Awards Watch With Math Teacher Movies – August 9th, 2021: Hates Mondays, Loves Lasagna, Oscar This Year? Andrew Garfield’s Oscar Chances

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Andrew Garfield is a performer unique to Hollywood as he is someone who has almost gone through the cycle of celebrity in just shy of a decade and while he has been nominated, he has not won the Oscar, but this could be the year. 

While he was in many roles before 2010, it was his role in The Social Network that year where he truly came onto the scene. He criminally did not receive a well deserved Oscar nomination which garnered ever more attention from the film and awards community. 

Garfield then went the way of many actors with superhero movies by starring in the two Amazing Spider-Man films which regardless of quality the movies failed in their purpose of comic book films by  launching the lead actor into superstardom, something that didn’t occur. 

It was only a few years later that Andrew Garfield finally got his Oscar nomination for Best Actor in Hacksaw Ridge and while his performance is respectable his nomination was widely seen as a make up for The Social Network.

Recently his career has been shaped with him making choices with films that are more about their impact on artistic quality than popularity or awards. The most specific examples are Silence, Under the Silver Lake, and Mainstream. These moves have given him the respect and opportunities like the ones he is receiving this year. 

From where it’s looking at this time, Andrew Garfield has two chances of grabbing an Oscar or at least a nomination. First, he is in the fascinating and anticipated musical Tik Tik Boom where Garfield is playing an eccentric character under the direction of Lin Manuel Miranda with a high energy that the Academy could love. 

The other chance for Garfield to grab an Oscar nominee is for the film The Eyes of Tammy Faye which is a biopic character covered in makeup and a much more showy performance and all of that frequently garners the attention of the Academy. 

Regardless of what happens and who’s nominated Andrew Garfield seems like the kind of actor who is too cool to care about stardom and Oscars and he is going to choose his roles based on quality and fun. 

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