The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 13

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:13 – “Infested”


This week’s episode is probably the most filler episode of the series. After a great two episode arc and now with only three more episodes to go, I was really hoping for more. Something that shows how the story may be wrapping up. If this was episode 14 I’d maybe even be a bit upset. But this episode really felt like it did nothing for the overall story. Here’s hoping for a really killer three part season finale. Just a reminder, we have not yet been told if we are getting a season two, so we may be heading to a season finale. 


Returning to Ord Mantell from a mission Cid had sent them on, the Batch walk into Cid’s parlor which is hopping and filled with security that they are unfamiliar with. When they try to enter Cid’s office, they are stopped by a guard, who is quickly shoved out of the way. They enter the office and find that Cid is not there. Her office is being occupied by a Devaronian named Roland, who claims that Cid is out and  the parlor and entire territory are now his. 

Returning to their ship, Hunter says it’s time to leave Ord Mantell, but Omega insists that they need to find Cid. Cid ends up being on their ship waiting for them. Cid tells them that Roland is the son of a crime boss named Isa Durand. Roland is trying to make a name for himself and has joined up with the Pykes Syndicate. 

They devise a plan to break into Cids office and steal a shipment of spice that the Pykes will soon be coming to collect. There are a series of mining tunnels under the city and there happens to be an entry hatch in Cid’s parlor. They enter from a hatch on the street. There are carts that run on a track that they use to get to Cids and will use to transport the spice away. But they can’t use the engines. They must use use the hand cranks to avoid making noise and awaking the hive of giant bugs that live deep in the mine shafts. 

Clumsy Wrecker drops his flashlight down the shaft but they make it under Cid’s office without incident. She arranges for her Weequay and Ithorian cohorts, Bolo and Ketch to cause a distraction to make sure no one is in her office. The two lead Roland’s pet lizard, Ruby, out of the parlor causing him to go look for her. With the coast clear, the Batch grab the crates of spice and load them onto the carts. Roland finds Ruby and heads back to the office to find the spice is gone. His guards find the hatch and follow in pursuit. They don’t know to stay quiet though and use their engines. Hunter fights them and gets them off their tail, but it’s too late. Too much noise has been made and the hive of giant bugs swarms the batch. Tech notices that the bugs are afraid of light but through the commotion, the crates of spice fall out of the crates. 

The Pykes show up to collect their payment for the  spice and Roland tells them that the spice has been stolen. He promises to get them the money but needs more time. The Pykes don’t accept that answer. Roland’s guards draw their blasters. Roland tells them to leave. The Pykes warn him that he needs to correct his mistake and threatens his entire family if he doesn’t. 

Believing that Roland has already been taken by the Pykes, Cid and the Batch return to her parlor but walk in just as the Pykes are escorting Roland out. He tells them that she’s the one they want, that she stole the spice. The Pykes tell Cid and the Batch to return the spice and they’ll consider the matter resolved. Hunter says they don’t have it, but know where it is. The Pykes take Omega into custody and say she will be released when the spice is returned. 

Hovering their ship over a cavern, Cid and Wrecker repel down to search for the spice crates in the mine. They get four of the six crates up without a problem, but as the last two are hauled up, with Cid and Wrecker on them, Cid bumps one of the mining carts and it tumbles down deep into the mine, making lots of noise as it drops. The bud swarm so Tech throws some kind of light bomb down the cavern which makes the bugs disperse. 

They return the spice to the Pykes and they release Omega. But the leader grabs Roland and forces his head onto a stone. The Pyke takes out a knife and raises it. Omega begs him to stop. Cid agrees that Roland made a mistake and if the Pykes kill him, they’ll be starting a war with Isa Durand. Not willing to just accept a bad deal, the Pyke brings the blade down, chopping off one of the Devaronian’s horns. As the Pykes leave, Roland is warned never to cross paths with them again. As he gets up, Omega asks Roland if he is ok. He says it was a small price to pay. Omega hands Ruby to him and he leaves. 

The episode ends with Cid and the others heading into the parlor. Hunter pauses and asks Omega why she stood up for Roland. She says she doesn’t know. But since Ruby likes him, maybe he’s not all bad. 

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