Review: Dachra

DACHRA (2021)

A intriguing start quickly leads to a letdown as Tunisian horror film Dachra fizzles into a familiar experience that never quite hits its stride.

When a young journalism student heads out to investigate the location where a woman mutilated woman was found decades ago, she and her film crew of friends end up trapped in a strange village with something sinister in the air. This film has a tone and feel that combines the best aspects of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity in what should be  a slam dunk. Though star Yassmine Dimassi carries the film on her shoulders, she falls victim to a mediocre script and her costars’ unlikeable characters. Aside from a few early scenes that pique the viewer’s curiosity and hints at something sinister to come, Dachra takes a long time to ramp up top any sort of action. The consistent suspense and expectation of scares drag on until the final moments, which finally deliver, albeit too late.

Dachra isn’t terribly original, nor is it unpredictable. It is a film ripe with inconsistent storytelling and one that suffers from a longer-than necessary-runtime. First-time filmmaker Abdelhamid Bouchnak certainly has an eye for the eerie and can keep an audience’s interest, but Dachra misses the mark in terms of story balance and satisfactory delivery.

Dachra hits theaters in the United States Friday.

Rating: 2/5

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