The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 15

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:15 – “Return to Kamino”


The second to last episode of the first season of The Bad Batch ends with a bang. But leading up to that is a lot of pure Star Wars. The best part of this episode though is not the action or the explosions or even the Tarkin cameo, it’s the heart to heart discussions between Hunter and Crosshair. With the official announcement that we will get a season two in 2022, I’ll feel ok if everything isn’t wrapped up in a nice bow after next week’s finale. That being said, I can’t wait to see how this debut season ends. 


The penultimate episode opens on a shuttle traveling through hyperspace. Inside, Hunter is in cuffs and guarded by Imperial troopers. Crosshair enters and takes Hunter’s communication device and activates it so that the rest of the Batch will come looking for him. 

In Ord Mantell, Echo works to fix their ship while an eager Omega, unaware that Hunter has been taken off world, wants to get back to Daro as soon as possible to rescue Hunter. Just as the repairs are finished, they see that Hunter’s comm has been activated and that he is no longer on Daro. 

With music taken right from Attack of the Clones, the Imperial shuttle with Crosshair and Hunter aboard, lands on Kamino. They are greeted by Admiral Rampart who tells Hunter that the destruction they caused on Ryloth got his attention. He leaves the prisoner to Crosshair, who walks away. As they leave, one of the Elite Squad troops approaches Rampart and says they she does not trust any of the clones, including Crosshair. Rampart tells her that if he fails, none of the clones will be a problem any longer including Crosshair. 

On the Marauder, the Batch discuss a plan for getting into the city on Kamino. Omega tells them about a secret platform that won’t be guarded. It’s under water so they have to hover just above the surface to activate it. It comes up and they land. Omega shows them a transport pod that uses underwater tubes for transportation. This one goes directly to Nala Se’s lab. 

As Crosshair and another trooper lead Hunter through the halls of the city, Hunter notices that there are no clones or Kaminoans there. He realizes that the facility is being decommissioned. When he points that out to Crosshair, he asks Hunter why he cares. Hunter says that they’ll be phasing out the clones next. Crosshair says, “not the ones that matter” and then pokes Hunter in the shoulder with his blaster to get the prisoner moving. As they enter a control room, they are told a ship has entered the system. Crosshair says that there is no need to send a squad to intercept because they will come to them. Then he gives a jab to Hunter by saying that they don’t leave one of their own behind… most of the time. Hunter reminds him he was trying to kill them and they didn’t have a choice. To which Crosshair responds, “and I did?”.

Omega and the Batch make it to Nala Se’s lab. When she’s asked how she knew about this place, she informs them that it’s where she was created. It’s also where their mutations were enhanced before being sent to join the other clones. They hear a noise and prepare to defend themselves, when a scared droid appears from hiding. It’s AZI, a lab tech droid that Omega knew from working with Nala Se. Just then, Tech says he’s found Hunter’s signal so they head out, along with the droid. 

Back in the control room, Hunter tries to reason with Crosshair just as they get the warning that the intruders are on the move. 

Moving through the facility, the Batch follow Hunter’s signal and make their way to the room under the training room, with Hunter’s signal being directly above them. Deciding to avoid going in through the main entrance, Tech, Echo and Wrecker plan to enter using the lift. They tell Omega to wait there and if anything goes wrong they will signal her and she should then go to the ship and contact Rex for help. 

As the three emerge into the training room, they are met by Crosshair and a bound Hunter, with troopers surrounding them. They are told to drop their weapons and with a nod from Hunter, they do. Crosshair sends a trooper off to find Omega. 

Echo sends the signal to Omega to flee, but instead she says she has an idea and opens a rack of training droids. 

Hunter and Crosshair discuss the difference of being loyal to the Republic or the Empire versus being loyal to each other. But Crosshair says they weren’t loyal to him but that he’s going to give them what they didn’t give him, a chance. 

The trooper that Crosshair sent to find Omega catches up to the girl and informs Crosshair. He tells her to put the girl on a shuttle off world. Hunter tells him that Omega belongs with them. But Crosshair says she’ll be safer away from a group of fugitive on the run. He then tells Hunter that the Empire needs their strength to protect the galaxy. He says to think of all they could do together and then cuts Hunter’s binders off. When Hunter asks why they should trust him, Crosshair, with a single shot, takes out his squad. 

When the trooper with Omega tells the girl to move it, AZI activates a rack that extends and knocks the trooper out. Omega congratulates the droid, flips a switch and then the two flee. 

Even after taking out his squad, Crosshair is still trying to convince Hunter and the others to join the Empire and have purpose again. Hunter tells him that he really doesn’t get who they are. Crosshair tells Hunter not to become his enemy, to which Hunter says they never were. Just then, practice droids appear and Hunter uses the distraction to tackle Crosshair. While Hunter wrestles with Crosshair. The other three start firing back at the droids. Seeing what’s going on, Hunter and Crosshair get up and join the fight against the droids. 

When the last of Crosshair’s squad makes it to the training room, she see the chaos and reports back to Rampart, telling him that Crosshair has lost control of the situation. Rampart tells her to leave and let the clones all die together. Rampart then reports to Tarkin, telling him that all essential personnel and research has been relocated. Tarkin then tells him to “fire when ready”. 

As they take down the last of the droids, the Batch surround Crosshair. Hunter tells him that they can help him remove his inhibitor chip, to which Crosshair reveals that he had his chip removed a long time ago and that is who he is. As he starts to raise his weapon, Hunter quickly stuns him and he falls to the ground. 

Tech tells Hunter that three ships are descending on the city. Hunter tells Wrecker to grab Crosshair and as they start making their way back to the pod in the lab, scenes of an abandoned facility are displayed. The episode ends with the Imperial ships opening fire on the city. Destruction and explosions filling the screen. 

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