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Big Brother 23 – DAY 14: FRENCHIE IS FRENCHED!
(live feed recaps and spoilers ahead)

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR… Frenchie was the outgoing Head of Household (HOH) and the crazy “Frenchie Fun House” came to an end. After going back on his word numerous times, including his promise to not nominate people of color or women… neither of Frenchie’s initial nominations, Alyssa and Kyland, were evicted, as Derek X won the veto and took Kyland off the block and was replaced by Travis. And it was Travis who was voted out of the Big Brother House, 11-2. Which Frenchie claimed was his plan all along. (Sure Frenchie).  Travis mentioned during his eviction interview with Julie Chen Moonves, that he’d always heard it was the “the white guy with abs who always gets conked first.”. Umm, did Travis just say that? Bye, Travis! Meanwhile at the end of the live episode, Kyland won HOH, and The Queens team Claire and Tiffany were safe from eviction. Uh-oh..looks like Frenchie might be ‘frenched’. (Some of the HGs are using ‘French’ instead of dropping the ‘F’-Bomb and it’s hilarious).

As a reminder, here are the current teams as they stand:

  • THE JOKERS: Frenchie (Captain), Azah, Britini, Big D (Derek F)
  • THE ACES: Whitney (Captain), Brent, Little D (Derek X) , Hannah
  • THE KINGS: Christian (Captain), Alyssa, Xavier, Sarah Beth
  • THE QUEENS: Claire (Captain), Kyland, Tiffany

DAY NINE. Having just won HOH, Kyland was ecstatic…except those two rogue votes threw him for a loop. And although he claimed the votes weren’t important and not what he was focusing on… the votes did bother Kyland. And not the actual votes themselves, but he didn’t like that he didn’t know they were going to happen. From the live voting, we knew that the two votes were Big D, who supposedly did it as a joke (SMH!) and Tiffany. Apparently, she gave the rogue vote because Frenchie asked her to, hoping Derek X would be blamed. Big Frenchin’ mistake, Tiffany! She knows Frenchie has no filter, nor can he stay too loyal, why would she do something like this?  As current HOH, Kyland told everyone that he was going to conduct his HOH as methodically as possible. Which meant, he wouldn’t be revealing anything! And he wouldn’t be answering any questions because according to Kyland, he doesn’t’ have to. Umm.. Okay, Kyland. Don’t let that HOH that you’ve had for a hot second get to your head or anything. #ButFirst, the Wildcard Competition needed to take place, and Kyland wanted to wait until afterward to talk.

INTERROGATIONS. On Friday, July 9, the HGs played the Wildcard Competition. Sarah Beth won, and her reward was safety for the week IF she switched with someone from The Queens team since they were safe.  Sarah Beth decided to stay on her team, foregoing safety. After the Wildcard Competition Kyland, the CEO, umm I mean HOH, was told nominations would be made that day. Which made Kyland stress out. And so began his houseguest interviews (‘interrogations’)  (live feed flashback: July 9: 3pm).  Due to having limited time before nominations, he kept the ‘interrogations’ to five minutes. The HGs went up in teams and then later had one-on-ones. And they revealed EVERYTHING to Kyland. I guess his intimidating interrogations worked because per usual, the HGs were kissing the HOH’s butt. I was surprised how many truths were said. Or at least enough information was given. But these interrogations were for Kyland’s benefit, to gain more information. And he really wanted to find out who the two rogue votes were. But the interviews definitely were not to help him decide who he wanted nominated. Because no matter what he told the HGs, his mind had already been made.

FALSE TRUTHS. Sunday’s (July 18) episode led you to believe that Tiffany’s target all along was Frenchie. This was a crock of crap! Tiffany’s one-on-one with Kyland was completely twisted. The “three-headed monster” that was mentioned on this episode was in reference to Frenchie, Brent, and Whitney. But Tiffany actually argued for Brent and Whitney to be nominated because she thought it’d be better to take out Frenchie’s “knights”, as she put it, instead of Frenchie himself. The episode also made it look like Kyland took all this into consideration, when in fact, at that point Kyland was already set on his noms (more on that later). In reality, Tiffany wants to keep Frenchie in the house because a) he isn’t targeting her and b) she thinks she can keep him reeled in. She also thinks keeping her enemy close is a better strategy. Tiffany! Getting rid of your enemy would be a better one.

THE CALM BEFORE THE FRENCHIE STORM. Kyland made his two nominations. Frenchie and Britini were on the block. Britini didn’t take it too well. And Frenchie assured her he was the target. Frenchie also claimed that if he won veto, he’d use it on Britini (sure Frenchie). Prior to being nominated, paranoid Frenchie raced downstairs and told Brent, “I’m out (of the Slaughterhouse alliance). You didn’t think I would find out?” This wasn’t shown on the feeds, but on the live show. So, it’s not known what exactly happened other than the edited version, but something triggered Frenchie during his talk with Kyland about keeping him safe. Frenchie continued his tirade of being “out” to another room full of HGs. Everyone seemed confused. Seems like everyone was over Frenchie at this point. And by their one-on-one convos, all the HGs didn’t mind throwing Frenchie under the bus, backing up and running him over a few times. Except for Britini. Which according to Kyland is the reason she was nominated! Because Frenchie was his main target and Kyland sees Britini as a loyal player who would remove Frenchie from the block if she had the opportunity. Nevertheless, it looks as if Frenchie is Kyland’s sole target for eviction.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. The interviews Kyland had with the HGs rubbed me the wrong way. Prior to Kyland winning HOH, I was actually a fan of his. But seeing how he conducted these interviews and the way he kept interrupting and saying over and over again how he was not going to give any information, but was just rehearsing and going to ask questions… it got on my last nerve. And when Kyland gave more information than he meant to during Christian’s interview, and couldn’t get over it, that annoyed the crap out of me. Had Kyland not pointed it out, Christian wouldn’t have been the wiser! Another HG that is starting to grate on my nerves is Big D. And this makes me sad. Because as a person, I think he’s amazing! I love Big D. He’s funny, he’s kind. And I think he’d be a fun person to hang out with. But as a player of this game… UGH! He does nothing. He doesn’t want to get involved, yet he complains when things don’t go his way. He also doesn’t want to win comps or basically play the game. And he complains about everything. This is my least favorite type of player in this house…and I’m not happy that Derek F. is this player. He’s also one of those players that gets mad at the people on the block when they freak out. But doesn’t have a clue what it feels like. Oh Big D. I’m still hopeful for him though.

WHO WILL WIN THE POWER OF VETO? And will they use it on either Frenchie or Britini (Spoiler alert, they don’t!) Come back at the end of this week to find out who won Power of Veto and whether Frenchie is able to pull off a ‘Dan’s Funeral’ moment (like he’s been fanboying for the last few days) and somehow manage to get himself off the block. Or will Frenchie’s days be fried?

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