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In a twist of irony, We Need To Do Something is a film that suffers from a lack of excitement and constant droughts of inactivity that leave you wishing that “something” more would happen.

A family ends up trapped in a bathroom for days with an evil presence in the walls after a destructive storm ravages their home, with daughter Melissa (Sierra McCormick) coming to believe that she may be responsible. Aside from my excitement over seeing Vinessa Shaw (Hocus Pocus) in the cast, We Need To Do Something fails to ratchet up the suspense, nor does it provide much of a scare. Director Sean King O’Grady’s feature is one that has a ton of potential with an isolated setting (we don’t leave the bathroom aside from a few flashbacks), an unexplained presence, and poisonous snakes popping up everywhere (ew), but all of the ingredients never quite come together for much of an impact. 

The film never quite takes off, instead stuck on the tarmac awaiting a departure that never comes. Thought McCormick’s arc has potential, it, too, fails to make a satisfactory impact. The simple fact that we are dealing with a confined space, and perhaps a metaphor for the pandemic we’ve all been dealing with, should have resonated more or at least been driven home. Instead it is established and never pursued, an accepted reality that becomes a forgotten circumstance.

Come for McCormick’s performance, but be prepared to feel trapped in a whole lot of nothingness. 

We Need To Do Something hits limited theaters this Friday.

Rating: 2/5

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