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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…. Day 38.  As outgoing Head of Household (HOH), Christian was unable to compete in the endurance competition, Whale of a Time, and after 1 hour and 23 minutes on the wall, Derek X. was the last one standing, making him the new HOH. During the competition, Derek X. promised Alyssa and Xavier (X) safety. After the competition, Xavier tried to change the deal for all The Kings (Alyssa, Christian, Sarah Beth (SB), X), but Derek X. didn’t feel comfortable with that…because he had other plans in mind. Although he was in The Royal Flush alliance with The Kings and The Queens, Derek X. was considering taking a shot at Christian. However, since Christian was such a comp beast, Derek X. knew he had to backdoor him. And he needed pawns to do so. After asking all The Jokers (Azah, Derek F (Big D.), Britini) if they’d go up as pawns, they all quickly shot him down. Meanwhile, Hannah pushed hard to get SB nominated on the block. She figured if the Christian backdoor plan backfired, SB would go home and that would be more beneficial to Hannah’s game. At the nomination ceremony, Derek X. put up Britini (again) and Sarah Beth on the block up for nomination. Going as far as saying that if he can’t backdoor Christian, someone from The Kings is getting dethroned. Will the Power of Veto (veto/PoV) save one of the nominees? And can Derek X. successfully backdoor Christian? Plus, who will be the fifth person evicted from the Big Brother house? Keep reading to find out!

THE BACKDOOR PLAN IS IN EFFECT. Following the nomination ceremony, Derek X.  confirmed in the Diary Room (DR) that SB and Britini were indeed pawns, and his main target was Christian. #ButFirst, Derek X. had to make sure that Christian did not play in the veto competition. Sarah Beth ran straight into Kyland’s arms to cry and complain that she didn’t want to be on the block during her birthday. Britini ran straight to her room and cried. No, she bawled. Again. (Britini better get used to this because I predict she’s going to see that block a few more times). Later, SB decided to talk to Derek X. and see why he nominated her. But, she wanted to intimidate him, and make him feel uncomfortable, so she just sat in silence, staring at him like she was cuckoo bananas! Eventually, Derek X. broke the uncomfortable silence and told Sarah Beth that she wasn’t his target and that he wanted to backdoor Christian. Which shocked SB, but at that point she didn’t care, as long as she wasn’t the target. Derek X. then met with the rest of The Kings and swore that SB wasn’t the target. He told them that his true target was Britini. Which was a lie since he was targeting Christian! And this was the reason why he didn’t want to put up two members from The Jokers. Now if you ask me, his reasoning made no sense! BUT, The Kings seemed to buy it, or at least they pretended to ‘buy it’…again, as long as they were safe, they didn’t care. Alyssa and Claire both told SB that if they were to play in the Veto comp, they would take her down (which at this point, Alyssa had no idea Christian was the backdoor plan). Players were selected for the veto competition. Along with Derek X., Britini and Sarah Beth, Alyssa (drawn by Derek), Claire (drawn by Sarah Beth) and Kyland (drawn by Britini) were also playing in this week’s veto competition. Christian was not picked for the veto, Derek X. told DR that things were going as planned, backdooring Christian was in effect. And it looked good for SB… there were four of the six players who promised to use the veto on her if she didn’t win it herself. But she still lay in bed, and sang a creepy song to the tune of  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”… “Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream, win the veto, earn your safety and betray your team”. Cue the creepy music (and evil laugh)!

THE POWER OF VETO COMPETITION. It’s time for the veto competition! The backyard goes back in time to the 80’s and is a throwback to the 80’s workout gym. The players are also dressed up a la Jane Fonda workouts.  In the veto competition, Kingdom of Curl-a-Lot, the players hopped on to the workout equipment designed to make them ‘royally ripped’. Their goal was to do as many reps as possible in the allotted time. When time was up, the person with the fewest reps would be eliminated. Once eliminated, the player chose a prize from the Kingdom of Curl-a-lot lockers. However, the person eliminated after, had the option of keeping their prize or trading it in for the one prior. And the last player standing could choose any of the prizes, including the Golden Power of Veto! Claire, not really needing or wanting the power, got eliminated first, and her prize was the Golden power of veto! Sarah Beth was next to lose. Her 5th place locker contained $5,000, which she kept, since Britini hadn’t lost yet, she knew she would take it from her, so why even bother? This upset Alyssa and confused the other players. Alyssa wasn’t working her booty off (literally) for SB to keep $5,000. This also gave Tiffany some ammunition (see my Hot Takes). Meanwhile, Big D. was ogling over at Kyland as he thrust his hips back and forth, glistening from the sweat. Unfortunately, Kyland was eliminated next, and he ‘won’ the unitard punishment. Which he handed to Claire and took the Golden Power of Veto from her. The next to be eliminated was Derek X. He ‘won’ a jackass costume but went for the $5k from Sarah Beth. She immediately started crying and begged him not to take the money from her. (UGH! This act alone made me want to vote her out, immediately).  Derek X. felt bad and let SB keep the money and took the Veto, giving Kyland the jackass uniform. So dumb! In the live feeds Derek X. cried about this move. He felt stupid for not taking the money. The final round saw Britini and Alyssa fighting for the golden power of veto. And it was glorious! Britini’s madness was so meme worthy. I’m pretty sure there are now memes and gifs made of her hilarious moves. In the end, Britini won the round. Alyssa won a smartphone and laptop which would allow her to communicate with loved ones back home. Naturally she kept her prize. Britini’s winning locker contained “The Lord of the Latrine” ‘prize’. Which she quickly traded for Derek X.’s Golden Power of Veto, making him “The Lord of the Latrine”.  Britini was crowned the winner of The Power of Veto.

THE LORD OF THE LATRINE. Since Britini traded the Golden Power of Veto with Derek X. he had to wear this renaissance looking Lord of the Latrine costume.  Which meant he had to unlock the main bathroom door with the only key, since it would be locked for the next 24 hours. And had to announce each person who entered the latrine and what business they were doing. It was pretty funny! But not for Derek X. who had to do this anytime someone has to use the restroom. And there are still plenty of people in the house, so he had to do this often. Even in the middle of the night… because apparently these people have small bladders.

BACKDOOR BLINDSIDE BUSTED. For some reason, Derek X. felt that warning Alyssa about Christian’s backdoor plan was a good idea and would also save his relationship with Alyssa since she’d still be in the house with Derek X. This made absolutely no sense whatsoever! Also, I wanted to see Christian’s face when he was blindsided as a replacement nom.  But alas, Derek X. with his big mouth told Alyssa that Christian was the backdoor plan. And she quickly warned Christian. Backdoor Blindside was a bust! Alyssa tried to smooth things over and change Derek X.’s mind, but at that point, Derek X. already had the backdoor plan in motion. Derek X. got confronted by The Kings, where they told him that backdooring Christian was a bad idea. But since Sarah Beth was in the room and didn’t want to admit that the only way she’d be safe was to be on the block with Christian, so she told Derek X. to do what’s best for his game. Derek X. then asked if he could talk to Sarah Beth alone and she told him that since they already got the heads-up, that The Kings would definitely go after him, so he might as well put Christian up as planned. It’s time for the veto ceremony. But with one last ditch effort, Christian pulled Derek X. into the storage room and pretty much threatened Derek X. from putting him up on the block. He suggested that Derek X. put up Big D. and for a hot second Derek X. contemplated not going through with the plan (or so the CBS show would like you to believe. Because in the live feeds, Derek X. was backdooring Christian no matter what). Britini removed herself from the block and Derek X. nominated Christian for eviction.

CHRISTIAN ISN’T GIVING UP. Christian still thought he could swing the votes in favor for him staying. So, he got to work. (I have to give it to Christian, he didn’t sit back and give up… he played hard! He didn’t quit.) Meanwhile, SB was thrilled sitting besides Christian, so she decided the best thing to do was lie low. Yeah SB, that’s what you do. SIGH. Despite all that went down, Derek X. still had to escort the HGs to the restroom, including Christian. Which Christian took the opportunity to tell Derek X. that SB was orchestrating the whole backdoor nomination. SB was always at the bottom of The Kings totem pole, and she knew it. X then joined in on the conversation…but Derek X. still had to announce that Christian was using the porcelain throne. SO FUNNY! Meanwhile, Claire received her punishment costume and had to play 52 card pickup whenever the King (Big Brother voice) announced (which they never showed her doing this), and Kyland had to wear the Jackass of Clubs costume and make club sandwiches for the HGs when the King announced. This was funny as it took Kyland almost two hours to make club sandwiches for everyone. They only showed him doing the punishment once and never showed the other times.

TIFFANY, THE COOKOUT AND THE MELTDOWN. Tiffany had a chat with Christian and told him how much she loved him and didn’t want him to go home. And she used this time to throw more shade on Sarah Beth. But Christian told Tiffany that he wasn’t even worried about anyone else, except for Tiffany and Claire. Because he thought that Tiffany gave him a goodbye hug at the nomination ceremony. Like she knew he was leaving the house. Then Tiffany told Christian that she had to vote with the house but wasn’t sure where everyone stood. Lies! She knew darn well that everyone was voting Christian out.  Christian told Tiffany that he had Azah, Big D, Britini and Alyssa’s votes. So, Tiffany and Claire’s votes would mean he’d stay in the house. In the DR, Tiffany said that she knew Christian needed more than just her vote. And that Britini and Big D. were just lying to Christian. Which upset Tiffany…so she threatened Britini, Azah and Big D. that if they don’t tell Christian they aren’t voting to keep him, she would. And she stormed out of the room. Dun dun dunnnnn.

FLIPS AND FLOPS. Big D. had it with Tiffany. He was visibly upset that she came in and threatened them the way she did. Big D. then told Azah he was done with all alliances, especially The Cookout. And that he was out! But Azah told him to keep it together. That he couldn’t leave The Cookout. In the DR. Big D said that no one tells him what to do, except for God and his mother. And that Tiffany was neither of those! Meanwhile, Tiffany did as she threatened to do, and told Christian that none of The Jokers were voting to keep him. But he didn’t believe it. At that point, Tiffany threw everyone under the bus. Tiffany realized that keeping Christian was more beneficial to her game and planned on finding a way to flip the votes. She first pulled in Xavier, since she knew he didn’t really want Christian gone. Xavier figured that if The Cookout could stay intact, that any of them sitting next to Christian, would have the votes to send him out the door. With Xavier and Alyssa on board with keeping Christian, Tiffany went to work in flipping the house. Tiffany talked to Claire, and she said she would flip (but in live feeds during camera talk, Claire knew that taking out Christian was a better idea but didn’t want to tell Tiffany). Next, they wanted to talk to Britini. Which was really a moot point.. because Britini was voting out Christian. She had already promised Derek X. she would (seen in live feeds). However, Tiffany was hellbent on flipping the house, so she asked Christian to get Britini so they could talk. And since Christian isn’t very smart, he walked into the room where Britini Azah and Big D were and told Britini that Tiffany wanted to talk to him. You know, instead of telling Britini to help him with something, so that Azah and Big D. wouldn’t know what was going on. Big D and Azah decided to accompany Britini because they were tired of Tiffany trying to manipulate Britini. They all walked into the HOH room, and Big D. told Tiffany that he didn’t want to let Britini talk to her alone, so Tiffany says she’d wait to talk to Britini. Big D. got SO upset and both Azah and Big D. stormed out (leaving Britini in the room alone with Tiffany and Claire. Ha). Tiffany was so upset that Big D. and Azah were not bowing to her every wish, that she went to Xavier and Hannah to vent what had happened and she was super upset. When Tiffany left, Hannah told X that they had one mission, to keep The Cookout intact for ‘the cause’…but it looks like they’re starting to burn!

THE EVICTED HOUSEGUEST IS… And yet, after all the flip-flop talk going on, Christian was evicted from the Big Brother house with a vote of 7-2. And the two votes being Alyssa and Xavier! After all that drama that Tiffany caused during the week, SHE DIDN’T EVEN VOTE FOR CHRISTIAN to stay!! Oh my goodness. Before leaving the house, Christian passionately kissed Alyssa goodbye. And the HGs erupted in ‘oooos and ahhhhs’. Alyssa looked slightly embarrassed, but also like this was the beginning of the end for her. After talking to Christian for a bit, Julie Chen Moonves revealed the next big twist of the summer to the Houseguests. She told the HGs that they all made jury that starting next week there’s a new twist! A new room would be opening up at the BB Beach Club called the High Roller’s Room. Inside this room are three unique BB casino games and three game-changing powers. One where they could themselves off the block. Another could earn a second Veto. And finally, one could flip the power in their favor.  She told the HGs that America would vote each week to give players casino bucks which they could then use to play the games. The better the prize, the more expensive it would be to play. The episode ended with no HOH.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. I would’ve loved to have seen Alyssa win The Power of Veto and then take down Sarah Beth and Derek X. nominate Christian on the block. Imagine how stupid Alyssa would’ve felt? But since these people have big mouths, it was better she didn’t win, because there’s no way she would’ve used it had she gotten word that Christian was the replacement nom. So, I guess it worked out. And SB not taking the money just made her more of a target. More ammunition for Tiffany to use. And boy did Christian and Alyssa soak it up. They were livid that SB took the money. It’s like they couldn’t understand that if SB had taken the veto, Britini was STILL playing so she would’ve taken the veto from SB. I mean Alyssa didn’t give up her prize either…for the veto, because Britini would’ve taken it from her. Tifffany has something against SB, and I’m not sure what it is…maybe it’s her relationship with Kyland? All I know is Tiffany’s obsession with SB might be her downfall.

Who will win HOH? (Spoiler alert, this is their second win!) and who will they nominate on the block? Come back next time to find out!

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