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Big Brother 23 – Day 53: Pour one out for Derek X

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 53. Sarah won the Head of Household (HOH) competition, Dash to Dinner, where one at a time, the players had to step up on a balance beam and make their way to the end of a course. Sarah Beth, with a time of 21.03 beat Derek X.’s time of 21.04 by a fraction of a second. And Derek X. had no idea how crucial winning that HOH truly was. Looking to protect The Cookout, Kyland Svengalied Sarah Beth into basically nominating who he wanted to. With his biggest target being Derek X. because supposedly he is The Cookout’s biggest threat. But really, Kyland fears Derek X. and he’s HIS biggest target. Sarah Beth initially put up two pawns, Big D and Claire. And hoped that one of them would win veto or get taken off the block so she could nominate her Kyland’s target, Derek X. The High Rollers Room reopened, and Derek X. chose not to compete (big mistake!). And being the only one to play Chopping Block Roulette, Alyssa won the veto. She used her Power of Veto (veto, POV) to save Big D. But the Chopping Block Roulette also meant she had to spin the roulette wheel to see who Big D’s replacement nominee would be. With a spin of the wheel, Xavier was chosen, leaving Alyssa devasted that her one true ally was now on the block because of her! After Derek X. had a chat with Sarah Beth about her plans… he realized he might be backdoored and maybe was the target! When Derek X. wasn’t chosen to play in veto, it finally dawned on him how vulnerable and not safe he really was, and that he should’ve played Chopping Block Roulette. (DUH!)  Xavier won the Golden Power of veto, but winning came with three punishments: BB Bankruptcy, Strategy Shutdown, and Third Nominee at the next HOH. Xavier used the veto to save himself and even though Derek X. tried to persuade her not to… SB stuck to her backdoor plan and nominated him on the block. The Cookout was divided on who should be the target… Kyland, Xavier and Big D. wanted Derek X gone, but Azah, Hannah and Tiffany wanted him to stay.  Will it be Derek X. or Claire who gets sent to jury? And who will become the next HOH? Keep reading to find out.

NO RISK. NO REWARD. The summer theme never rung so true… as Julie mentioned on the live show Thursday night. Because Derek X.’s failure to not play in the Chopping Block Roulette most likely would see him going home. And everyone in the house seemed pretty okay with him going home. Except for Tiffany. Who thought that Derek X. would benefit her game more than Claire staying in the house. (And they’re supposed to be tight!). Tiffany contemplated flipping the vote. #ButFirst she brought her idea of keeping Derek X. to both Azah and Hannah. Which you would think Hannah would be on board with, but for some reason she went and blabbed all of this to Xavier. Who does not want to keep Derek X. in the house. (I don’t get Hannah. I honestly think she has no emotions). Xavier, in the Diary Room (DR), said that now he had some work to do to change Tiffany and Azah’s mind. Xavier went to talk to Azah first and talked to her while cradling her in his arms. You know this is going to work as Azah still has her middle school girl crush on him. And it did work. She’s decided to vote out Derek X. But, Xavier knew that changing Tiffany’s mind wouldn’t be as easy. And so, he and Kyland tag teamed against Tiffany. They both came at her in the kitchen, and she got irked. Especially with Kyland. Because he was being Kyland and gave her his word salad nonsensical speech. She was so annoyed with the hypocrisy of the whole ‘speech’. She told Kyland she wouldn’t be bullied by him about her personal relationships (with Derek X.) while he continued to have a personal relationship with SB. Xavier could tell Tiffany was getting heated and that Kyland was acting like an ass…so he told Kyland to leave. And Kyland left! Hahaha. And Xavier talked to Tiffany in a more civilized manner. (he’s really good at that). Tiffany was so over the entire conversation, so she told Xavier what he wanted to hear… but then told DR that this wasn’t over. Tiffany then went to talk to Azah (which is pretty much useless) and told her she was tired of the guys in The Cookout, and that the guys would beat them, because the women are letting them run the game. She told Azah that she wants the Final Three to be herself, Azah and Hannah. Because she’s afraid the guys will take credit for the entire Cookout alliance and the master plan, that she created. (They will).

WHILE XAVIER’S AWAY….TIFFANY WILL PLAY SCHEME. The houseguest (HGs) gathered around the living room to say goodbye to Xavier as he was going to be locked away in the Have Not room for 24 hours since he got the 24-hour Strategy Shutdown punishment during the veto comp. With Xavier out of the picture for the next 24 hours, Tiffany hoped she could flip the vote to keep Derek X. in the house.  Her big plan was to get sympathy votes from Azah, Kyland and Hannah… which Kyland and Hannah already promised Derek X., but Tiffany told Derek X. he’d have to work on Azah. And if he could get a sympathy vote from those three, plus her vote, that’s all he’d need to stay in the game. Tiffany also did a bit of camera talk in which she said she was determined to flip the vote this week. That she really wants Derek X. to stay. (sure whatever, Tiffany… see HOT TAKES). Derek X. then went to talk to Azah, and he pitched that if he did stay in the house, it wouldn’t be for much longer, he just wanted to take out more targets. He tells Azah that he wanted to stay to protect her and Tiffany and Hannah. He started to cry, which really pulled at Azah’s heartstrings (he should’ve done more of this, since it worked with Britini and Azah gave her a sympathy vote, and almost her game!).  And in DR, Azah said that if Derek X. stayed, this could be a game changer for her.

LIVE VOTE AND HOH. It was now time for the live voting to begin. One by one, the HGs made their way to the Diary Room to evict either Claire or Derek X. And with a vote of 5-2, Derek X. was evicted from the BB Beach Club. Hannah and Kyland were the two votes to keep Derek X in the house.  And of course, Tiffany DID NOT vote for Derek X. to stay. Had she given him her vote, they literally needed to just get Azah to change her vote. (Honestly, I think that Tiffany is banking on the ‘buy back’ and thinks that Derek X. will come back in the house. Huge gamble, Tiffany. HUGE!). Once Derek X. left and had his one-on-one with Julie Chen Moonves, the HGs headed to the backyard to play the HOH competition called BB NFT’s. As the outgoing HOH, Sarah Beth was not eligible to play. In the HOH competition, each HG was tasked to memorize clips displayed on the memory wall throughout the week. In the actual competition Julie asked True or False questions regarding the NFTS they had seen throughout the week. If a player got a wrong answer, they would be eliminated from the competition. The last person standing would be this week’s HOH. In Round One: Xavier, Azah and Claire were eliminated. (Seriously, Azah is useless in this game). In Round Two: Kyland and Big D. were eliminated. In Round 3 nobody was eliminated and in Round 4, Alyssa and Hannah were eliminated, making Tiffany the new HOH! On their way back into the house, each player grabbed an envelope that contained a random amount of ‘BB Bucks’ inside it.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. In Big Brother you have to play day by day and not two weeks in advanced because you never know what can happen in the house. As they say…”Expect the unexpected!” So, Derek X. made a big mistake by looking ahead and wanting to play the Coin of Destiny. He should’ve played the Chopping Block Roulette because you never know if you’ll be in the house long enough to play the week ahead. Also, knowing that America was giving you 100 ‘BB Bucks’ each time should’ve been an indicator that they wanted him to play! I’m hoping there’s a buy back and that he can get back in the house. But word on the street is there’s a triple eviction, which wouldn’t allow for a “buy back”. Derek X was his own worst enemy. Too trusting of others. And I’m sad to see him go. As for Tiffany flipping the vote for him to stay…. She ALWAYS says she’s going to flip the vote. She said this during Christian’s week. She said it last week. She always comes up with this plan and gets me all excited and then she votes with the froppin’ house! When I was watching live feeds during her camera talk, I didn’t even bother to believe her. Because I knew this was Tiffany just being Tiffany. She’s all talk. At this point, I don’t care what she says or does. I’m over her!

Although Tiffany is the new HOH this week, her reign could be overthrown by the High Roller’s Game, Coin of Destiny. Which is basically a ‘Coup d ’tat’ power. Who will Tiffany nominate? And will her nominations stay the same or will someone else take control? Find out later this week!

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