Review: Pink Opaque


A particularly relevant and reliable indie film, Pink Opaque is a crash course in life throwing curveballs left and right and the resilience necessary to persevere.

Approaching graduation from film school and fighting the odds to finish his final project, Travis (Elijah Boothe, “Luke Cage”) is also juggling a rekindled relationship with his uncle and a budding romance with his girlfriend, much to the chagrin of her brother. Writer/Director Derrick Perry’s film plays like an ode to a lived experience, a recognition of the turmoil life holds for us and the a plea for understanding that we all have our own battles to wage. Pink Opaque features stunning cinematography of the Los Angeles area, shots that could easily be featured in a tourism video and an authentic backdrop for the authentic characters.

Though the film maintains the viewer’s interest and tells a story that most can connect with in some way, Perry’s script attempts to accomplish a lot. The plot is layered with dramatic turns that are not foreseeable, but also feel out of place. Between love, drugs, family, and more, Pink Opaque is unbalanced and often dull. What it does show, however, is the director’s understanding of how to portray deeply human stories with genuine delivery and appealing visuals that would be standouts if there simply wasn’t too much being attempted.

But it’s the actors that win you over in the end and the deep real stability of Elijah’s Travis that make this a worthwhile outing.

Pink Opaque is now available on VOD.

Rating: 3/5

Photo from Character Media

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