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Big Brother 23 – DAY 34: DERRIK X.’S BIG PLAN.

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 34.  Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah on the Block, and The Cookout (Tiffany, Kyland, Xavier, Azah, Big D., Hannah), set out to protect Hannah as the main target. Sarah Beth (and Alyssa) pushed back and suggested the target be Hannah. Which in turn put SB in Tiffany’s line of fire. Because The Royal Flush (The Kings + The Queens and The Aces member Derek X) minus Derek X…targeted Whitney, her only saving graces were winning The Wildcard Competition, Olive Shook Up (which Claire won, securing her safety until jury), or winning the veto competition, Bump, Set, Veto, (which Christian won and kept the noms the same). And since she stayed on the block, Whitney was evicted unanimously with a vote of 10 to 0. With the team twist over, it was every HG for themselves! As outgoing Head of Household, Christian was not allowed to play in the battle of endurance wall competition, Whale of a Time. Which he didn’t look happy about. So, who won the HOH comp? And who will they put up on the chopping block? Keep reading to find out.

HANG ON TIGHT. As the first endurance HOH comp, Whale of a Time, began during last Thursday’s live episode, 11 houseguests held on for dear life. And the stakes couldn’t be higher since there were no more teams, which meant everyone was eligible to be nominated. Since Christian was not allowed to play, he was rooting for Alyssa because he knew she’d keep him safe. And Alyssa really wanted to win for him! Xavier on the other hand figured he was safe with everyone and didn’t need to win. But he didn’t want to go out first. Big D. supposedly wanted to win, and thought he could (umm…), but he was the first to fall from the wall, 9 minutes into the competition. So, he hoped that anyone from The Cookout would become HOH and keep him safe. Next to fall was Claire, after 29 minutes, she could no longer hold on…plus she didn’t need to, since she was safe until to Jury! Next to drop was Sarah Beth, at 42 minutes, she figured she was safe and dropped on purpose! What? If SB only knew how big the target on her back actually was! Seeing that SB ‘fell’ off, Hannah dropped at pretty much the same time. Next to drop was Kyland. He actually fell off at 57 minutes, despite trying to stay on. Britini really wanted to win this comp, since she didn’t want to see the block anymore…but she fell at 1 hour and 4 minutes. Leaving only Alyssa, Derek, Azah, Tiffany and Xavier (really surprised how well Azah was doing!). Tiffany was holding on until Alyssa dropped, which didn’t look like anytime soon. Azah could no longer hold on and she fell at 1 hour and 15 minutes. Unfortunately, Tiffany slipped off the wall a minute later at 1 hour and 16 minutes. Which left Alyssa, Xavier, and Derek X. on the wall. As Alyssa looked super uncomfortable, Azah and Tiffany were on the sidelines holding on to each other, hoping Alyssa would drop (I think they were both staring her down to drop)! With just the three on the wall, Xavier was trying to figure out when would be the right time to throw the comp. Meanwhile, Alyssa was turning to Derek X. and asking him to drop, promising Derek X. that she wouldn’t nominate him or Hannah. But Derek X. was planning a power move, so he wasn’t listening to Alyssa’s deals. And shortly thereafter, at 1 hour and 20 min. Alyssa fell and she was really disappointed in herself for falling. She was also upset that Derek X. didn’t throw it to her (entitled much?). But before she fell, she asked for safety for herself. Except she forgot to ask for safety for Christian as well. Derek X. promised her safety and then looked at X and promised him safety as well. Which X gladly took since his plan was to throw the comp all along, plus he thought that this painted a bigger target on Derek X. as a two-time POV winner and now an HOH winner.  And with that, Xavier dropped at 1 hour and 23 minutes into the comp. Leaving Derek X. the sole person hanging on the wall. Derek X. won the big endurance competition. And Hannah couldn’t be happier, as she said, this would be her HOH as well! (she literally tackled Derek X. after he dropped and rolled all over him).

BIG BACKDOOR BLINDSIDE. Derek X. wanted to win HOH because he had a big backdoor blindside in mind. He wanted to target Christian. But he knew the only way Christian could go on the block was to backdoor him. Hannah planned to be in Derek X.’s ear all week about who should go. And Christian was not her number one target! After the competition was over and Xavier went to congratulate Derek X. he asked for safety for The Kings, which Derek X. promised (dork!). So later that day, when Derek X. admitted this to Hannah, she was not thrilled. Because Hannah wanted to target Sarah Beth, since Hannah knew SB repeatedly mentioned she wanted Hannah gone (thanks to Tiffany!).  And since Sarah Beth knew that Derek X.’s HOH meant it was Hannah’s by default, she got busy “clearing the air”. Before the live eviction, Sarah Beth went to Hannah to smooth things over. And Hannah seemed to take the apology well (but she never forgets!). But Hannah still wanted to figure out a way to get Derek X. to put SB on the block, so that if Derek X’s intended target Christian didn’t go home, then Sarah Beth would, which was a win-win for Hannah!

THE ROYAL FLUSHED IS FLUSHED OUT. Derek X. told Tiffany and Claire about promising to keep Alyssa and Xavier off the block. But that the deal with Xavier to keep The Kings safe was something he sort of promised, but that it wasn’t a true promise since it happened after Derek X. won. Derek X. next talked out his idea with Hannah in the bathroom. And as they were talking, Tiffany came in to give her opinions on what to do. Tiffany said that backdooring Christian was a good plan, or they could just “ride The Royal Flush”…which she said in front of Hannah…who had no idea about The Royal Flush! Once Tiffany left, Hannah immediately asked Derek about The Royal Flush. He was honest with Hannah about the alliance, but didn’t tell her the whole truth and said it was a week alliance made only to keep them safe! Later, Hannah went to Tiffany to ask about The Royal Flush and Tiffany asked Hannah, who told you about it? And thought Derek X. spilled the beans. But Hannah let Tiffany know that she was the big mouth this time! Tiffany hadn’t even realized she was the one who told Hannah! But like Derek X., Tiffany downplayed the alliance. Despite how they downplayed the whole thing, Hannah knew that two of her closest allies kept major information from her and she told the Diary Room (DR) that she would save this information in her back pocket and use it as ammunition for the future. (And she won’t forget!)

BROKEN DEALS AND ALLIANCES. Derek X. had his backdoor plan in motion, #ButFirst he wanted to meet with all the HGs (or a majority of them) to see who he’d put up as pawns. This was the order from the CBS show, but these didn’t quite happen this way on the live feeds! Derek X. first met with Xavier. He wanted to make sure that X didn’t think his deal with him about The Kings was a true deal. But he did clarify that the deal for safety for Alyssa and X that was made on the wall was still on. However, the deal was only for them two, not The Kings team, which meant Christian and Sarah Beth were still available to nominate. Which confused X, since he thought everyone in The Royal Flush alliance should be safe. He did ask X what he would do if he were the HOH, would he go for a bigger target, which Xavier said he would…but he would stick to the plan. Xavier also threw Sarah Beth under the bus a tiny bit in saying that if they had to nominate someone from The Kings, she would be the one he’d nominate. When Derek X. met with Sarah Beth and asked her if she would be a pawn, she plain out said NO. And also told him she’d be upset with him if he put her up on the block. He next met with Big D. and asked if he wanted to be a pawn (Seriously, the fact that Derek X. is even asking is baffling). Of course Big D. said no. And Big D. went as far as saying Derek X.  should nominate two women. Derek X. then asked Azah if she’d be willing to be a pawn. She said no this time. And that she’s not going to be a pushover anymore. Britini was next. Her face sunk when he asked her about being a pawn. She told him she didn’t want to be a pawn, as she was afraid that people would eventually send her home. But, in the end, she did say if she had to be a pawn, she’d rather be sitting next to a member from The Kings. And finally, Derek X. met with Hannah. Who had her own agenda up her sleeve. She told him that sooner or later he’d have to come after Christian because he was targeting Derek X. and would take a shot at him if Derek X. didn’t strike first. And she pushed for Derek X. to put up Sarah Beth (as a pawn) as well. Which ultimately would be beneficial to Hannah’s own game if Sarah Beth became the plan B option in case Christian didn’t go home. (And this is what I’m afraid might happen this week!).

NOMINATIONS. At the nomination ceremony, Derek X. nominated Sarah Beth and Britini to go up on the block. He explained that in this game the number one currency you have is trust. And in the last 24 hours, he had an opportunity to meet with each HG individually and he believed this was the best move for his personal game to keep his trust inside the house. Huh? That made no sense. But Britini (up for the third time) was once again shocked, and not happy to be on that block. And Sarah Beth was visibly upset. The Kings and Kyland seemed pretty shocked that someone from The Royal Flush alliance was taking a shot so early. Well, everyone but Tiffany, Claire and Hannah. Who, let’s face it, were pulling Derek X.’s strings all along.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. Tiffany has done everything to try and paint on a target on SB. From going on and on about her being America’s Player to accusing her and Kyland of knowing each other. She’s even going as far as saying that SB doesn’t have a real girlfriend (all seen on live feeds). Tiffany and Hannah know that their best option is to get Christian out now (with the backdoor plan). Because they won’t win with him in the house. But, Tiffany really loves Christian. And she doesn’t want to see him on the block or vote him out. Plus Tiffany doesn’t trust nor can she stand Sarah Beth. So, (SPOILER ALERT) I wonder if there will be some manipulation going on this week to get the house to flip the vote. This would be playing with fire if that happened. But right now, it looks as if it could. Another one playing with fire is Big D. His biggest problem is that he gives out too much information. When anyone asks him if he is willing to be a pawn, or he fears he’s going up on the block, instead of just saying he doesn’t want to, he tries to pin the nom on someone else and throws people under the bus. Right now, this isn’t getting him in trouble…but eventually people are going to realize that anytime a new nomination is made, he is always first to throw out names!

Who will win the Power of Veto? And will they use it to take down Sarah Beth or Britini? And will Derek X. accomplish his Backdoor Blindside on Christian? Come back at the end of the week to find out!

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