Big Brother 23 Post-Nominations Recap From Pop.GoesTheMovie – August 25th, 2021

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Big Brother 23 – Day 49:  LOOKOUT FOR THE COOKOUT

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 49. The Cookout alliance continued to dominate the game. Tiffany was trying to get the six members of the alliance (Xavier, Tiffany, Kyland, Hannah, Big D., Azah) to jury, along with their closest allies outside the group. Kyland has Sarah Beth. Tiffany has Claire. Hannah has Derek X. And Azah/Big D. had Britini. Unfortunately, Britini’s fate was sealed when she was voted out of the BB Beach Club last week.  The Cookout next set their eye on targeting Derek X. Or more like Kyland and Xavier set their eyes on Derek X. Tiffany and Hannah do not want to see Derek X. leave the house. Derek X. had no idea how much he needed to win the Head of Household (HOH) competition, Dash to Dinner. Where, one at a time, the players had to step up on a balance beam and make their way to the end of a balance beam course. The balance beams were all sorts of sizes and shapes and the path that the HGs took to get to the end was crucial as they were all timed. The HG with the fastest time would be the new HOH. Unfortunately for Derek X. his time of 21.04 seconds did not beat Sarah Beth’s 21.03 seconds, making her the new HOH for the week. UGH. Derek X. was SO close. If only he hadn’t tried to take the smaller beam and just ran the traditional course, he would’ve beat Sarah Beth’s time. This hundredth of a point might’ve sealed Derek X.’s time in the BB Beach Club. So, who will Sarah Beth nominate on the block. And who did America give the most ‘BB Bucks’ too? And will they use them to play in the High Roller Games? Keep reading to find out.

FIRST FEMALE HOH. Sarah Beth was crowned with the title of First Female HOH. (which if you ask me, should tell you something about how this game is going). And in the Diary Room (DR) she let us know how proud of herself she was. Which she should be…unfortunately for her, nearly everyone in the BB house wanted her out this week, so that meant hardly anyone else was happy she won this HOH comp. Ed. note: Here’s the thing, the CBS edit made it look like Sarah Beth was going to do her own thing and not listen to Kyland, but we all know she doesn’t have it in her. Or at least I know this! So as much as I would’ve liked to have seen her shake things up…. she pretty much did what Kyland told her to do. However, the following events are how they were portrayed on the edited show… Big D. told DR that The Cookout was scrambling this week since SB won. They all hoped that Kyland could sway her toward a non-Cookout target, and so Kyland was tasked to keep The Cookout members off the block, without giving Sarah Beth any indication that he’s protecting certain people. (They could literally tell Sarah Beth that Kyland is protecting The Cookout members and she still wouldn’t figure it out because she’s got Kyland goggles on!) And so Kyland suggested to Sarah Beth that she nominate Derek X. and Claire.

POSSIBLE NOMINEES. No one in the house was more frustrated that Sarah Beth won, than Tiffany. She’s had this thing with SB for the past four weeks now and can’t seem to let it go, especially now that SB won HOH. Azah and Tiffany were talking about how most likely they’d be SB’s targets. Now, if SB were playing this on her own… then yes, Azah and Tiffany should’ve been her targets since they have been targeting her for the last month! BUT, since SB has her Kyland goggles on… they literally had nothing to fear. Azah and Tiffany also thought that Hannah would be another target for SB, since Sarah Beth wanted her gone a few weeks back. But again… Sarah Beth is not playing this game for herself. She seemed to have forgotten that she was targeting Hannah and that this would be the opportune time to take a shot. And SB also forgot how rude Tiffany was being to her and how she refused to talk game with her. These are all red flags, but since SB is wearing her Kyland goggles… apparently, she forgot all this. Meanwhile, Xavier and Big D. were concerned that Sarah Beth would be targeting two members of The Cookout, but Kyland reassured them there was no way she would do that, since he pretty much controls her. (Okay he didn’t say that…but I know he thought it!). Xavier told DR that he felt safe with SB as the HOH, since they were both formerly in The Kings together. But he said he’d have some work to do to keep The Cookout members safe. Derek X. and Alyssa were also trying to guess who SB would put up. They thought they might be targets because Derek X. put up Sarah Beth on the block and Alyssa voted to evict her over Christian. They decided that their best hope would be the High Roller’s Room games, where they had a chance to secure some type of safety.

DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA. Tiffany and Big D. have had issues with one another ever since Tiffany tried to get Britini to flip the script and evict Sarah Beth the week that Christian went home. Since this blow up, Big D. hasn’t fully trusted Tiffany (neither has Azah) and vice versa. So, Tiffany and Big D. decided they needed to ‘catch up’ and talk about what happened during Derek X.’s HOH that sent Christian home. They said they had an issue with how they communicated with one another. Big D. mentioned something about being cut from the same cloth and Tiffany made it clear that they were NOT cut from the same cloth. And as the conversation got heated, neither of them would apologize since they both felt that they were disrespected by the other. However, even though they had their issues, they’d continue to work together for the sake of The Cookout (and the cause).

SARAH BETH’S HOH. Kyland went to work on Sarah Beth and used his prowess to try and convince her to nominate two non-Cookout members. However, Sarah Beth told Kyland that she felt safe with Tiffany and Claire but wasn’t too sure about Xavier and Alyssa. Even though they were on The Kings team with her, she always felt at the bottom of that team (because she was!). She said they never listened to her (because they didn’t!), and for those reasons, she was thinking about putting them up. But Kyland was not going to let SB put up Xavier! Sarah Beth decided to meet with each houseguest (HG) and see where they stood, especially in playing the second High Roller’s Game, Chopping Block Roulette. Apparently, Sarah Beth wanted to use her HOH to make a deal with someone, to help keep a target off her back next week when she could not play in the HOH competition. The meetings looked promising (in live feeds). As there was slight hope (not by me) that Sarah Beth would do her own thing and not let Kyland control her HOH. SB even told Azah in live feeds “This is going to be my HOH and it’s going to be what’s best for my game, and I want to make sure nobody thinks this is going to be Kyland’s HOH.” Her ultimate goal was to flush out the money and get the Chopping Block Roulette power used. In her one-on-ones she asked all the HGs whether or not they were willing to play in the game, and if they had enough money. Mostly everyone said yes, although Big D. lied about how many ‘BB Bucks’ he really had and said he couldn’t play. During Sarah Beth’s live feeds conversation with Kyland, he volunteered to go up on the block to force Derek X. to play for Chopping Block Roulette and try to save him. But SB didn’t want to risk it. Plus, she thought that it was a good idea for Derek X. to save his money and play next week’s ‘Coup de’tat’ veto (basically takes over the HOH noms). During SB’s and Alyssa’s talk, Alyssa told SB that she’d play roulette and use the power. In DR, Alyssa said that she wanted the power to save herself, but she wanted SB to think she was using it for her… as a way to build trust between them. Derek X. told SB that he might play roulette, but would rather save the money for the last power. BIG MISTAKE, DX. BIG MISTAKE!

THERE’S A BIG ALLIANCE IN THE HOUSE! While in the restroom, Derek X. and Claire were speculating who could be working with one another, IN FRONT OF TIFFANY! (They continue to have these vital convos in front of her…UGH). Claire told Derek X. that she’d be targeting Xavier as soon as she could. Tiffany made a shocked face and left the room. Which Claire and Derek X. took note of. Claire and Derek X. mentioned how anytime they mention Xavier as a target, that Tiffany always deflects the conversation. And they finally started to consider that Tiffany, Xavier, Hannah and Kyland could be working together. And that maybe Azah might be working with some of them as well. (They were SO close to figuring it out!). In live feeds… Claire and Derek X. actually, figured out The Cookout, but then they laughed it off! During their chat, they nailed it down to a six-person alliance running the house and naming almost every single member of The Cookout. But they just didn’t piece it together. Instead, they dismissed it as a fake alliance made not too long ago and that it didn’t even have a name. Then Derek X. mentioned how he wouldn’t be able to watch the show, because he could “feel the salt already”.  And Claire mentioned how Kyland “effed them over” (meaning her and Derek X.). And she added… “all he’s doing now is kissing our ass trying to get a jury vote”.  (You’re not wrong, Claire. You’re not wrong at all!). If only Derek X. and Claire could see past Tiffany and Hannah being in this big alliance and just finally admit that THERE’S AN ALLIANCE IN THE HOUSE!!

SVENGALI KYLAND. Back to the CBS edit… As Sarah Beth was looking at the memory wall, she told Kyland that mostly everyone in the house wants them on the block together, so this week her decision has to be about the biggest threat to her personally. And once again she said that would be Alyssa, Derek X., and Xavier. And again, Kyland got in her ear. He told SB that Xavier never broke loyalty with her. And he manipulated SB into targeting Derek X. He suggested that she put him up on the block, but SB said she’d rather just backdoor him. SB decided that the safest way would be to put up two pawns. So, after all those promising meetings and swearing that this was going to be HER HOH… at the nomination ceremony, Sarah Beth put up Big D. and Claire on the block. Exactly like Kyland’s nomination. ::Sigh::. But both Big D. and Claire revealed in the DR that they weren’t too upset or didn’t feel threatened because it was better to be on the block in the beginning rather than the end. And also because of the roulette power. In the DR, Sarah Beth said that her target was Derek X. because he was smarter and more athletic, and he was the biggest challenge threat and would target her for eviction if he gained power. (All true. But this choice benefits Xavier and Kyland more than it does Sarah Beth).

THE CHOPPING BLOCK ROULETTE. The High Roller’s Room is now open! Since the Veto Derby game was won and used last week, that game was now closed. It was time for the High Roller’s Room game, Chopping Block Roulette. In this game, each player had to stand on a huge roulette wheel and tip it so that the ball rolls around the wheel as many times as possible in two minutes. One at a time, the players entered the room to find out how many ‘BB Bucks’ they earned and decide whether or not to play Chopping Block Roulette. Claire was first in the room. This week, Claire earned 100 ‘BB Bucks’…unfortunately she did not have enough money to play Chopping Block Roulette which cost 125 ‘BB Bucks’. Azah was next in the room. She earned 50 ‘BB Bucks’, making her total 100 ‘BB Bucks’, which was not enough to play. Hannah earned 75 ‘BB Bucks’. Her new total was 150 ‘BB Bucks’, which was enough, but she chose not to play. Xavier also earned 75 ‘BB Bucks’ giving him a total of 150. But he also chose not to play. Sarah Beth earned 50 ‘BB Bucks’ this week, but she didn’t have enough money to play. Tiffany earned 50 ‘BB Bucks’ this week and had 25 from last week, making her total 75 ‘BB Bucks’, which she didn’t have enough money to play. Alyssa earned 75 ‘BB Bucks’ for a total of 125 ‘BB Bucks’ from last week. That was the exact amount needed to play, so she decided to ensure her safety this week, and she probably wouldn’t have enough money next week, that she’d play. She did well on the game, and the ball rotated around 19 times. Next up was Kyland. He received 50 ‘BB Bucks’ and that was not enough money to play since he used his money last game. Big D. earned another 100 ‘BB Bucks’, giving him a total of 150 ‘BB Bucks’, since he had 50 left over from last week. He decided not to play in the game and save it for next week. Derek X. was the last to go. Before playing he asked Kyland what he should do, and Kyland gave his nonsensical word salad answer that if the HOH asked you not to do something, should you do it? Whatever! But it wasn’t Kyland who persuaded him. It was Derek X.’s own stubbornness that kept him from playing the game. He really wanted to play next week’s game, and he wasn’t sure he’d have enough if he played this week, so instead of playing the game (and most likely winning it), he chose to NOT play. Here’s the thing, you can’t play next week’s game if you’re not in the house to play!! Choosing not to play was probably Derek X.’s biggest mistake and most likely will be why he is going home sooner rather than later.

RESULTS AND AFTER EFFECTS. Once the game ended, the players gathered around the living room to find out the results of Chopping Block Roulette. The HGs didn’t know who played the game, or how much money each player got or how much was spent. So, the HGs had no idea that Alyssa was the only one who played. And since she was the only person to play, she won! As the winner she was able to take down a nomination of Sarah Beth’s. Alyssa chose to take Big D. off the block because he’s pretty much the biggest pawn in the house. She knew if she left Claire on the block, whoever went up against her would have a fighting chance to stay. However, Sarah Beth couldn’t replace the nominee, instead, Alyssa had to spin the roulette wheel and whoever the ball landed on, would be the replacement nominee. In DR Alyssa said X was the last person she wanted to see up on the block. Alyssa spun the wheel and the ball landed on…. XAVIER! (hahaha). Alyssa was devastated. She looked completely distraught and was so sad, she just left the living room. She literally put her only ally on the block. But now that Xavier was on the block, this made Claire happy. As she said in the DR it wasn’t the worst-case scenario, because at least Xavier was a huge threat next to her on the block. However, Xavier was confident that he still had POV to win, and if that didn’t work out, The Cookout alliance would be there to protect him, and not send him home.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. Derek X. not playing in the roulette game was his biggest mistake of the season. But he trusted Kyland. And that will ultimately be his downfall and the reason he goes home (if he does). It looks as if someone from Tiffany’s close allies will be going home this week. As good as a player that Tiffany can be, it’s amazing how she’s letting Xavier and Kyland steamroll her chances of winning this game. Doesn’t she get that every person she needs to stay in this game to win is getting evicted and that Kyland is controlling who goes when? Her biggest mistake was letting SB get to her. I’m just bummed that Kyland has taken so much control over SB. And that Tiffany, Azah and Hannah don’t wake up and realize that they’re the bottom of The Cookout’s barrel.

So who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to take down a nominee? And who will be evicted from the BB Beach Club? Stay tuned at the end of the week to find out!

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