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Big Brother 23 – DAY 41: Kyland Round Two

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 41. The team twist was over, and Derek X. was the new Head of Household (HOH). After winning the Whale of a Time HOH competition, Derek X. promised safety to Alyssa and Xavier, however, that promise did not extend to all The Kings, and Christian was Derek’s main target. But Derek X. did not want to give Christian the chance to play veto, so he nominated Sarah Beth and Britini (again…sigh). Britini won the veto comp, Kingdom of Curl-a-lot and removed herself from the block, and Christian was her replacement nom. Meanwhile, The Cookout (Xavier, Tiffany, Azah, Big D. Kyland, Hannah), the most powerful (and secretive) alliance in the house, were calling the shots, without Derek X. realizing it. During the Kingdom of Curl-a-lot veto comp, three punishments were unleashed. Derek X. was the ‘Lord of the Latrine’ and had to wear a renaissance type looking costume. The main restroom was locked for 24 hours, and Derek X. had the only key, so his punishment was to escort the Houseguests (HGs) who had to go to the restroom and announce what they were doing. (This bit was hilarious). Kyland was the ‘Jack of Clubs’. He had to make club sandwiches for all the HGs anytime the King (BB voice) announced it. And Claire was the ‘Duke of the Deck’. Anytime the King announced, she had to play 52-card pickup (which wasn’t shown in the previous show, but plenty of times in live-feeds). Tiffany was desperately trying to flip the vote and send out Sarah Beth. But, by a vote of 7-2, Christian was evicted from the Big Brother house. Before leaving the house, he gave Alyssa a big smooch goodbye in front of everyone. Julie Chen Moonves announced that the HGs made it to jury… and she unleashed a new twist! The High-Roller Room at the BB Beach Club would be opening. This room held three unique casino games and three game changing powers. And for the next three weeks, America would be voting to give the HGs ‘BB Bucks’. The better the power of the game, the more it would cost to play. Who did American give the most ‘BB Bucks’ to? And who was crowned the new HOH? And who did they nominate on the chopping block? Keep reading to find out!

As a reminder, the remaining HGs (and potential jurors) are: Alyssa, Azah, Britini, Claire, Big D., Derek X., Hannah, Kyland, Sarah Beth, Tiffany and Xavier.

NEW HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD. It was Day 37 in the Big Brother house and a new Head of Household competition took place (which was not show on Thursday’s live show). The HOH comp, Name that Croon, was a head-to-head comp where the players had to answer questions about past comps quicker than their opponent and then choose the next pair to face off. By the end, only two players would remain, and one would be named HOH. As the outgoing Head of Household, Derek X. was not eligible to play. By random draw, Britini and Claire were the first to face off. Claire answered first but got the question wrong and was eliminated. Britini advanced and chose Sarah Beth and Kyland as the next opponents in order to eliminate one of them since they’re considered a duo. Kyland answered correctly and eliminated Sarah Beth. Since Britini chose him, he chose her and Azah to go next. Azah won the round between them and then chose Kyland and Alyssa to go next. Once again Kyland answered first and correctly, eliminating Alyssa. This left only The Cookout members to choose from. Kyland chose Azah and Big D. to go next. Which really upset Azah (not sure why though, it was what made most sense, since her and Big D. were in The Jokers together).  Azah won and eliminated Big D. She then picked Tiffany and Hannah to go next. Tiffany won her round against Hannah. She picked Azah and Kyland. Azah asked both Xavier and Kyland to let her win the HOH (I hate when people beg to be given the HOH…win it yourself!) and I believe they both agreed to throw it to her. But Kyland successfully buzzed in first with the correct answer and eliminated Azah. Which upset her to no end! That put Kyland in the final round. He had to go against the winner between Xavier and Tiffany. Xavier answered first but answered incorrectly to throw it to Tiffany. Before their head-to-head, Tiffany asked Kyland to let her win so that she could receive a letter from home. Which Kyland agreed to do. And even though he knew the right answer, he kept waiting and waiting for Tiffany to buzz in (although if he really wanted to throw it to her, why not just answer incorrectly like X did?). When she finally buzzed in and gave her answer, it was incorrect. And the HOH defaulted to Kyland instead. Following the comp, Azah was still upset that Kyland didn’t throw the HOH to her.  And Tiffany was upset that it was Kyland who won HOH. Yes, he was part of The Cookout, but out of everyone in the big alliance, she knew he would not nominate Sarah Beth. And for some reason, Tiffany is dead set on getting rid of Sarah Beth. (see hot takes and opinions)

NEW TARGETS. NEW STRATEGIES. Everyone in The Cookout wanted SB gone. But now that Kyland won HOH, that would have to wait until their next opportunity arose, because there was no way Kyland would nominate Sarah Beth, even though he ‘played’ with the idea. Sometime after the HOH comp, Azah was crying to Xavier about Kyland. She had a feeling that Kyland would be targeting Britini and nominate her ally. Meanwhile, Big D. and Kyland were talking about who Kyland should nominate. Big D. warned Kyland that if he didn’t put up Sarah Beth, it would make it clear that he and SB were working together and they would be the new power couple in the house, as Christian and Alyssa were before Christian was eliminated. Kyland told Big D. that he had three options for nominations: Claire, Alyssa and Britini. But he asked Big D. who he should put up as a pawn. Well, Kyland didn’t ask, since Kyland is never straightforward and uses his nonsensical speeches. Big D. suggested Kyland put up SB as a pawn. But Kyland finally showed his cards and said that would not happen. Eventually Kyland asked Big D. if he’d be willing to go up as a pawn, or would he rather see Azah or Britini up on the chopping block?  And to save his former teammates, and against his better judgment, Big D. said he’d do it (also, he said he couldn’t deal with Britini being nominated again).  And in another area of the house, Tiffany and X were talking and she was expecting Kyland to put up Claire. She told X that her closest non-Cookout ally would most likely be the one going home. And so Tiffany made it her mission to figure out a way to save Claire! Even though she hadn’t even been nominated yet! Azah and Kyland had some words. But that went nowhere as Azah felt like Kyland wasn’t hearing her, and Kyland was spewing out his word salad. Claire (nudged by Tiffany) went up to the HOH room to talk to Kyland, since she hadn’t talked game to him in a while. She promised to vote out his target (which might be you, Claire!). And she also suggested that he go after a member of The Jokers or Xavier. This meant that she targeted three members of The Cookout, Xavier, Big D. and Azah.  That immediately showed Kyland that Claire could be a big threat to the alliance.

NOMINATIONS. At the nomination ceremony, Kyland named Big D. and Claire as his two nominations. He said that after seeing some of the actions taken during the HOH comp he had to re-evaluate his position in the house. Which made no sense whatsoever. If that were the case, wouldn’t Britini be up on the block since she pitted Kyland and Sarah Beth first during the HOH comp? Azah seemed relieved, considering she had thought she’d be one of Kyland’s nominees.  And Big D. was not planning on telling either Azah or Britini that he was the pawn. Because he said they both have big mouths (look who’s talking, Mr. blindside spoiler!) and he didn’t want them revealing the fact that he was the pawn (which kind of worked out in the end for him). In live feeds, we saw that he was pretending to be upset with Kyland. Total drama queen this one!

THE HIGH ROLLER’S ROOM AND GAMES. The High Roller’s Room opened and the HGs were introduced to the Gamble for Greatness games. There were three options. The first game, Veto Derby, cost 50 ‘BB Bucks’ to play. In this competition, the winner of the game, would get the opportunity to bet on the winner of the next Power of Veto (POV) competition.  If the person they bet on won the POV, they’d earn a second Golden Power of Veto. The second game, Chopping Block Roulette, cost 125 ‘BB Bucks’ to play. In this competition, the players could win a chance to remove a nominee and determine the replacement by the spin of a roulette wheel. The third game, Coin of Destiny, cost 250 ‘BB Bucks’. In this comp, the winner could overthrow the HOH by a simple flip of a coin. Each power could only be won once and could only be used in the same week it was won. This week, there was only enough money for everyone to play Veto Derby. The HGs could play or save their ‘BB Bucks’ for a different power in coming weeks. First to enter the High Roller’s Room was Sarah Beth. She learned that she was given 50 ‘BB Bucks’ by America and decided to use it to play Veto Derby. In this game, the player had to slide three oversized ‘mint juleps’ down a shuffleboard lane to earn points. Points were awarded by where the ‘mint julep’ landed. If it fell on the ground, there’d be no points awarded. Sarah Beth told the Diary Room (DR) that she played only to prevent someone else from winning it.  After her three shots she earned 4 points. Hannah earned 75 ‘BB Bucks’ and opted to save it. Xavier also earned 75 ‘BB Bucks’ and saved it as well. Britini was the first player to receive 100 ‘BB Bucks’ and decided to save it (there was NO way America voted for her. She is not a popular player in ‘America’s eyes).  Azah, Alyssa and Kyland all earned 50 ‘BB Bucks’ each, but only Kyland opted to play. Kyland did very well, and after his three shots he earned a total of 9 points. Prior to playing, Tiffany met with Claire who urged her to not play in the competition. But when Tiffany saw that she earned 75 ‘BB Bucks’, she decided to play so that she could help Claire, but also her own game in the process. Unfortunately, Tiffany should’ve taken Claire’s advice because after taking her three shots, Tiffany earned 0 points since all her ‘mint juleps’ fell off the board. Derek X. learned he won 100 ‘BB Bucks’, which he saved for next week. Big D. also earned 100 ‘BB Bucks’ (I highly doubt this was true) and since he was on the chopping block, he opted into playing. He got a total of 5 points. Claire was last to enter. She learned that she made 50 ‘BB Bucks’ and opted to play as well. Unfortunately, her third ‘mint julep’ slid off the board, so her total was only 4 points. Afterward, Kyland revealed the results of the Veto Derby. Kyland was in first place with 9 points, Big D. in second place with 5 points, Claire was third with 4 points, and Sarah Beth was in fourth place with 4 points because she was slower than Claire. And since Tiffany earned 0 points, she did not qualify for the game. Now, once the players are picked for the POV competition, they’ll get to place their bets on the players of the veto comp. The one that picks the winner of the veto comp, will win the second Golden Power of Veto.

LIVE FEEDS. A lot of the reasons why the nominations happened, didn’t really make sense from the CBS show on Sunday. But that’s because a lot of the convos weren’t shown. SO, what exactly took place prior to noms? Keep reading to find out…  Xavier went to Kyland and asked him who he was thinking of nominating? Kyland said all four of the girls not in The Cookout were an option, even though Sarah Beth would be crappy. He then said Derek X. was also an option since he would most likely win 100 ‘BB Bucks’ every week. Xavier asked if Kyland is thinking of nominating Tiffany next to Claire if Claire is his target?  Kyland suggested that he was, but it would be challenging. Xavier asked about nominating Britini next to Claire. Kyland said he could do that. Never giving away much information to X. Kyland then talked to Britini and told her he didn’t think he had to win HOH, since Alyssa was the next target. But when Alyssa wasn’t picked in the head-to-head until sixth, that made him think that maybe he was Britini’s target, since she picked him and Sarah Beth against each other. Britini explained that she did not want to show her cards by picking Alyssa first, that it would show Alyssa she was targeting her. Kyland asked why the same wouldn’t apply to her picking him first. Britini said because she gave her word to him (Oh Britini!). Britini offered Kyland a deal in which she would not go after him for two weeks and she would let him know about the ‘BB Bucks’ and potential power that she received if she happened to get one. In exchange for that, Britini asked that Kyland share that information with her as well and keep her off the block. Kyland said he didn’t see a reason why he couldn’t keep her off the block at this time. He said her chances of going up were probably lower than she thought they were. (Kyland and his semantics. He never said he WOULD. He said, he ‘could’ do that). Kyland planned on getting as much leverage as he could on his HOH. And after talking to Hannah, who expressed that taking out Derek X. and Claire would not be wise at this point, he very much agreed with her. And then Kyland explained to the houseguests that he had a couple of questions to ask each of. Kyland used a board to mimic the memory wall and gave each of the HGs candy to place their answers to his questions. He asked who the most influential person in the house was? Who they though the biggest threat to their personal game was? Who would they have put up if they had won HOH?  And who would be the safest pawn next to their target? Britini seemed to be the only one who liked Kyland’s head game nonsense. But Azah was not down for it. She even chose Frenchie as being the most influential. And he’s not even in the game! Kyland asked Sarah Beth who she had picked for nominations. And she told him Britini and Big D, with Britini being her target. And that there, says a lot!

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. It seems like no one really likes Kyland except for Sarah Beth.  Kyland thinks he’s well liked in the house, but he is no one’s favorite player. First of all, there’s his word salad. He’s the type of guy that talks and talks and uses big words and a bunch of them to sound intelligent, but in reality, he’s just talking out of his ass! And oh my gosh, when Kyland made everyone answer his stupid memory wall questions. Ugh. Talk about HOHitis! This guy! He literally has gotten on everyone’s nerves (except for SB). But no one more than Azah. However, once again, Azah is putting someone else’s game ahead of her own and showing too much emotion in the process. She had the opportunity to not show her cards. But she was upset that Britini would be a target again, and she couldn’t control her emotions. Sort of how Tiffany is when it comes to Sarah Beth. Tiffany keeps saying she wants Sarah Beth out because SB is targeting Hannah, a member of The Cookout. But Claire, who’s Tiffany’s closest ally, is targeting Azah, Big. D and Xavier…that’s THREE members of The Cookout. Plus, it’s old news. SB isn’t even targeting Hannah anymore! Again, Tiffany’s vendetta against SB is going to be her downfall. However, Tiffany is good at schmoozing. So, she was able to go talk to Kyland and pretty much kiss his ass…telling him everything he wanted to hear. And I guess it worked, because Claire, (SPOILER ALERT) might or might no longer be a target or on the block anymore!

So who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to remove Claire or Big D. from the block? And who will win the second Power of Veto, and will they use it to save the nominees? And who will get evicted from the BB Beach Club? Come back later this week to find out.

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