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The weekend box office report is provided by Daniel Garris, courtesy of BoxOfficeReport.com.

Weekend Estimates Update:

Disney’s Jungle Cruise debuted in first place this weekend with an estimated $34.18 million. That represented the fourth largest opening weekend since the re-opening of domestic theatres (behind only Black WidowF9 and A Quiet Place Part II). The Jaume Collet-Serra directed adventure film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt exceeded expectations, which had tended to range from $25 million to $30 million heading into the weekend. Pre-release buzz for Jungle Cruise picked up fairly last minute, which is often the case for films starring Johnson. In addition to the star power of Johnson and Blunt, Jungle Cruise also benefited from fans of the popular Jungle Cruise Disney theme park attraction that the film is based on. The opening weekend performance of Jungle Cruise was fairly similar to that of the recent Space Jam: A New Legacy, which also exceeded expectations to debut with $31.05 million two weeks ago. And like Space Jam: A New Legacy, it should also be noted that Jungle Cruise carried a hefty price-tag; reportedly even larger than that of Space Jam: A New Legacy (though Jungle Cruise also had the added advantage of taking in $30M+ globally from Disney+ Premiere Access this weekend – more on that in a bit).

Jungle Cruise also benefited this weekend from opening in 4,310 locations. That represented the largest opening weekend location count since the re-opening of domestic theatres; topping the 4,160 locations fellow Disney release Black Widow opened in a few weeks ago (though Black Widow had a signficantly larger opening weekend showtimes per location average than that of Jungle Cruise). This weekend’s per-location average for Jungle Cruise was a very solid $7,931. Critical reviews for Jungle Cruise have been mixed, but have been positive more so than negative on the average. Jungle Cruise looks to be going over better with audiences than it has with critics, as the film received a healthy A- rating on CinemaScore and currently has a strong 93% Verified Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Jungle Cruise had four-quadrant appeal this weekend, as the film’s audience skewed 52 percent female, 48 percent male, 55 percent over the age of 25 and 45 percent under the age of 25. Family audiences made up an estimated 38 percent of the film’s opening weekend audience (that was higher than the estimated 30 percent family audiences made up of the overall opening weekend audience for fellow PG-13 rated Disney release Cruella). Jungle Cruise grossed an estimated $2.17 million from IMAX screens, which represented 6.3 percent of this weekend’s overall weekend gross. It will be difficult for Jungle Cruise to avoid at least a sizable second weekend decline next weekend (especially with new competition from Warner’s The Suicide Squad), but the film is also likely to hold up better than most other recent high-profile releases, especially after next weekend.

Internationally, Jungle Cruise started out with an estimated $27.6 million from 47 markets. That places the film’s global theatrical launch at $61.8 million. International debuts for Jungle Cruise by market this weekend included $3.2 million in the United Kingdom, $2.9 million in Russia, $2.1 million in Japan, $1.7 million in France, $1.4 million in Saudi Arabia, $1.3 million in Australia, $1.3 million in the United Arab Emirates, $1.2 million in South Korea, $1.1 million in Hong Kong and $1.0 million in Mexico. Jungle Cruise grossed an estimated $1.33 million from international IMAX screens, which places the film’s global IMAX total at $3.5 million.

As mentioned, Jungle Cruise also earned an estimated $30M+ globally from Disney+ Premiere Access this weekend. When including the film’s Premier Access figure for the weekend, the overall global start for Jungle Cruise increases to $91.8M+. Relatively speaking, the Disney+ Premiere Access streaming component for Jungle Cruise in comparison to the film’s global theatrical performance was more impressive than that of Black Widow, as the opening weekend Premiere Access figure for Jungle Cruise made up 33 percent of the film’s overall global opening, in comparison to 27 percent for Black Widow.

Meanwhile, it’s currently a very close race for second place between the opening weekend of A24’s The Green Knight and the second weekend of Universal’s Old. With the weekend estimates of the two films separated by only $24,000, the race for second is obviously too close to call until actuals are released.

A24’s The Green Knight started out with an estimated $6.784 million this weekend. While The Green Knight was unable to break-out this weekend (as the film’s strong online buzz was suggesting), the film was still able to open in line with consensus expectations and performed relatively well for a specialty release with the recent state of the specialty release market in mind. The Green Knight launched in 2,790 locations this weekend, which gave the film a respectable per-location average of $2,432. Critical reviews for the David Lowery directed fantasy adventure starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton have been very strong, but at the same time the film doesn’t look to be going over nearly as well with audiences after receiving a modest C+ rating on CinemaScore. The Green Knight delivered the fourth largest opening weekend ever for A24, behind only 2018’s Hereditary, 2019’s Uncut Gems and 2016’s The Witch (and just ahead of 2019’s Midsommar, which opened on a Wednesday). The Green Knight was quite front-loaded towards Friday’s performance this weekend, as the film has an estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.36 to 1. Like the film’s CinemaScore rating, that isn’t a great early sign going forward.

After debuting in first place last weekend, Universal’s Old grossed an estimated $6.760 million in its second weekend. The M. Night Shyamalan directed supernatural thriller declined a sharp 60 percent from last weekend, as mixed word of mouth and new competition from all three of this weekend’s new wide releases clearly took a toll on Old this weekend. Second weekend declines have also been sharp in general over the last several weeks, regardless of whether or not a film has opened day-and-date via streaming. Even with this weekend’s sharp decline, the ten-day start for the modestly budgeted Old stands at a very respectable $30.61 million. That is 10 percent ahead of the recent $27.88 million ten-day take of fellow Universal release The Forever Purge. Internationally, Old took in an estimated $7.5 million this weekend from 44 markets. That brings the film’s international total to $18.0 million and current global haul to $48.6 million. This weekend saw Old debut with $1.19 million in Spain and $0.61 million in Germany. Additional international totals for the film by market include $4.2 million in Russia, $2.9 million in the United Kingdom, $1.8 million in Mexico, $1.4 million in Italy and $1.2 million in France.

Disney’s Black Widow finally started to stabilize this weekend, as the film declined a respectable 45 percent to claim fourth place with an estimated $6.43 million. This weekend’s hold for Black Widow was even more impressive when considering that the film was playing in 890 fewer locations this weekend than last weekend. The 24-day total for Black Widow stands at $167.07 million. Black Widow is currently the second highest grossing film domestically since re-opening and will soon surpass F9 to move into first place on that list. Internationally, Black Widow grossed an estimated $7.7 million this weekend from 48 markets. Through Sunday, respective totals for Black Widow stand at $176.5 million internationally and $343.6 million globally. South Korea remains the film’s top international market with $24.8 million, followed by the United Kingdom with $22.2 million, France with $13.7 million, Mexico with $9.4 million, Australia with $9.3 million, Russia with $9.1 million, Japan with $7.9 million, Germany with $6.8 million, Spain with $6.4 million, Hong Kong with $6.4 million and Brazil with $6.1 million.

Focus’ Stillwater rounded out the weekend’s top five with an estimated $5.12 million. The Tom McCarthy directed drama starring Matt Damon, Camille Cottin and Abigail Breslin debuted on the high end of its modest pre-release expectations. Stillwater had a per-location average of $2,023 from 2,531 locations this weekend and the film was ultimately able to hold its own against the higher-buzzed about The Green Knight. This weekend’s start for Stillwater was a noteworthy 28 percent ahead of the $4.00 million opening of fellow Focus release Let Him Go back in November of last year. On the average, critical reviews for Stillwater have been good, but not great. While the film’s modest B- rating on CinemaScore also suggests a similar reception among audiences, this weekend’s estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.77 to 1 paints a much more positive picture for Stillwater going forward than the film’s CinemaScore rating does.

Warner’s Space Jam: A New Legacy claimed sixth place with an estimated $4.27 million. The film remains front-loaded, as Space Jam: A New Legacy declined 55.5 percent this weekend. Through 17 days, the domestic total for Space Jam: A New Legacy stands at $60.74 million. Space Jam: A New Legacy continued to hold up much better internationally with an estimated $8.3 million this weekend from 67 markets. That brings the film’s international total to $57.9 million and current global haul to $118.6 million. International totals through Sunday for Space Jam: A New Legacy by market include $8.5 million in the United Kingdom, $8.1 million in Australia, $6.9 million in Mexico, $3.1 million in Russia, $2.7 million in Spain, $2.3 million in New Zealand, $2.3 million in Germany, $2.3 million in Brazil and $2.0 million in France.

On the heels of last weekend’s already modest second place start, Paramount’s Snake Eyes tumbled a troubling 70 percent and five spots this weekend to land in seventh place with an estimated $4.00 million. In addition to mixed critical reviews and mixed word of mouth, Snake Eyes also took a hit this weekend from losing its IMAX screens to Jungle Cruise. Given this weekend’s percentage decline and the film’s ten-day total of just $22.28 million, it won’t be long before Snake Eyes begins to lose significant showtimes and locations.

Universal’s F9 took eighth place with an estimated $2.65 million. That was down 45 percent from last weekend, which represented one of this weekend’s better percentage holds among wide releases. With a 38-day gross of $168.54 million, F9 remains the highest grossing film since the re-opening of domestic theatres, though as mentioned F9 will soon be surpassed by Black Widow domestically. Internationally is a different story, as F9 will remain the highest grossing Hollywood release internationally and globally since re-opening, for quite some time. Respective totals for F9 currently stand at $473.2 million internationally and $641.7 million globally, after the film grossed an estimated $8.1 million internationally this weekend from 60 markets. F9 will open in Japan this coming Friday (August 6).

In other box office news, Warner’s The Suicide Squad started out its international run this weekend with an estimated $7.0 million from 5 select international markets. Those five debuts included $4.7 million in the United Kingdom, $1.6 million in France, $0.32 million in Belgium, $0.22 million in Switzerland and $0.11 million in Turkey. In addition to opening domestically next weekend, the James Gunn directed The Suicide Squad will also be opening throughout most of the rest of the international marketplace next weekend (one exception is Japan, where the film will open the following week on Friday, August 13).

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