Review: Coast (BFF 2021)

COAST (BFF 2021)

As relatable as the main character in this indie drama may be, Coast is a film that never quite finds its tune.

Abby (Fatima Ptacek) is a rebellious teen trapped in her small town, longing to break away. After falling for the lead singer of a traveling rock band (Kane Ritchotte), she ponders leaving her family and friends to start anew. Coast is a film that never quite grabs hold of the viewer’s attention, peppered with familiar plot turns and dialogue that often seems forced. There is no denying, however, that writer Cindy Kitagawa has infused the screenplay with a ton of heart and heavy topics to be tackled, from belonging to depression, family structures to romance. While the music certainly elevates the film (I have been humming since finishing), it does little to distract from the weak areas of the overall product.

Coast would have been more effective had each character been given more depth; each of the core friends fill stereotypical roles that, aside from a few diversions, remain stagnant. The performances are fine, but none of the characters blow you away. There is a message here about finding one’s self and charting your own path forward that will resonate with just about anyone watching, but Coast simply tries to do too much, overshadowing its intent and resulting in a convoluted outing.

Rating: 2/5

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