Big Brother 23 Post-Eviction/HOH Recap From Pop.GoesTheMovie – August 8th, 2021

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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR….Day 31. The Kings (Alyssa, Christian, Xavier, Sarah Beth), with a huge target on their back since they were the only team with four members, won the Head of Household (HOH) competition Pier Pressure, keeping them all safe from elimination. Having put the last piece of the puzzle, Christian became the fourth HOH of the Big Brother house. After The Wildcard CompetitionOlive Shook Up, Claire won and had to choose between safety for her and her team, The Queens (Tiffany, Kyland) or safety for only herself up to jury. She of course chose safety until jury.  As current HOH, Christian had to nominate two Houseguests (HGs) for elimination. He knew he wanted to nominate Whitney, but he heard pros and cons for nominating Hannah vs. nominating Britini. In the end, he chose to put Hannah and Whitney up on the block.  So, who won PoV and did they use it to save Whitney? And who was evicted from The Big Brother House?? Keep reading to find out!

WHITNEY IS TARGETED. With Hannah and Whitney on the block, Christian looked to The Royal Flush (The Kings, The Queens and Derek X.) for help in figuring out who the true target should be. Sarah Beth (and Alyssa, somewhat) was adamant about having Hannah as the main target. However, since Tiffany, Xavier and Kyland, were part of The Cookout (Tiffany, Xavier, Kyland Azah, Big D.) with Hannah, they pushed back on making her the target. Sarah Beth noticed how adamant Xavier, Tiff and Ky were about not targeting Hannah…specifically X. In the end, not only did the team manage to persuade Christian, but Hannah also promised him safety for the following week.  Christian then met with The Kings and told them his true target would be Whitney. Sarah Beth took note of X’s relief that Hannah was not the true target. And she became skeptical about where his true loyalty lies.  Meanwhile, Tiffany began painting a huge bullseye on Whitney’s back (while she planted some seeds on her next target, Sarah Beth). And the only hope Whitney had of staying in the house was the Power of Veto (PoV).

CONFUSION. Following the nomination ceremony, Whitney felt blindsided. She literally had no idea why she was on the block. Having been reassured by The Cookout, and also by Christian, Hannah was confident that she was the pawn. But seeing that this is Big Brother and you should expect the unexpected, she vowed to nominate Christian if she finds out he was lying to her! Meanwhile, Derek X. was clueless that Hannah was headed to the block, so he started to realize he’s  not as “in” with The Royal Flush as he thought he was. Whitney then went on to talk to Xavier about being on the block. She doesn’t understand why she’s the one being targeted, when so many other people in the house said they wanted to nominate someone from The Kings this week. Which is true. Unfortunately, the target was painted on Whitney’s back, and she got the blame for it. However, to save face in front of Xavier, she denied ever saying she’d nominate a member of The Kings, which was a lie, since she told Derek X (who happens to be a part of The Royal Flush with The Kings) that she’d nominate a person from The Kings. Later Whitney went up to the HOH room to hash it out with Christian. She started to cry, because again she was confused as to why she was being targeted when everyone said they would nominate a person from The Kings. Christian wasn’t moved a bit. He showed no signs of sympathy and during his Diary Room (DR) session, he said he was glad she was going home.

MIDDLE SCHOOL DRAMA. Meanwhile back in the Big Brother drama straight from eighth grade… Azah admited in the DR that the only reason she wants Whitney gone is because she has an eighth-grade schoolgirl crush on Xavier. And since Whitney is always all over X, Azah gets super jealous. Azah even went as far as telling Xavier about her crush on him! I’ve got to give it to Azah, if not for nothing, she really is truthful! Again, she is playing this game way too personal. Despite her confession to X, he says he’s flattered, but not looking for a showmance. (Although it makes me wonder would it have been a different story if Alyssa had wanted to showmance X?). A funny moment happened where Azah slipped after attempting to moonwalk, and fell right in front of X. And it wasn’t just a small fall either. It was a totally embarrassing wipeout. So hilarious! X was nice enough to try and catch her and help her up from the floor. There was also some drama going on between Sarah Beth and Tiffany. But SB knows nothing of it because Tiffany has slowly started to taint SB’s reputation. Tiffany realized that SB is a smart cookie and way better at this game then she leads on! So, Tiffany has been painting a target and planting some seeds, albeit a very sneaky and quiet target, on Sarah Beth. She first told Hannah that SB wants her out of the house by convincing The Royal Flush to switch their target from Whitney to her. And then she started some rumor about Sarah Beth being America’s Player (on live feeds). Tiffany does not trust Sarah Beth, as far as she can throw her. And her goal is to get all the HGs to also distrust her.

POWER OF VETO. It’s time for the Veto competition! Joining Christian, Hannah, and Whitney in this week’s PoV competition were Claire (drawn by Christian), Derek X. (picked by Hannah after drawing Houseguest’s Choice) and Azah (drawn by Whitney). For the Power of Veto competition, Bump, Set, Veto, the HGs were required to roll a volleyball along a curved ramp and catch it on the other side before it hit the ground.  Each time the ball went over the net the player would earn one point. If the ball hit the ground, their score would reset to zero. The first person to earn 100 points would be crowned the PoV winner. No one needed the PoV more than Whitney, unfortunately she was awful at this. The only ones that were actually good were Christian, Derek X. and Azah, of all people. I was shocked by how good she was. At one point she was leading! But Azah couldn’t keep up with the pace, she was exhausted…and her ball hit the ground, resetting back to zero. So, it was between Christian and Derek X for final PoV. For some reason Derek X. wanted to win the veto…I don’t know if I would’ve wanted that power, but Christian ended up getting to 100 first, winning the Power of Veto.

DEREK AND HIS BIG MOUTH. Whitney felt like she was going home. But she had some hope that perhaps something in the house would change. Prior to the veto comp, Whitney overheard Derek X. talking about how he and Hannah would be the next team on slop the following week. Whitney called him out in front of everyone, saying “Hey… I  might still be here ***”. She was visibly upset that Derek X. assumed Whitney would be evicted. And Derek X. was mortified. He felt bad, but he also felt like he ruined his game. So, he tried to smooth things over with Whitney. But she vowed to take Derek X. down. Calling herself a “vengeful bitch” in the DR. Despite what the CBS show led you to believe, Whitney did not go talk to Christian right away. She waited a few days. And when she did, it wasn’t because she was upset with Derek X. She pretty much already knew she was going home. But she figured she’d try to plea her case to Christian anyway. She threw Derek X. under the bus and asked Christian why he wasn’t more interested in evicting him over her? Which is a valid argument, as Whitney literally cannot win comps (more on that later)! It was time for the Veto ceremony! And since it was Christian’s noms… Christian decided NOT to use the Power of Veto. And so, it would be Whitney or Hannah who would be heading home on Thursday night. But it looked like Whitney’s days in the Big Brother house were numbered!

NEW ALLIANCES AND DEALS. In the days after the veto ceremony, Hannah was confident she had the numbers to stay, but she was worried people realized how analytical she could be. (Duh, Hannah! You are the first to mention any type of BB stat!). The funny thing is, every HG thinks Hannah is a much better player, than Whitney, and should be the obvious target, however… being in The Cookout has managed to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Tiffany has been growing closer to Hannah (following her little spat with Azah) and they formed a final two deal. Which I am not sure Hannah would keep…as she knows Tiffany would win over her. Sarah Beth and Kyland also formed a Final 2, named the Too Sweet alliance. Sarah Beth doesn’t really trust anyone in the house but Kyland. Unfortunately for SB, he would choose The Cookout over her any day! And she’s going to find out the hard way, as a target is literally being painted on her, without her knowledge!

THE MASTERMIND AT HAND. It was time to reveal Tiffany’s plan. Tiffany is a total mastermind, and her plan is actually similar to Enzo’s Bragade alliance plan. Tiffany approached each player in The Cookout and explained how they would all get to the final six. Each of The Cookout members would have a side alliance with someone who will help them get rid of their target. Kyland has Sarah Beth. Tiffany has Claire. Azah has Britini. Hannah has Derek X. Big D. has, nobody! And Xavier has, Christian/Alyssa. Her plan could work, but will The Cookout see her as a threat, since she is the one masterminding the entire plan?

TROUBLE WITH THE COOKOUT. There are cracks beginning to show in The Cookout alliance. One of the days, Tiffany greeted Kyland, Xavier and Sarah Beth with a good morning, and their response was, in her words, “off putting”. Honestly, I don’t remember seeing any of this in the live feeds. I feel like this part was super edited so production could set the scene up for the big Sarah Beth backstab that Tiffany is cooking up! But that’s for another day. In the meantime, Kyland tried to smooth things over with Tiffany, but came to Sarah Beth’s defense, which annoyed Tiffany even more. And solidified that she wants Sarah Beth out of the house, ASAP!  Later, Azah and Tiffany discussed another plan to ensure a King goes home the following week, but unfortunately, Azah mentions to Tiffany that she doesn’t trust Hannah. And since Azah realizes that Hannah is Tiffany’s new galpal…by default, Azah didn’t think she could fully trust Tiffany anymore. And moving forward wouldn’t be telling her everything. Looks like Tiffany thinks the same about Azah. Uh-oh…

GOODBYE TEAMS, HELLO ENDURANCE COMP! Whitney made one last ditch effort with Alyssa, saying that Hannah would go after Christian and Alyssa. Which is probably true, but at this point it didn’t matter, everyone was voting Whitney out. And with a vote of 10-0, Whitney was voted out of the Big Brother house. Which was the one thing she didn’t want to happen. Whitney thought it’d be so embarrassing to not get a single vote for her to stay. Sorry Whit, you didn’t even get a pity vote. After her one-on-one elimination interview with Whitney, Julie called all the players in the living room to let them know that before the new HOH competition would begin, she had some news for the HGs…. THE TEAM TWIST WAS OFFICIALLY OVER! The HGs were on their own and there were no teammates to keep you safe. This also meant no more Wildcard Competition. Since teams were over, it was a perfect time for an endurance competition. As the outgoing HOH, Christian was not eligible to compete (and he did not look happy about this)! The HOH competition was an oldie but a goodie… the wall competition. In the Whale of a Time, HOH Comp, the goal is to hold on for dear life as the wall tilts, shakes and some type of wet liquid spews all over the players at random. If you fall off the ‘boat’ (wall) you are eliminated. The last HG standing, would be crowned HOH. As Julie signed off, she told the HGs that they were looking good, but the forecast was calling for rain…and it started pouring water down on them. Up until that point, all the HGs looked pretty comfortable on the wall, well everyone but Big D. I think his plan was to go down as soon as the show signed off! The HOH comp was on the way…with results on Sunday’s show.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. Here’s the thing… people were so scared that Whitney was coming after them, but in order to ‘come after’ someone, you have to win a competition. And there was no way in the world Whitney would’ve won anything. I mean she played in, what, seven comps and never won. She didn’t even come close to winning. The only comp she won was the first comp that made her the captain, and I honestly thought that was a fluke. SO, Christian messed up. Because, like Whitney told Alyssa, Hannah would definitely come after them, and she COULD win a comp! But now it looks like the new HOH might be setting up a backdoor plan to get rid of Christian. However, the ‘pawn’ messed up and felt too safe. So the backdoor plan might not come to fruition. Leaving the HOH, in hot water.

Who won HOH? And will their backdoor plan be set in motion? Tune in next time to find out!

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