The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 12

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:12 – “Rescue on Ryloth”


Last week’s break from focusing on the Batch really paid off this week. We got an exciting, action packed episode that also put some focus on how much Omega is a full on team member, and quite possibly a future leader. We also get to see the seeds of growth in Hera as a pilot. Most importantly, in my opinion, we get an Imperial clone that realizes he’s one the wrong side. Does this give the Empire one more reason to stop using clones? We shall see. 


Picking up where we left off last week, we open in an Imperial detention area on Ryloth. Admiral Rampart, with Captain Howzer by his side, question Cham Syndulla, his wife, Eleni and Gobi Glie about the whereabouts of the Syndulla’s daughter, Hera. They of course refuse to give any information up. 

As they walk away, Rampart orders Howzer to round up all and arrest all of Syndulla’s sympathizers. Howzer questions the order, not believing there’s a cause for arrest. Rampart says that simply sympathizing with a known traitor is enough cause. 

Chopper, hiding near some troopers reports to Hera. Crosshair and his Elite squad are searching for her in her home. They send a distress message to Omega asking for help. On the Batch’s ship, they receive the message. Omega begs the others to go help and they reluctantly agree. 

The Batch rendezvous with Hera on Ryloth in Cham’s secret base. Hera pleads with them to rescue her parents, offering to pay them for their help. Hunter says they’ll see what they are up against first. No guarantees. 

Rampart addresses the people of Ryloth. He tells them that Senator Taa will make a full recovery. While he speaks, the Batch along with Hera and Chopper observe from atop a hill. Omega points out that Crosshair is there. While they try to make a plan, an Imperial probe droid spots them, which Hunter destroys, but not before it is able to report back. One of Crosshair’s squad shows him a data pad with the image of his former team being nearby. 

With Crosshair and the rest of the Imperials on the lookout for them, Hunter tells Hera there’s nothing they can do to help her. She begs them to stay, but Hunter reminds her that he said no guarantees. He offers to get her off planet to somewhere safe. She offers more money but he still refuses. Omega is upset and says Hera is just trying to save her family and that she (Omega) would do the same for him. 

In Rampart’s office, Crosshair tells him that Clone Force 99 has been spotted near the capital. Rampart questions Crosshair’s ability to complete his task of finding Hera and says if he can’t do it, he’ll find someone who can. 

Back in the Syndulla base, Omega tells Hera that to get through to Hunter, they need to come up with a strategy of getting to her family. Since Ryloth is her home, she’ll better know where to go and what they should do. 

Howzer speaks to the Cham and the others in the cell. Cham accuses him of choosing a side, but Howzer reminds him that they attacked an Imperial convoy and wonders what they thought would happen. Eleni say they had no choice, they were just trying to protect Hera. And then Howzer says that’s what he’s trying to do too. He says if they tell him where she is, he’ll protect her. They of course don’t trust him. 

Hera and Omega tell the Batch about a plan that they devised to attack the Imperial refinery. This will draw attention away from the capital, making it easier to get in and rescue Hera’s parents. Hunter sends Hera, Omega and Chopper to disarm the refinery’s unmanned cannons and once they are shut down, Wrecker and Tech will go in and cause some chaos. Meanwhile, Hunter and Echo will go and rescue Hera’s parents. 

With Hera and Omega watching from afar, Chopper sneaks into the refinery by posing as one of the group of maintenance droids heading inside. Once inside, he finds a terminal and zaps the droid currently at it. He plugs in but is spotted and taken away by a clone trooper. Hera and Omega steal a shuttle and destroy the main tower that controls the cannons, rescuing Chopper in the process. With the cannons down, Wrecker and Tech, in the Batch’s ship, swoop in and attack the refinery. 

Just as planned, with the chaos that Wrecker and Tech have created, Hunter and Echo manage to infiltrate the capital and free Gobi, Cham and Eleni. Hunter reveals that they were hired by Hera. As they head for the exit, Captain Howzer stops them and tells them that they are walking into a trap, because Crosshair and his troops are out there waiting for them. The Twi’leks and Hunter and Echo head for Senator Taa’s private shuttle while Howzer goes to confront his men. 

Howzer exits alone and his men stand down. He gives a speech about coming to protect Ryloth and what they are doing now is wrong. He pleads for them to drop their weapons. When some of them actually do, Crosshair calls for them to be arrested as traitors. Crosshair then sees Taa’s shuttle leaving and tries to shoot it down but they are too far out of range. 

At their rendezvous point, Hunter is offered the payment they were promised but tells Cham to keep it. Omega and Hera say their goodbyes and the Syndullas leave. 

Admiral Rampart admits to Crosshair that he has underestimated Crosshair’s former brothers. The episode ends with Crosshair requesting permission to go and hunt them down, which Rampart grants. 

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