Review: Kili Big (BFF 2021)


One of the most inspiring documentaries in recent memory, Kili Big is a an absolute gem of a film that follows a group of women flipping societal expectations and stigmas on their head.

A group of plus-sized women come together to climb the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa, in Kili Big. It is important to first take a moment and recognize how impressive even attempting to climb this mountain is. Kili Big, directed by Ida Joglar, takes you along for the ride as a group of women step out of their comfort zones and challenge preconceived notions of who they are and what they are capable of. The film is filled with infectious enthusiasm and personalities from start to finish, taking time to dive into the lives of some of these women, understanding the personal impacts and meaning of the unique journey. You find yourself cheering for every one of them as they wrestle with self-doubts, physical challenges, and societal pressures to accomplish something that most people in the world never will. 

Kili Big shows that everyone can set a goal and work towards it, bucking what is expected of you and ultimately doing it for the most important person: you. I truly fell in love with each of these women while watching the film, the most connected I have felt to a documentary in quite a long time. Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the journey. When watching Kili Big, you’re in for quite the exciting journey that will leave your heart full and your mind running as you think about what you want to accomplish.

Rating: 5/5

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