The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 10

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:10 – “Common Ground”


In the latest episode, we get to see how our heroes handle working with former Separatists, who until now were the enemy. They are forced to work together against a common foe, the Empire. The show does a great job of showing that, even though the government may have changed overnight, adapting to it and fighting for what’s right, does not. 


This week’s episode opens on the former Sepratist planet of Raxus. An Imperial officer addresses the citizens and tells them they will be treated fairly in exchange for their loyalty. But because the people have not been cooperating a curfew is being put in place “for their protection”. They are told these measures have been approved by their senator, Avi Singh. But when Singh is brought forward to address the crowd, he starts a pro Empire speech, but stops and says that it’s wrong and can no longer condone the unjust occupation. He is arrested and clone troopers and walkers are brought in to disperse the crowd. Singh’s droid, GS-8 finds cover and sends out a call requesting help. 

Walking the streets on their way to Cid’s, Omega asks about their next mission. Tech and Hunter both point out with two bounty hunters after the girl, there’s too much heat on them to risk another mission right now. When they get inside Cid’s, she immediately tells them she has a mission for them, a simple extraction on Raxus. Tech points out that Raxus was the former center of the Separatist government. Hunter initially refuses the assignment because he doesn’t want to help a Separtist. Cid reminds him that their debt is still not paid and that a job’s a job. Hunter pulls her aside and says that he doesn’t want to take Omega to a planet swarming with Imperials. Cid offers to watch the kid. When Hunter tells Omega she’ll be staying behind, she’s disappointed but reluctantly agrees. 

The Batch reach Raxus and after giving the clearance code that their client provided, they land at the assigned coordinates. They’re greeted by GS-8 who identifies herself as their client. So not only are they helping a former Sepratist, they are working for a droid. This does not make these clones happy. 

Back at Cid’s, Omega is upset that she was left behind. Cid tells her that if she wasn’t so helpless they wouldn’t have left her with her. Omega walks away and two bar regulars look at Cid shaking their heads disapprovingly. Cid goes to Omega and Omega tells her that she is not helpless. When Cid says she told “dark and broody” that she’d keep an eye on the girl and keep her safe, Omega retorts, “for how much?”. 

The Batch reach the compound with the droid. There are clones, walkers and surveillance cameras all around. Hunter says first they need to take out the surveillance system. As they run into clones along their way, they either stun them or knock them out. Tech is able to tap into the camera network letting them see what’s ahead. They split into two groups and continue on to try and find the senator. 

At Cid’s, Omega is watching the two regulars play a game of dejarik (holochess) against Cid. Omega sees the move that Cid is about to make and says she wouldn’t do that. When Cid does it anyway, her piece is knocked over. So Cid calls her over and tells her to make the next move. Omega makes the play and then wins the game for Cid. Cid asks the girl if she’d want to play some more and win some money. Cid tries to low ball Omega offering her a 30% cut. Omega, catching on, says she wants 60. 

Down in Senator Singh’s wine cellar, where he is being interrogated by the Imperial Captain, who’s name is given as Captain Bragg, Singh refuses to give any information to her. As she takes a sip of wine, an interrogation droid hovers over to Singh. Just then, the doors open and the two closest clone troopers are stunned. Smoke bombs are thrown in and the room begins to fill with smoke. Bragg is stunned and the interrogation droid is taken out. Through the smoke, Hunter, Tech and GS-8 enter. They release the senator but Tech says their position has been compromised. Alarms go off as the head back out. 

Hunter, Tech, the droid and the senator regroup outside with Echo and Wrecker. They commandeer a walker but a now conscious Captain Bragg catches up and calls for the other walkers to stop them. Their walker is shot and disabled but Tech says he can fix it. So Hunter and Wrecker head out to buy Tech and Echo some time. They take out the soldiers in the walker behind them as a missile hits, destroying that walker. However another walker and more troopers are right behind. Tech announces that the repairs are complete and they regroup at the stolen walker. The senator leads them down an alley which leads to a subterranean passage. They pull up to it and Wrecker blasts a hole in the wall which leads down. After they all exit the walker, Wrecker sets another charge, blocking the passage entry. When the troopers catch up, they report to the captain that the walker is empty. 

The Batch, along with Senator Singh and GS-8 make it back to their ship. Singh is conflicted about leaving his people behind, but GS-8 reminds him that he can’t help them if he’s in Imperial custody. With that, they take off and leave Raxus. 

They all arrive back at Cid’s to see a big crowd gathered around watching Omega playing dejarik against a patron. She wins and someone says, “she did it again”, among other cheers. Seeing the Batch, Omega runs over to be picked up by Wrecker and Cid disperses the crowd. Hunter is a bit upset and says that this was the opposite of keeping a low profile. Cid tells the others that Omega made enough money to pay off their debt. Cid walks away with the senator to discuss payment and Tech, Echo and Wrecker head to the bar. Hunter and Omega stay behind a bit longer to discuss what happened. She tells him that she wanted to be useful even though she wasn’t on the mission. Hunter challenges Omega to one more game. He says that if she wins, she won’t have to sit out any more missions. This puts a smile on her face. The episode ends as the game begins. 

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