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(live feed recaps and spoilers ahead)

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR… The houseguests (HGs) moved into the Big Brother house and were assigned to four different teams: The Jokers, The Aces, The Kings and The Queens. Frenchie was crowned Head of Household (HOH) giving him and The Jokers safety from eviction. Having lost the HOH comp, The Kings (Christian, Alyssa, Xavier and Sarah Beth) were made ‘have-nots’. Unlike past seasons, gameplay began Day One because Frankie pretty much guaranteed safety to everyone and apparently was targeting the ‘meatheads’ (as he called them) in the house. He also made a promise that no women or person of color (the latter only seen in live feeds) would be on the chopping block. But when it came time for Frenchie to choose his two nominations (noms), he nominated Alyssa and Kyland— a woman and a man of color… therefore breaking his promise to the HGs and ‘America’. So how exactly did Frenchie come up with his noms and who ultimately got evicted from the Big Brother house? Let’s look back and see….  

ALLIANCE OVERLOAD. The first week in the BB house should always be an easy week. As HOH you pretty much find two people to nominate (usually weaker players) and then lie low, so you won’t become the next target. But Frenchie came out playing hard and made this an unforgettable first week. After showing some promise, it took Frenchie less than 24 hours to turn his reign as HOH into a train wreck. As Azah mentioned in the live feeds… Frenchie was playing for Twitter. Frenchie supposedly was ‘woke’ and swore, he wouldn’t be nominating women or people of color (as they did in S21). But instead, Frenchie basically spent the entire time making different alliances with everyone in the house except two people (Travis and Derek X.) and all with the same names and concept: a larger group called the Slaughterhouse and a core group within that large group called the Butchers. He also formed an all-women’s alliance to cover his own butt, (which no one really takes seriously, but Frenchie) named the French Kisses. Which he has claimed was not started by him (more on that later). There were a lot of little alliances formed as well, but here are some of the core alliances and configurations of the groups. (The Butchers are only mentioned in Live Feeds):

  • The Butchers: Frenchie, Britini, Tiffany, Derek F
  • The Butchers: Frenchie, Xavier, Whitney, Kyland
  • The Butchers: Frenchie, Christian, Xavier, Sarah Beth (maybe?)
  • The Slaughter House: All of them but Travis and Derek X
  • The Cookout: Derek F, Tiffany, Xavier, Azah, Hannah
  • French Kisses: Frenchie, Tiffany, Azah, Claire, Hannah, Sarah Beth

THE TARGETS. Frenchie’s initial ‘meathead’ target was Brent, but he charmed his way into Frenchie’s good graces, and they are apparently BFFs with a Final 2 (F2) deal. Frenchie also made an F2 deal with Big D (Derek F).  And since Frenchie promised Xavier and Travis safety when they all walked in the house together, the only ‘meathead’ target left was Christian. Unfortunately for Frenchie, Christian won the Wildcard Competition, making him ineligible to put on the block. Christian was also able to pick a HG to reap the reward, so he chose Xavier, also making him ineligible as a nominee. With very little ‘meatheads’ to put up, what does Frenchie do? He made up a showmance (fake reality TV romance) between Alyssa and Christian and targeted her. And decided that Kyland would be a pawn. During his nomination speech, Frenchie mentioned something about going after the big fish. His speech made no sense to the HGs…. Or ‘America’!

FRENCHIE’S FUN HOUSE. Alyssa and Kyland were blindsided, as Frenchie promised no person of color or women would be nominated. But Alyssa took the initiative and talked to Frenchie with Christian present and told him there was no showmance. Frenchie felt so bad, he decided to target someone else. So, he set his eyes on… Derek X! What? Why? The CBS show made it look like Frenchie overheard Derek X being shady, but so much went on behind the scenes that led to Derek X being the next target. However, Derek X won veto! Foiling Frenchie’s plan once again! Ha! Now Derek X had a big decision to make, keep the noms the same, save Kyland, or save Alyssa. In the end, he chose to save Kyland, which left Frenchie with only one ‘meathead’ left to nominate… Travis. Frenchie broke his word again and named Travis as the replacement nominee. Being that Frenchie had previously promised Travis safety, Travis was understandably upset and on the July 14 CBS episode during a Diary Room (DR) session, he told ‘America’ that “Frenchie is a little snaky boy” and doesn’t mean what he says. Despite all the drama and chaotic game play, Frenchie let us know that his HOH reign had been victorious. (Frenchie is delusional). Azah said it best… ““Frenchie’s HOH is the craziest first week I have ever seen in ‘Big Brother’ history. You know what? I’m not calling it the ‘Big Brother’ house. I’m gonna call it Frenchie’s Fun House. It’s a crazy carnival ride and I am holding on for dear life.”

DEADMAN WALKING. Ultimately, it looked as if Travis’ days in the Big Brother house were done. He somewhat tried campaigning on Wednesday (July 14), but Travis made his biggest pitch to Brent and Frenchie, who doesn’t even get a vote. He gave them four points about why he should stay, but in the end, Brent and Frenchie agreed that they couldn’t go against Alyssa, since she’s in the Slaughterhouse alliance with both.  In the live feeds…Travis later pitched to Frenchie by himself (again, he has no vote)…and Frenchie  told Travis he would break the tie in Travis’ favor if it came down to it. Which there would be no tie this week, so not sure if Frenchie knew this, but Travis didn’t pick up on it. Travis seemed to ease up on the campaigning, and Frenchie did what he does best… caused more chaos.

GAME OF TELEPHONE. Most of the talk on the live feeds had been about Week 2 and future targets. However, Frenchie began telling some of his Slaughterhouse allies that he was approached to join an all-women’s alliance named French Kisses. This was a bold-faced lie, as Frenchie was the one who started the alliance and was trying to cover his own booty. And in true BB fashion, that piece of information passed on from HG to HG. It’s interesting to note that one person who knows the actual truth about French Kisses is Kyland. And this is because he has a F2 with Sarah Beth, and their alliance seems to be going strong, as they do often exchange information with one another.

THURSDAY’S LIVE EVICTION. Finally, eviction night was upon us. Who would be the first person evicted from the Big Brother house? Heading into Thursday’s first live eviction episode, Alyssa of The Kings team, and Travis from The Queens team, sat on the block, awaiting their fate. #ButFirst the episode was filled with a bit of bloated information that wasn’t necessary, when SO much other stuff went on! Like did we really have to see Travis’ “striptease”? The nominees finally got to plead their case. Alyssa gave a boring speech (after many, many shoutouts and a shameless plug to her swimwear design site) and Travis took the opportunity to take his shirt off again. Most likely to gain as many Insta followers before his time was up! And to no one’s surprise, by a vote of 11-2…Travis was evicted from the Big Brother house. Yeah, Big D and Tiffany threw out some hinky votes to pin them on Derek X. Which Frenchie begged Tiffany to do (seen on live feeds). But more of that to come in my next recap!

NEW HOH. Travis walked out the door and the new HOH competition went underway. As the outgoing HOH, Frenchie was not able to compete. The comp was called Pool Sharks. The HGs had to sink a ball into a big shark’s mouth. Whoever scored from the spot marked with the highest value on the floor would become the new HOH. Technical difficulties occurred while the HGs were bidding for their preferred spot, so the show went to commercial and not sure what went on, but when it came back, they were all standing toward the end of the shark’s mouth. It was an odd comp, but in the end, Kyland was crowned the new HOH. Which also meant his teammates Claire and Tiffany from The Queens were safe this week. Who will Kyland nominate for eviction? Stay tuned next week, for another recap of Big Brother!

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