The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 16 – Season Finale

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:16 – “Kamino Lost”


Here we are, the season finale of The Bad Batch. Though this show isn’t my favorite story to come out of the Disney era, I have really enjoyed it. That being said, I was somewhat underwhelmed by its finale. Last week’s episode, to me, was better. And had they put the two into one longer episode, I think it would have worked better. All and all, it’s a good start, but I am hoping for a little more next season. I just can’t put my finger on what that little more should be. 

Thank you to Joe for letting me talk about one of my favorite things for the past 16 weeks. I truly love Star Wars. And like pizza, even though a piece might not be the best, I still enjoy it. 


The final episode of the season opens with a replay of Admiral Rampart on the bridge of his ship watching the bombardment of the city below. We quickly cut to Batch and Omega who are trying to flee as the city explodes around them and starts to fall into the sea. As debris falls around them, Omega is separated from the group when an emergency door shuts between them. 

Back on Rampart’s ship, a clone trooper is asked to give a report. With obvious hesitation, he reports that the cities have been destroyed and are falling to the sea. Rampart tells him to have the ship rendezvous with the fleet. With that, the Empire leaves Kamino. 

Inside the ruins, AZI wakes an unconscious Omega and then the girl notices that Crosshair is also with them. He is knocked out and trapped. To top it off, the room is flooding. Crosshair comes to and Omega uses her bow to shoot him free. On the other side of the door, Wrecker works to pry the door open. He succeeds and water flushes in, carrying Omega, Crosshair and AZI with it. Crosshair accusingly asks Hunter what he has done, to which Hunter replies that the Empire opened fire on the city. He’s given a choice, come with them or stay there and die. As they move ahead, Crosshair follows. 

As they run, Omega pauses to look at the destruction. They keep running as the city keeps falling, eventually hitting the oven floor. Needing to keep moving, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech and Echo start running. Crosshair stays put while Omega looks at him sadly. Turning, they both start to run to catch up with the others. 

They make their way to their old barracks, which has not flooded. Wrecker points out the spot on the wall that he tick marked each of their missions. Crosshair looks to Hunter and says that after all those missions, he threw it all away. Hunter says they made a choice and so did he. Crosshair repeats his mantra of “soldiers follow orders”. Hunter responds by telling him that following blind orders makes him a pawn. 

Omega chimes in and says that they landed on the tubes that lead back to their ship. AZI cuts a hole in the floor and into the tunnel. As they start to make their way through, Crosshair points out that it looks unsafe, as cracks appear in the glass. After some arguing about leadership the Batch are forced to run as a giant sea creature attacks the tube. AZI makes it to the tube exit and finds a terminal. As the creature starts to bite down on tube, AZI is able to get just enough power outage to send a shock to the beast who then retreats in pain. A hatch is opened and they all go through it, AZI closing it behind them. 

They’ve entered Nala Se’s lab. It’s revealed here that Omega was there when they were created and that she is actually older than them. Like Boba, she was not given a growth excelerator. 

Looking out through the lab’s window, they see that the next tube, which would lead to their ship has been destroyed. While looking for another solution, AZI starts to lose power. Hunter and Crosshair again start to argue about who is on the right side. Crosshair says that the time of the Regs and the Republic is over. The Empire will rule the galaxy and he wants to be a part of it. Hunter tells him not to fool himself and to the Empire, all he’ll ever be is a number. With that, Crosshair walks away. Omega goes to Crosshair to try and reason with him. He tells her to go away. She says she wanted to believe he was how he was because of the inhibitor chip, but she was wrong. 

They come up with a solution to get to the surface and to the ship. They put themselves inside airtight medical tubes and blast the lab’s window with a remote detonator. AZI says they need to hurry, he’s now on reserve power and it’s his job to guide the capsules to the surface and away from debris. He manages to get them all to the surface, with the exception of Omega, who’s capsule is struck by debris and starts to fall. AZI clears her path and she begins to ascend. He then loses power and starts to sink. Omega comma Hunter and said that she’s going after the droid. Hunter yells for her to stop, but she releases the seal on her capsule and swims down to AZI. She gets to the droid but just doesn’t have the strength to pull him up. 

Floating on the surface, Hunter says he’s going in to find her, but Crosshair pulls his rifle out. It appears he’s going to shoot Hunter, but instead, he’s shoots a cable from the gun, into the water that attaches to the droid, allowing him to pull AZI and Omega up. Hunter pulls the girl and the droid into the capsule. Crosshair looks around and sees that the other have pulled out their blasters and are pointing them at him. He throws Wrecker his weapon to show he’s not a threat. After everyone has calmed down, Tech says he has a visual on the Marauder, so they start paddling. 

On the landing platform, Omega looks out at the smoking wreckage of the city, in awe that it’s all gone. Tech points out that they should leave before the Empire’s scouts show up. Wrecker asks Crosshair if he’s coming with them, but Crosshair says that nothing has changed between them. Hunter offers him one more chance, but he says that he’s made his choice. As the other board the ship, Omega thanks Crosshair for saving her. He just says that now they’re even. She tells him that he’s still their brother, and her brother too. And with that, she boards the ship and they take off, leaving Crosshair alone on the platform.  

On a mountaintop Imperial facility, a shuttle lands. Two rows of commandos stand as the hatch opens and two more commandos exit, with Nala Se between them. She is greeted by a woman wearing a uniform bearing the Kaminoan cloning facility emblem on her shoulder. She tells the Kaminoan that they are admirers of her scientific talents and that the Empire has big things planned for her. The episode ends as Nala Se is escorted into the facility. 

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