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A visually overwhelming and intense film, The Five Rules of Success is a scattered mess that attempts to shine light on the challenges faced by those trying to reintegrate into society following a lengthy sentence, but instead defaults to the juicier, more common tale of recidivism. 

After leaving prison, X (Santiago Segura) tries to pick up the pieces of his life, but finds himself falling back onto a familiar path. The Five Rules of Success is all over the place, its dialogue poorly written and structure flashy, but distracting. Segura does everything he can to keep the film afloat, but the narrative jumps all over the place and doesn’t do the main character justice. While we are meant to empathize with X, you’re given every reason not to in every other scene. 

I certainly understand what the film is trying to accomplish; recidivism is a rampant issue as our society continues to fail those attempting to reintegrate into the world outside of the prison walls. However, The Five Rules of Freedom sways between showing the influence of those around X and also his steady climb to an increasingly violent mindset, a sharp turn from the reason he ends up in prison in the first place. I commend writer/director Orson Oblowitz for attempting something different with his film, but it misses the mark and ultimately is a drag.

The Five Rules of Success is available on Amazon and iTunes today.

Rating: 2/5

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