Weekend Box Office Report: July 16 – July 18, 2021

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Weekend Estimates Update:

With actuals, Warner’s Space Jam: A New Legacy finished a bit lower than its weekend estimate with a first place debut of $31.053 million. That represented the fifth largest three-day opening weekend since the re-opening of domestic theatres.

Disney’s Black Widow also ended up a bit below its studio estimate with a second place take of $25.847 million.

Other weekend actuals for the frame include: Escape Room: Tournament of Champions ($8.801 million), F9 ($7.674 million), The Boss Baby: Family Business ($4.730 million), The Forever Purge ($4.116 million), A Quiet Place Part II ($2.238 million), Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain ($1.989 million), Cruella ($1.166 million), Pig ($970,935), Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard ($766,474), Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway ($613,490), In the Heights ($372,297) and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ($353,137).

Weekend Estimates Update:

In a minor upset victory, Warner’s Space Jam: A New Legacy outpaced the second weekend performance of Disney’s Black Widow to take first place at the domestic box office this weekend. Space Jam: A New Legacy debuted with an estimated $31.65 million, which also outpaced pre-release expectations for the film (which had tended to be in the low to mid / high $20 million range). This weekend’s debut for the Malcolm D. Lee directed animated / live-action hybrid featuring LeBron James and Warner’s most popular Looney Tunes characters was especially impressive when considering that Space Jam: A New Legacy didn’t have the advantages of Thursday preview shows or playing on IMAX screens. Space Jam: A New Legacy also had one of the stronger per-showtime averages of any film since re-opening and registered the largest opening weekend take for a family film since re-opening as well. Among all films since re-opening, Space Jam: A New Legacy claimed the fourth largest three-day opening weekend (behind only Black WidowF9 and A Quiet Place Part II, and just ahead of fellow Warner Bros. release Godzilla vs. Kong). Space Jam: A New Legacy outpaced the $27.53 million start of the Michael Jordan-led Space Jam back in November of 1996, but obviously that doesn’t take into account 25 years of ticket price inflation. Fond memories of the original Space Jam over the years also no doubt helped build up anticipation for Space Jam: A New LegacySpace Jam: A New Legacy opened day-and-date this weekend, theatrically and via streaming on HBO Max.

Fairly similar to Black Widow last weekend, the initial front-loading for Space Jam: A New Legacy this weekend is a bit concerning going forward, as the film started out with an estimated $13.10 million on Friday, for an opening weekend to opening day ratio of 2.42 to 1; again, without any Thursday previews, though Game 5 of the NBA Finals falling on Saturday also helped contribute to this weekend’s front-loading towards Friday. Space Jam: A New Legacy also carries a hefty price tag, so it was important for the film to get off to a good start this weekend. Space Jam: A New Legacy proved to be critic proof this weekend, as largely negative critical reviews didn’t have an impact on the film. Space Jam: A New Legacy also looks to be going over significantly better with audiences than it has with critics, as the film received a healthy A- rating on CinemaScore. While it will likely be more front-loaded than most recent family films, Space Jam: A New Legacy will also be helped going forward by no new animated films entering the marketplace until Paramount’s Paw Patrol: The Movie does so on August 20. The top ten DMA markets for Space Jam: A New Legacy this weekend were Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, the California Bay Area, Phoenix and Washington D.C. Interestingly, neither Cleveland nor Miami (where James spent most of his professional career) were among this weekend’s top ten DMA markets.

Internationally, Space Jam: A New Legacy started out with an estimated $23.0 million from 63 markets (though it should also be noted that the film didn’t open in a number of major markets this weekend). That places the film’s global launch at an estimated $54.7 million. Estimated international debuts by market for Space Jam: A New Legacy this weekend included a strong $6.5 million in Australia, $3.2 million in Mexico, $1.9 million in the United Kingdom, $1.5 million in Russia, $1.2 million in New Zealand, $0.81 million in Germany, $0.79 million in Brazil and $0.69 million in Saudi Arabia. In the coming week, Space Jam: A New Legacy will open in additional international markets, including France and Spain.

Disney’s Black Widow had to settle for second place this weekend with an estimated $26.25 million. Black Widow was down a very sharp 67 percent from last weekend’s debut, though the film had been widely expected to experience a second weekend decline of this magnitude due in part to last weekend’s significant front-loading towards opening day. Black Widow being available on Disney+ as a Premier Access title likely contributed towards this weekend’s decline as well, though that factor also appeared to have already made an impact on the film’s opening weekend performance. The second weekend decline of Black Widow matched the 67 percent second weekend decline of F9 two weeks ago, though it should also be noted that F9 had to deal with Independence Day falling on a Sunday that weekend and that Black Widow also got a bit of a boost this weekend from movie theaters in the province of Ontario, Canada starting to open back up. Even with this weekend’s decline, Black Widow has still grossed $132.01 million through its first ten days, which already makes the film the third highest grossing film domestically since re-opening (behind only A Quiet Place Part II and F9).

Black Widow was able to remain ahead of Space Jam: A New Legacy internationally (as well as F9) this weekend with an estimated $29.9 million from 48 markets. With the film’s international total also currently standing at an estimated $132.0 million, Black Widow has grossed an estimated $264.0 million to date globally. Estimated international theatrical totals for Black Widow through Sunday include $19.1 million in South Korea, $15.6 million in the United Kingdom, $11.5 million in France, $7.9 million in Australia, $7.9 million in Mexico, $7.0 million in Russia, $5.6 million in Japan, $5.1 million in Hong Kong, $4.6 million in Germany, $4.5 million in Brazil, $4.3 million in Italy and $4.2 million in Spain.

This weekend Black Widow grossed an estimated $1.8 million from domestic IMAX screens and an estimated $1.4 million from international IMAX screens. Through Sunday, Black Widow has grossed $10.2 million from domestic IMAX screens and $7.0 million from international IMAX screens for a current global IMAX total of $17.2 million.

Sony’s Escape Room: Tournament of Champions debuted in third place with an estimated $8.80 million. That was in line with the modest pre-release expectations for the Adam Robitel directed horror sequel. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions fell short of the recent $12.55 million start of The Forever Purge and instead debuted essentially on par with the $8.75 million start of Spiral back in May. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions also opened well below the $18.24 million pre-pandemic start of the original Escape Room back in January of 2019, but had obviously been expected to do so. In hindsight, opening Escape Room: Tournament of Champions the same weekend as Space Jam: A New Legacy (which provided major indirect competition) and only two weeks after The Forever Purge (which provided direct competition) limited potential for the film. Critical reviews for Escape Room: Tournament of Champions have been mixed, but that had also been the case for Escape Room. Internationally, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions grossed an estimated $3.4 million this weekend from 18 select markets (including a debut of $1.0 million in South Korea). That places the film’s international total at $4.5 million and global total at $13.3 million.

In other box office news, Universal’s F9 passed the $150 million domestic mark this weekend after placing in fourth for the frame with an estimated $7.62 million. F9 is just the second film to reach the $150 million domestic milestone since re-opening; joining A Quiet Place Part II (Black Widow will make it three films before long). With a 24-day total of $154.84 million, F9 is also on the verge of overtaking A Quiet Place Part II to become the highest grossing film domestically since re-opening (A Quiet Place Part II has grossed an estimated $155.03 million through Sunday). This weekend also saw F9 pick back up the pace internationally, with an estimated $28.6 million from 57 markets. F9 opened in seven new international markets this weekend, including France (where the film debuted with $9.4 million), Germany (where the film opened with $6.8 million), Belgium (where the film started with $1.7 million) and Austria (where the film launched with $1.4 million). With an international total of $436.4 million, F9 is quickly approaching the $600 million global mark with a current global total of $591.3 million. F9 remains the highest grossing Hollywood film globally since re-opening.

Fellow Universal releases The Boss Baby: Family Business and The Forever Purge followed in fifth and sixth place with respective estimated grosses of $4.72 million and $4.16 million. Both films had to deal with new direct competition this weekend; Space Jam: A New Legacy in the case of The Boss Baby: Family Business and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions in the case of The Forever PurgeThe Boss Baby: Family Business was down a sizable 47 percent from last weekend, while The Forever Purge declined a respectable 42 percent, though it should also be reminded that holdovers in general received an added boost this weekend from theatres re-opening in Ontario. Respective 17-day totals stand at $44.64 million for The Boss Baby: Family Business and at $35.91 million for The Forever Purge (which continues to hold up very well for a film from The Purge franchise). Internationally, The Forever Purge took in an estimated $3.7 million this weekend from 37 markets, including debuts of $1.1 million in the United Kingdom and $0.76 million in Spain. Respective totals for The Forever Purge stand at $12.5 million internationally and $48.4 million globally.

Paramount’s A Quiet Place Part II continued to hold up well with an estimated seventh place take of $2.30 million. A Quiet Place Part II was down only 27 percent from last weekend, which was especially impressive since the film just became available via streaming on Paramount+. As mentioned, the 52-day total for A Quiet Place Part II stands at $155.03 million.

Meanwhile, in the specialty market this weekend, Focus’ Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain and NEON’s Pig were both off to promising starts in moderate release (especially by recent art house standards). Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, a Morgan Neville directed documentary on the late Bourdain, took eighth place among all films with an estimated debut of $1.90 million from 927 locations (for a per-location average of $2,050). Pig, which was directed by Michael Sarnoski and stars Nicolas Cage as a truffle hunter in search of his stolen pig, opened in tenth place among all films with an estimated $0.95 million from just 552 locations (for a per-location average of $1,712). Critical reviews for both films have been exceptional, though there has also been growing backlash over Roadrunner having used some A.I. recreations of Bourdain’s voice. The performance of both films is also welcome news for the specialty market as a whole, which in general has struggled since the re-opening of theatres.

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