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OLD (2021)

M. Night Shyamalan continues to provide divisive films for all to debate with Old, a messy outing that is ripe with intrigue, but buckles under the weight of a lofty premise and a poor script. 

A family ventures to a secluded beach while on vacation where they suddenly begin aging rapidly. Much like the affliction at the core of the plot, Old hits the ground running once the characters head to the beach. Though Shyamalan explores an interesting premise here, he does so with dialogue that is so laughable you would think it was his first film. Because of this, the performances are frustratingly silly, though the characters themselves are odd to begin with. Old seems rushed, the unbalanced script lacking and the “twist” Shyamalan’s films have become known for arriving with a shrug. Those looking for an explanation as to how the events of the film are happening are likely to be disappointed.

Viewers will be interested in what they’re seeing, but will come to realize they’re not invested in any of the people on the screen. Though visually stunning thanks to the picturesque setting, Old is destined for the bottom of the heap of the filmmaker’s catalogue. 

Old releases in theaters this Friday.

Rating: 2/5

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