Big Brother 23 Weekly Recap From Pop.GoesTheMovie – July 9th, 2021

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(contains spoilers)

DAY ONE. It was move-in day at the Big Brother house and our 16 Houseguests (HGs) finally met for the first time. Let me just say… this 90-minute premiere was jam packed right from the start. Like last year, this season of Big Brother had a live move-in day, with Julie Chen Moonves (the longtime host of Big Brother) back at the helm! Julie announced that the HGs would be entering in groups of four, where they would compete in their first competition, with the winner in the running for Head of Household (HoH).

As the HGs were introduced, we were shown videos about them and their strategy going into the house. The first four HGs introduced were tech sales consultant Travis, safety officer Derek F., farmer Brandon “Frenchie” and attorney Xavier (see my previously posted preview for HG bios). Julie explained to the four men that they were about to compete for the running of HoH. #ButFirst Julie teased that there would be extreme risks for extreme rewards. She warned the group of four that one wrong move could cost them everything. She told them to head to the backyard to compete in their first competition: The Kickoff Competition.

Derek F. was first to enter the BB House, and if you know Big Brother, you know about the BB Curse: The first person to enter the house, has never won! (the exception being Tamar Braxton, but that was Celebrity Big Brother so it doesn’t count). I noticed that Frenchie held the door open for others to enter. He’s a long-time BB watcher and superfan, so I’m pretty sure he knows about the ‘curse’. The men were told to head straight to the backyard once they entered the BB House, however they stood around taking in the house and shaking hands instead. Finally, after getting to the backyard, the first four faced off in a competition where they had to match the pieces of a plexiglass puzzle to the sample puzzle that was sitting behind them on an easel.

Frenchie won the first competition, and the remaining houseguests moved in. The second group of four to move into the BB House were the first group of women: make-up artist Whitney, sales director Azah, kindergarten teacher Britini and swimwear designer Alyssa. They made it to the backyard a lot quicker than the men did. Whitney won the second competition. The third group of four to enter the house were: flight attendant Brent, general contractor assistant Christian, startup founder Derek X. and account executive Kyland. Christian won their round. And the final group to enter the house were: forensic scientist Sarah Beth, graduate student Hannah, artificial intelligence engineer Claire (who was the last-minute replacement for Christie) and phlebotomist Tiffany. Before heading out to the backyard, the women gave each other hugs and introduced themselves. Claire won the competition. Making her the fourth and final winner eligible to compete in HoH.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Once the four competitions were over, Julie revealed the first big twist of the season was coming up next. And from the HGs moans and groans, they didn’t seem too thrilled. She let the HGs know that this season they would be playing in teams of four. And that the winners of The Kickoff Competition would serve as team captains. But there was one more twist! The captains wouldn’t be choosing HGs at random, instead they had to activate a slot machine to learn interesting facts about two different HGs, and were asked to choose between the two according to which tidbit seemed more interesting to them. The teams were given a ‘Casino’ theme name and each team had to include two men and two women. The teams selected were as follows:

THE JOKERS: Frenchie (Captain), Azah, Britini, and Derek F.

THE ACES: Whitney (Captain), Brent, Derek X., and Hannah

THE KINGS: Christian (Captain),  Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah Beth

THE QUEENS: Claire (Captain), Kyland, Tiffany, and Travis

Once the teams were decided, they went head-to-head in the first HoH competition; House of Cards, which involved the captains building a triangular house of cards puzzle as the rest of the team balanced the platform where the captain assembled the pieces. The winning captain not only would get HoH, but the entire team would automatically be safe for the week. However, the team who came in last would be ‘have-nots’ for the week. Which meant they’d be looking forward to a diet of ‘slop’, cold showers, and very uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Safe to say, there was plenty at stake to win (or at least not come in last)! The Jokers won the competition, making Frenchie the new HoH, while The Aces and The Queens got second and third, making The Kings ‘have-nots’ for the week. They didn’t seem too bummed about it.

ONE MORE TWIST. As soon as the HoH was won, Julie told the HGs know that they’d be playing for the biggest prize in Big Brother history; $750K. (it’s about time they raise the prize money!) In addition to the news, Julie gave Frenchie a “double or nothing” offer.  If he could throw gigantic (bouncy) dice from a distance away and get them both to land on a table, before 45 seconds, he would be HoH for two weeks and his team would be safe from eviction for those two weeks. However, if he couldn’t complete the task within the 45 seconds, then Frenchie would no longer be HoH and The Jokers would lose their safety. Plus, Claire would become the new HoH instead. Without hesitation, Frenchie, passed up on Julie’s offer. However, before Frenchie stepped down, Julie asked him to try just for “fun”. Two seconds before his time was up, Frenchie managed to land the two dice, but since he turned down the offer, it didn’t count. Despite him completing the task, I think Frenchie made the right call considering the pressure he’d be under.

GOODNIGHT. Julie said goodnight to the HGs, but before signing off, she revealed to us that there’d be a new competition known as the Wild Card Competition. Which would give HGs another chance each week to take a big risk and potentially earn a major reward. And with that, day one of Big Brother was over.

QUICK TAKE. So far, I’m loving Frenchie and The Jokers. They’re so easy to root for. And Frenchie has proven to be a comp beast! He’s also the oldest guy in the house! Goes to show you don’t need to cast only twenty-year olds. Which this season has a lot of. There are only two HGs not in their twenties. But I’ll let that slide for now. And despite me previously choosing my favorite HGs, I already have a new favorite… Derek F! He’s funny, he seems nice and an all-around good guy. So I’m rooting for him!  There are also a few contestants who already irk me… I’m looking at you, Claire and Whitney. Claire’s idea of an all-girl alliance is nice in theory, but if she were a true fan of the show, she’d know, they never work out. NEVER! And there’s something about Whitney that grates on my nerves, but I’ll save that for later. There are also other HGs who I’m irked by (because I saw the feeds after the show), which again will save those rants for later.  The premiere got me excited for this upcoming season.  We’ve had some dud seasons lately, so as a fan, I think we deserve some good gameplay this time around! See you same time next week, when the first HG will get the boot and a new HOH will be crowned.

NOTE: These recaps are about the Big Brother CBS show only and do not cover the happenings in the live feeds. At least not for now!

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