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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 47. The Cookout alliance was in full charge of the BB Beach Club. As the outgoing Head of Household (HOH) Derek X. was not eligible to play the HOH competition. During the head-to-head competition, Name that Croon, Kyland won HOH, much to the chagrin of some of his Cookout alliance, specifically Tiffany and Azah. As both wanted Kyland to throw the comp to them. Kyland did attempt to throw the competition to Tiffany, but she got the answer wrong, automatically making Kyland the HOH (although, if he really wanted to throw it, he could’ve answered it incorrectly, and Tiffany would’ve automatically been the winner). Since Kyland wanted to keep The Cookout members and his closest non-Cookout allies Sarah Beth and Derek X. safe, he had limited nominee options. Big D. volunteered to be a pawn to keep Azah and Britini safe from being nominated. When Claire mentioned to Kyland that she wanted Big D., Azah or Xavier nominated on the block, she inadvertently made herself Kyland’s number one target. A new twist in the game was also introduced. The High Roller’s Room was open in the BB Beach Club. American awarded Houseguests (HGs) either 50, 75 or 100 ‘BB Bucks’ to play in the Gamble for Greatness games and attempt to win powers. The HGs could either play the game they could afford or save their ‘BB Bucks’ and play the next week. The first game, Veto Derby, cost 50 ‘BB Bucks’ and everyone was eligible to play, since each player had at least 50 ‘BB Bucks’. In this game, the player had to slide three oversized ‘mint juleps’ down a shuffleboard lane to earn points. Points were awarded by where the ‘mint julep’ landed. If it fell on the ground, there’d be no points awarded. Sarah Beth, Azah, Alyssa and Kyland were all awarded 50 ‘BB Bucks’, Xavier, Tiffany and Hannah were awarded 75 ‘BB Bucks’ and Britini, Big D. and Derek X. were awarded 100 ‘BB Bucks’. Sarah Beth, Kyland, Big D., and Claire all opted to play Veto Derby. Both SB and Claire earned 4 points. Big D. earned 5 points and Tiffany earned no points, as all her ‘mint juleps’ fell on the ground. Kyland was the big winner with a total of 9 points. So, once the players are picked for the POV competition, they place their bets on the winners of the veto comp. The one that picks the winner of the veto comp, wins the second Golden Power of Veto. Will a second veto be unleashed in the game? And who will win the first Golden Power of veto? And will they use it to save the current nominees on the block? Finally, who was eliminated from the BB Beach Club? Keep reading and find out!

BUT FIRST. Kyland was worried that this new Veto Derby twist could put a kink in his plans. Which no one was sure what he was planning on doing in the first place (even Kyland).  Meanwhile, Big D. was acting as if he was Kyland’s target to give Kyland some time to figure out his true target. Britini on the other hand felt completely safe because she made that deal with Kyland that she wouldn’t go up on the block this week (this was really edited by the CBS show. See previous recap for how their one-on-one really went down).  Big D. talked to Kyland and asked him why he even played the Veto Derby? Kyland’s reasoning was to ensure the power was eliminated when someone in The Cookout was HOH. Kyland shared in the Diary Room (DR) that his target was Claire, but with Alyssa or Britini as backup. He did not share any of this information with Big D. which was making Big D. paranoid, since he was on the block.  Big D. was talking to Azah and Britini and pretending to be mad at Kyland, and sad that he was on the block. Azah and Britini had no idea he was a pawn. He told them not to use the veto if they won it, because he was afraid another Joker would go on the block as a replacement nom.  Azah was so upset with Kyland and declared that she had zero trust in him. But Britini was optimistic that they’d all get pick to play in this week’s veto competition. Meanwhile… Tiffany had a conversation with Kyland up in the HOH room. She was trying to figure out a way to get Claire off the block. Kyland informed Tiffany that Claire’s targets were Xavier, Big D. and Azah. Three people from The Cookout! Tiffany swore that she could get Claire to not target any members of The Cookout. Tiffany seemed to get into Kyland’s ear and he considered replacing Claire with Britini if the power of veto was used.

PLACE YOUR BETS. On Day 38, players were chosen for the Veto Competition. Along with Kyland, Claire and Big D., Alyssa (drawn by Kyland), Azah (drawn by Claire) and Britini (Houseguest’s Choice drawn by Big D) were the HGs playing in the veto competition. Poor Derek X. wasn’t chosen to play, and he was bummed, as they announced that this week’s Veto Comp was none other than the infamous OTEV! It was also time for the Veto Derby players to place their bets on the players of the Veto Comp.  Since Kyland had the most points, he placed the bet first, and chose Alyssa as the winner of the Veto Comp. Big D. was next, who placed his bet on Britini. Claire placed her bet on Kyland and Sarah Beth placed her bet on Azah. HUH? Why would SB choose Azah over Claire? Weird. The Jokers were excited because this was the best-case scenario for them. Since Derek placed his Veto Derby bet on Britini, they hoped that she could win the OTEV comp, and then he’d win the second POV for the Veto Derby bet, which would ensure all The Jokers safety for the week. But here’s the thing…this meant, Britini had to win it all.

OTEV THE JACKED JELLYFISH. It’s time for the veto competition!! This year, OTEV was a jacked jellyfish who sounded a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The OTEV veto comp is a lot like musical chairs, where the last person to get to the ‘chair’ is out. However, in OTEV, the HGs are given a clue and they have to slide down this slippery, water slide, and search the entire backyard for hidden clues, and once they find the clue, the must bring it back to OTEV by climbing up the watery, slippery slide using ropes and their strength. The last player to bring back the correct jelly is eliminated. This definitely looked to be pretty daunting for Big D. and no surprise, he was the first one to be eliminated, as he was the last one to reach OTEV in time. In the next round Azah found the correct jelly right away, but she wanted to ensure that Britini won (so Big D. could win the second veto) and she took her time getting to the top of OTEV.  However, Britini was having trouble finding a jelly with the correct answer, so Azah just threw her jelly to Britini. And she did not even try to hide the fact that she was throwing it to Britini. Everyone noticed and Tiffany was SO over Azah’s protection of Britini. So Britini made it to the top of OTEV and Azah was eliminated.  Unfortunately, Britini was out the next round, as she couldn’t find the jelly quick enough again (and there was no Azah left to throw it to her). Claire was next to be eliminated. And Kyland threw it to Alyssa, so he could win the second Power of Veto. Which Claire was fuming about, because had Kyland won, she would’ve won the second POV.  So, in the end, Alyssa won the Golden Power of Veto, and Kyland won the second Golden Power of Veto since he placed his bet on Alyssa during the Veto Derby. Kyland wanted the second Golden Power of Veto because he wanted to save Claire from the block hoping to build back trust with her.

REPLACEMENT NOMINEE. As Kyland was trying to figure out who to replace Claire with, he asked Sarah Beth for her opinion. She said if Big D. was still on the block, she’d send him home. But Kyland asked, what if Big D. wasn’t on the block, who would your target be? And SB answered Britini. Kyland had his target. But he wanted to warn Big D. that Britini would be going on the block. Big D. kept his calm but was dying inside. He hated this plan and tried to convince Kyland to target Derek X. instead. Prior to the veto meeting, Kyland told Sarah Beth that he was going to hint to Britini that she was going to be the replacement nom. Because yeah that’s always a good idea. And SB volunteered to break the news to Britini. She figured this would somehow help her with Britini’s vote in jury. (Umm…whatever!). Minutes before the veto meeting, SB went outside to give Britini the news, who not surprisingly, didn’t take it too well. Britini ran into the house in search of Kyland, but she couldn’t find him. Finally, when she did find Kyland, she asked him if it was true she was going to be the replacement nom. And Kyland gave his infamous word salad answer. Something about moving variables that are not predictable (my eyes were rolling to the back of my head with this convo). And Britini did what she does best…she broke down in tears, in the arms of Big D. and Azah. In the DR Britini called Kyland an “arrogant little bitch” and vowed to make hell break loose if she was indeed nominated and evicted. The Wednesday episode ended without the veto nomination being shown.

THE REPLACEMENT NOMINEE. Kyland and Alyssa had both won golden powers of veto and were considering whether to use them to remove Claire and/or Big D. from the block. And after Kyland asked Sarah Beth to give Britini a heads-up that she might be going on the block, it seemed likely that this possibility was more of a reality. At the veto meeting, Kyland used his POV on Claire. Which he totally wanted to redeem himself for putting her up in the first place. He replaced her with Britini. And abiding by Kyland’s wishes, Alyssa chose not to use her POV. So Big D. or Britini would be going home. In the DR Big D. mentioned that he now regretted volunteering as a pawn since he was on the block with Britini. And Claire said in her DR that she isn’t feeling thankful to Kyland at all, because he shouldn’t have put her on the block in the first place, and he left her dangling all week.

FROM PAWN TO TARGET. It’s no surprise that Britini didn’t take being put up on the block very well. Britini was bawling and breaking down… again.  While Big D and Azah tried comforting her. Britini claimed that the house was obsessed with her, and she didn’t understand why she was constantly being put on the block as a pawn. She said everyone was picking on her, since she’d been on the block four times out of the six weeks. (She’s saying all this to the person who’s on the block with her).  And she mentioned being a pawn. (Does she not realize, she’s not a pawn anymore?) Azah was heartbroken, of course. And Big D. was trying to get Britini to “put on a brave face” before they walked out of the room. Meanwhile Claire and Tiffany were chatting, and Tiffany lied and said she doesn’t have a relationship with Big D. Which she kind of doesn’t, but there’s no way he would stay over Britini because of The Cookout. Tiffany and Claire talked about how everyone would want to take Big D to the end because he’s a floater who would be easy to beat. Claire said she wanted to evict Big D, but Tiffany said they need to take out Britini first (If I were Claire, I’d start seeing the red flags right about now!). Meanwhile, Derek X. and Hannah also discussed flipping the vote and getting Big D. out instead of Britini. They both felt that Britini was beneficial in their game, unfortunately, Hannah is in The Cookout, so there was no way she’d choose Britini over Big D… because Hannah wasn’t willing to turn on The Cookout just yet. Derek X. then brought his idea of flipping the vote to Tiffany and Claire. He told them that Britini would be loyal to them if they decided to keep her. And she could be a shield for them, since she did win comps, whereas Big D. couldn’t since he can’t win anything. Claire was totally down for this. She was ready to flip and send Big D. home.

THE COOKOUT IS ALMOST EXPOSED. After meeting with Claire and Derek X. Tiffany realized that as much as she loves and values them both, Derek X.  and Claire would have to go home sooner rather than later, since they keep targeting members of The Cookout alliance. Seriously?? This is what Kyland was trying to tell her earlier when Claire was on the block. But Tiffany wouldn’t hear it! But now she wants to target Claire? UGH! Tiffany told Xavier that Claire and Derek X. want to flip the votes and send Big D. home. But since The Cookout remains her top priority, that they need to get rid of Claire and Derek X. soon because they are both smart enough to figure out The Cookout existence. At one point, Derek X. commented to Tiffany that were no white males that made it to jury. So, Tiffany knows Derek X. can figure stuff out. Both Tiffany and Xavier know how crucial it is to win the next HOH, and Xavier told Tiffany he plans on winning it. Xavier mentioned that in jury, the HGs would be like “Y’all notice there are only Black people in the house?” Later, up in the HOH room, Kyland and Xavier were discussing how they needed to make Derek X. comfortable enough to throw the next HOH. And how dangerous it would be if he won because they’d both end up on the block together. They brought in Derek X. and let him know how vulnerable they all are and should watch out over one another, since they are the serious threats in the house. And Derek X. seemed to be eating it up. In the DR, Derek X. mentioned that he, Kyland and Xavier must keep each other safe because they were shields for one another.  Later on, Xavier talked to Derek X. and charmed Derek X. to the point of saying that he would throw the next HOH to Xavier. Or at least Xavier thought he charmed Derek X. However, when Derek X. and Claire got some alone time, they concluded that if Xavier won HOH, he’d backdoor Derek X. Both seemed to be onto Xavier’s game plan. Xavier confirmed in the DR that if Derek X. threw the HOH to him, Derek X. would be sealing his fate in the game.

LIVE VOTE AND EVICTION. Finally, it’s time for the live vote and eviction. Britini once again gave a rap as her plea speech. But this time it was brief. If not for nothing, Britini does have some talent. She asked the HGs to consider what was best for their games. And opposite of showboating Britini… Big D. thanked God and his mother and gave a bunch of shoutouts in his speech. He finally made his case by saying that if he stays, they will continue to have a cook and someone to clean for them. Because seriously, that’s all he does in the house. The HGs, one by one, went to the DR to cast their votes. By a vote of 7 to 1, Britini was evicted from the Big Brother house. Without releasing any type of hell (Delusional Britini is very good at talking the talk, but not actually going through with it). Azah was the only vote to keep Britini. As Britini exited, Azah broke into tears and Kyland hugged Big D. with a passion…and gave him a big ol’ kiss on the lips. Yes Kyland, kissing Big D. will make him forget you put him on the block in the first place and that you ultimately sent home his teammate. Looks like Kyland will do almost anything to ensure he is safe! Haha… Britini walked out the door in good spirits and had a brief one-on-on with Julie Chen Moonves. Who couldn’t reveal much, since Britini is the first member of the jury. (see HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS).

HOH COMPETITION. It was time for the live HOH Competition! As the outgoing Head of Household, Kyland was not eligible to compete in the new HOH competition, Dash to Dinner. In the competition, one at a time, the players had to step up on a balance beam and make their way to the end of a balance beam course, through several balance beams, that were all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some balance beams were wider than others, and some were shorter. The path that the HGs took to get to the end was crucial as they were all timed. The HG with the fastest time would be the new HOH. (This was totally geared for someone smaller and nimbler… meaning, Big Brother did not want to see Xavier win! Haha). The order of the competition was based on random draw and Claire was first while the rest of the HGs had to wait behind a hedge wall. Claire finished in 34.97 seconds…which seemed rather slow. Alyssa was next and zoomed through the course! Unfortunately, she rushed to the end and fell right before she hit the buzzer, which eliminated her. The fall was pretty bad, and you could tell Alyssa was super bummed she fell. Her time would’ve been 27.06. Claire remained in the lead. Big D. surprisingly went through the course at a fast pace, but not fast enough to reach Claire’s time, so he was eliminated. Sarah Beth went through the course, as if she wasn’t even walking on a beam! She clocked in at 21.03, beating Claire’s time and taking the lead. There was a tiny beam, and Azah was the first to attempt it and made it, but it took longer to use the tiny beam. She probably should’ve just taken the normal route, as it looked like she would’ve finished faster. In the end she did not beat Sarah Beth’s time.  Hannah wasn’t even close to beating SB. Tiffany also attempted the tiny beam and failed. She did make it to the end, but she was too slow. Derek X. also attempted the tiny beam (huuuuge mistake!) but fell off and had to start again. Had he used the traditional route, he probably would’ve won because he zoomed through the route and clocked in at 21.04. Xavier was last to go and he went too fast and fell off, and his time didn’t beat Sarah Beth. SB was the new Head of Household!! Which Kyland looked really happy about, but not Tiffany! Pretty sure she was fuming inside, since SB was the last person she wanted to win HOH!

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. Although it would seem that Tiffany and Hannah should be shaking in their boots because Sarah Beth won HOH, you can pretty much guess that this will be Kyland’s HOH by proxy. Even though Sarah Beth started off strong in the game, she has pretty much given her game to Kyland. BUT, silver lining that SB won because now Tiffany can see that SB’s girlfriend is real. Tiffany had been spreading rumors (on live feeds) that Sarah Beth didn’t have a real girlfriend and she wasn’t even bi.  I was a huge fan of Tiffany’s but seeing how obsessed she’s become with SB leaving the house, and the fact that the only way she is winning any comps is if they throw them to her, that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Now anytime Tiffany talks to the camera on live feeds, I find myself rolling my eyes! Another thing that made me roll my eyes was Britini’s eviction interview with Julie Chen Moonves. What a joke! Britini literally said that when she was crying, it was fake. That they were crocodile tears! Girl, please! Those were not crocodile tears, she was in full blown meltdown. Even Julie Chen Moonves didn’t believe her and called her out on it. Britini is Capital D Delusional!

Who will Sarah Beth nominate on the block? And how will the High Rollers Game  Chopping Block Roulette play out? And will it affect SB’s nominees? Come back at the end of this week to find out!

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