGs be warned! She knew it wouldn’t change their minds, but she also thought perhaps he’d be a bigger target moving forward. And by a vote of 4-1, Claire was evicted from the Big Brother house. Claire left the house without hugging anyone. She seemed really sad! And after a brief chat with Julie Chen Moonves, it was time to crown a new HOH. As the outgoing HOH, Tiffany was not eligible to play. Julie announced that all the BB comps would have to do with the BB Comics (So you know the BB Comic comp is eventually coming up). This HOH competition was called Crash, Boom, Pow. Players were shown a series of images based on classic comic book words. Once the words were removed, Julie asked the players questions about the comic book words they just saw, and they had to answer the questions using tiles containing the words shown. The player with the most points after the seventh round, would become the next HOH. The first round, everyone but Big D. got it right. Second round, everyone but Azah got a point. And for the third round, for some reason, Azah seemed to think that she was out of the competition, so she paid no attention to the next question. And when it was time to answer, she didn’t… she just stood there, shaking her head. Julie even had to ask her for an answer! And Azah was so flustered, she grabbed a random word tile. But of course, she got it wrong. And so did Alyssa. Next round, Big D. and Hannah were the only ones to get it right. In round five, Azah and Kyland were the only ones to get it right. And at this point, Kyland and Hannah were tied for first place with four points. Round six, saw Alyssa and Hannah both get points. This was also when it was very noticeable that Xavier was throwing the comp because the question was “Which word was surrounded by Zap?” and X chose Zap. Which it was impossible to surround the word with its own self.  SO yeah, he threw it again! Hannah was in the lead with five points. And after the final round, everyone but X got the answer right. But Hannah had the most points (six) and she was crowned HOH.

DOUBLE EVICTION TIME. Hannah asked each HG to meet in the restroom one at a time. She made it like she was having a serious discussion with them, but it was all a façade just for the sake of making it seem legit in front of Alyssa. When it was Alyssa’s turn to talk to Hannah, Hannah told her that Xavier is the target, and that Claire was right, if he sits next to anyone at finale, X wins. Alyssa asked Hannah if she’s putting her up? And Hannah told her she’s going up as a pawn to take the vote away from X. (Whatever happened to the rule where you couldn’t tell a person they were going up on the block?). Alyssa seemed concerned about being the pawn, and asked if that whole two thing was BS? (Hannah made a Final two deal with Alyssa and Alyssa unfortunately believed her). Alyssa then asked Hannah if she thought she’d go home and Hannah said she didn’t think so because she told everyone that X was her target (pure lies…and it’s so scary how easily Hannah could lie right to Alyssa’s face!!!) It was time for the nomination ceremony and as expected, Hannah nominated Xavier and Alyssa for eviction. Playing in the veto comp, Logo, Let’s Go, were Hannah, Alyssa, Xavier, Azah, Big D. and Tiffany. The players had to complete a BB Comics logo puzzle. The first piece was already locked in for them, the players just had to build around it. The first player to build their puzzle and hit the buzzer, would win the Golden Power of Veto. Xavier won the power of veto, and no one was even close! Now Hannah had to nominate a third nominee for eviction. After a quick veto ceremony, Xavier pulled himself off the block and Hannah replaced him with Kyland. He didn’t look thrilled, even though he knew Alyssa would go home. But then again, it was hard to tell if he was actually upset, or if he was just acting. Kyland and Alyssa give quick last plea speeches. Kyland’s was uneventful and Alyssa’s was a repeat of the last time she was up on the block. Except she told the HGs they could keep her, or keep letting Kyland tell them what to do. And with a vote of 3 to 1, Alyssa was voted out of the Big Brother house! She did hug people, but she seemed salty. During her very quick one-on-one with Julie, you could tell she was a bit blindsided, but also had no idea what was going on (see Hot Takes and Opinions). Double eviction night came to an end, and The Cookout made history by being the first alliance of six Black players. Which means for the first time in Big Brother history, a Black person will win this game.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS.  In hindsight, it was a good thing Alyssa wasn’t on the block this whole week, she would’ve been such a pain. Especially after finding out that she was the true target. It was SO much better that she had no time to think about being on the block and being evicted during the double eviction, because Claire handled that situation so much better. When Claire was eventually nominated, Alyssa, the dimwit that she is, thought she masterminded the whole thing! Which on a personal level, really chaps my hide! Another thing that chapped my hide was Xavier! These two episodes showed him in a bad light.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Xavier’s, but the last few weeks, his actions have put a bad taste in my mouth. He’s showing how petty he can be. And he’s trying to make himself the martyr of the group. Get over it, X!

So, who won the next HOH, and who did they put up on the block? Come back this week to find out!

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