Big Brother 23 Post-Nominations Recap From Pop.GoesTheMovie – August 4th, 2021

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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR….Day 26. Brent’s blindside was a bust! As Head of Household (HOH), Xavier nominated Britini as a pawn and Brent for eviction. With a unanimous vote of 11-0, Brent was the fourth person evicted from the Big Brother house.  America was hoping for a blindside, unfortunately Big D. and Christian couldn’t keep their mouths shut, so Brent’s blindside was the blindside that wasn’t. And our hopes of a true blindside went out the window (thanks, Christian and Big D!) And in true Brent fashion, he acted as if he knew it was coming along. As outgoing HOH, Xavier was not eligible to play the Pier Pressure Head of Household Comp, where each team had a relay race and built a surfboard puzzle. Having put the last piece of the puzzle… Christian was the new Head of Household. This meant The Kings (Alyssa, Sarah Beth, Xavier) were also safe. It couldn’t have come at a better time as The Kings, being the only team with four players, were in the crosshairs this upcoming week. And since The Queens (Tiffany, Kyland, Claire) were part of The Royal Flush alliance (along with the lone Ace – Derek X.), by proxy, they too assumed they would be safe for the week. Having only a few targets to choose from, Christian wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Last week The Kings floated the idea of targeting Whitney or Hannah. But who did Christian ultimately put on the block, and did The Wildcard Comp ruin his plans? Read on to find out!

THE KING’S HOH. Christian may have won HOH, but it’s The Kings who planned on running the nominations. I’ve noticed that the CBS show likes to paint Christian in a different light. He’s not as bright as they make him seem, and he’s also not good at this game. As a matter of fact, his team tried to not leave him alone for too long, as they wanted to make sure he nominated the right people. They still planned on targeting Whitney with Hannah as a pawn… but seeing that Hannah is X’s alliance member in The Cookout, and he considers her his ‘little sister’, he tried figuring out a way to protect her from seeing the block. The Kings wanted to bring in the entire Royal Flush alliance to discuss possible nominees. Alyssa floated the idea of targeting Hannah instead of Whitney because most of the Houseguests (HGs) wanted Whitney out, so why keep her, so she remains a target next week and instead target Hannah, since she was a smarter player.  Sarah Beth also insisted that Hannah go out first. But since Hannah is in The Cookout, Tiffany, X, and Kyland did everything they could to steer The Kings away from targeting Hannah. Asking to nominate Hannah, could be Sarah Beth’s demise, as The Cookout members in The Royal Flush see SB as a threat now.  It seemed that Christian’s nominations were set, however the target was still up in the air. And if Whitney somehow managed to win The Wildcard Comp and save all The Aces (Hannah, Derek X., Whitney) Christian let the alliance know that he’d nominate Azah and Britini from The Jokers instead. #ButFirst, The Wildcard Competition had to be played.

THE LAST WILDCARD COMP.  Claire from The Queens and Whitney of The Aces were the only eligible players from their teams to play in The Wildcard Competition. Azah and Big D. from The Jokers, were both eligible, but Azah decided to play as both she and Big D. thought it’d be easier for her to beat Claire and Whitney. Oh how wrong they were. Entering The Wildcard Competition called Olive Shook Up, the players had to roll a ball (that looked like an olive) across a balancing platform (shaped like a martini glass) toward a slot (the ‘toothpick’) at the end of the ‘glass’. However, every so often, the lights in the room would go out, or flicker, making it difficult to see. None of the women did very well. It seemed to be difficult to get the ‘olive’ all the way to the ‘toothpick’. Whitney always came close, but her ‘olive’ would fall toward the middle of the ‘glass’. Claire seemed to be the best of the three, but she was having issues getting the ‘olive’ to the ‘toothpick’. Meanwhile, Azah was so slow, her ‘olive’ barely moved at all. (side note: I died of laughter anytime she was shown, because her ‘olive’ wasn’t going anywhere!) Claire eventually got the ‘olive’ in the ‘toothpick’ and became the fourth Wildcard Comp winner. As the winner, Claire had to decide to choose a week of safety for herself and The Queens or choose safety until jury for herself only.  This literally was the most powerful Wildcard Comp decision this season.  Of course, Claire chose safety until jury. Kyland and Tiffany were okay with her choosing safety for herself, as they were safe for this week anyway since they’re in The Royal Flush alliance.

THE ACES. Meanwhile, The Jokers (Big D., Azah, Britini) specifically Azah and Big D. felt defeated, they looked it too. They didn’t win HOH and they also didn’t win The Wildcard Comp, so they feared going up on the block. But what the live show didn’t mention was that The Aces were on slop and Big D. is NOT doing well on slop or with the punishments.  Christian asked to meet with The Jokers, with the rest of The Kings present (because they don’t trust what he’ll say!).  The Jokers all said Whitney should be the target, but Big D., being a novice player that he is, decided to spill the beans and tell them that Whitney told him a person from The Kings would be her target. But here’s the thing… Whitney must win HOH to even be able to target anyone. Which I don’t think she’ll be doing anytime soon. Whereas Hannah could! After their meet-up, Christian and Alyssa pointed out that if all The Queens and all The Jokers want Whitney out then why should they do the dirty work for those two teams? It made more sense to target Hannah. I’m not sure why the CBS episode didn’t show the one-on-ones between Azah and Christian (live-feeds) because it kind of showed what a novice she is at this game. She told Christian if she had won HOH, she would’ve put him up against Whitney.  And the one-on-one between him and Hannah was heavily edited. Hannah pretty much offered him safety and Christian took the bait…second-guessing Hannah as the next target.

THE NOMINATIONS. At the nomination ceremony, Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah on the block. He told them both that had he or anyone from The Kings not won HOH, their team (The Aces) would’ve targeted The Kings. After nominations, the house was still undecided who the target should be. Hannah was determined to win the Power of Veto and the next HOH, and swore she was coming after Christian and Alyssa. Whitney on the other hand, she was just confused why she was nominated in the first place.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. It looks like this week is going to be another straightforward week in the Big Brother house and the target will be going home. And because this week has been so uneventful, planning for the following week started and it looks like Tiffany is targeting Sarah Beth. SB has been pushing for Hannah’s eviction, and Tiffany can’t have that. So she’s been trying to spread some lies about SB, like that she’s America’s Player. I hate when they mention this! America hasn’t had a player in YEARS! But it seems to be working, because SB is now on people’s radars. X already told Derek X. that Sarah Beth would be The King he’d be willing to sacrifice. But I think teams are over next week, so it wouldn’t even matter. Trouble is looming over SB, and unless she wins HOH, she may be seeing herself on the nomination block.

But before week 5 happens, week 4 must end! Who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to save Whitney or Hannah? And who will be evicted from The Big Brother house? Stay tuned later this week to find out!

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