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PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR…..Day 16. Frenchie got Frenched! After a crazy two weeks in the house, with a vote of 11-1 (pity vote from Big D. who discussed this with everyone), Frenchie was the second person voted out of the Big Brother house. Knowing that Frenchie was toast, the entire house, minus a few Houseguests (HGs), decided that Brent would be the next target. Getting Brent out, meant that Derek X. and Hannah could not win the Head of Household (HOH) competition, since Brent (their teammate) would also be safe for the week. Following Frenchie’s eviction chat with Julie Chen Moonves, the eligible HGs (everyone but Kyland) competed in the Tom Talks BB HOH comp hosted by “Celebrity Big Brother” player Tom Green. Derek X. and Hannah threw the competition once Brent and Whitney were eliminated. And Xavier became the next HoH, which meant The Kings team (Alyssa, Christian, Sarah Beth) was also safe for the week. The plan to get rid of Brent was in motion. But would The Wildcard Competition or the Power of Veto, foil the plans? Read on to find out!

XAVIER’S HOH. Xavier’s goal as HOH was to not have a chaotic run like Frenchie did. And since Kyland (the second HOH) set a precedent by not revealing who he’d be putting up right away, as well as having one-on-one convos (or rather ultimatum type interrogations), Xavier planned on doing something similar. He also realized that The Wildcard Competition could impact his decision…so instead, Xavier asked for a night to chill out and enjoy his time as HOH. He also felt like his HOH would be easy, and he could ‘chill’ the entire time. Xavier forgot this is Big Brother and to expect the unexpected, because his chillaxing time as HOH wasn’t as chill. And that’s because his nomination plans involved Britini (more on that later). #ButFirst, Xavier had to figure out a way to get Brent to feel like a pawn. He downright asked him if he would volunteer to be the pawn and Brent said no! (Duh). He said he’d be the target if he were used as a pawn. Next Xavier had to find a real pawn. Since he’s in an alliance with practically everyone in the house, his choices were slim. It was between Whitney or Britini. Sarah Beth had a long conversation with Xavier about who should be the pawn (seen in live feeds). She was pushing for Whitney, but X wasn’t having it. He also had the same conversation with Tiffany and Azah. When X told Azah that he’d more than likely put Britini on the block, unlike Tiffany and SB, Azah was upset. Azah is Team Britini all the way for some reason, so she told X that if he needed a pawn, to use her. But X quickly shut that down. Because there was no way he was putting up a POC! He said it wouldn’t look good. And it wouldn’t be good for his game. Azah didn’t care. I think Azah is playing too personal…and it’s threatening her game and The Cookout alliance (Xavier, Tiffany, Azah, Kyland and Derek F.). More on that later.

A LITTLE TIFF. It was time for The Wildcard Competition. Tiffany from The Queens, Derek X. from The Aces and Britini from The Jokerswere the three players who volunteered to compete. But prior to the competition, Claire, Tiffany and Derek X. discussed how to keep the win away from Britini, so that she could be the potential pawn. The plan was to ‘throw’ the comp to Tiffany. In The Wildcard Competition named Unlucky 13 the players had to traverse a zig-zag beam that wobbled, as they took an oversized playing card across their beam and placed it in the station of an opponent in an attempt to get four cards in their station to total 13. Derek X. targeted Britini, and Tiffany followed suit. It quickly became apparent to Britini (and the HGs watching it on the TV in the living room), that both Derek X. and Tiffany were attempting to eliminate her by putting cards in her station. But, Britini had plenty of chances to save herself, since she could move cards in her own station to keep it from reaching 13. And despite having the perfect card that would add Derek’s station to 13, in turn eliminating him, Britini couldn’t figure out the math and instead used the card in her station. That gave Derek the opportunity to use his next card in her station, eliminating her first. And because Derek X. did not want to win, as it might’ve given his teammate Brent safety, Tiffany easily switched cards in Derek’s station, winning the comp. Because Tiffany won The Wildcard Competition she could take safety for herself, but would also have to provide safety to one player from the other two teams, which would be chosen by random, or she could reject the safety and leave all players from the three teams available to be nominated. Since Tiffany felt safe and didn’t want to leave any decisions up to chance, she decided it was too risky to give anyone safety and declined the reward. Her decision also meant Brent would be eligible for nomination. Clueless, Brent thought Tiffany’s decision was the ‘best case scenario’… since he believes he’s 100% safe with Xavier as part of The Slaughterhouse, now dubbed The Radicles (which exists in only Brent’s mind). Britini of course was the most devastated because she could tell she was being targeted in the comp. Sarah Beth and Azah pointing it out didn’t help either. It really rubbed Azah the wrong way that Britini was being targeted by Tiffany and Derek X. Again, knowing Britini was the pawn, but she still felt it was unnecessary to do. Azah confronted Tiffany about her and Derek X. ganging up on Britini, as Tiffany tried to explain that Derek X. could not take the chance of winning and they couldn’t let Britini win either, but Azah didn’t get it. Tiffany vented her frustrations to Xavier and Claire about Azah playing too personal. Tiffany is growing tired of Azah. Of course, on a personal level, Tiffany loves Azah… but she also knows that Azah can mess up her game. And she’s expressed this on several occasions to Claire. I predict at some point, Tiffany may use Claire to strike at Azah. But that’s for another time.

NOMINATIONS. Now that The Wildcard Competition was complete, X had to figure out who he’d nominate alongside of Brent and what his reasons were behind the nomination. Tiffany suggested that perhaps X mention that he knows about The Mafia alliance (The Aces + The Queens). Meanwhile, Brent still had no idea that the entire house is after him. The guy still thought that Tiffany winning was “best case scenario” for their team. And Hannah kept the façade going. She agreed that there was no way X would go after them. (side note: Hannah is really good at lying and keeping a straight face, this is a bit scary and also impressive!). It was time for X to make his nominations. He nominated Britini (the pawn) and Brent for eviction. At the nomination ceremony, X told Brent that putting him up would ensure his target would go home. And he told Britini that he believed if she had the chance to, she’d nominate him, so he came for her first. Which was a ruse to keep his true target (Brent) clueless. An emotional and visibly upset Britini was determined to “fight for her life” and Brent declared “game on” against Xavier based on his decision.

DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. Blindsiding Brent is still the plan, since he has no idea he’s the true target. Well, he knows he’s the target, but Brent is so cocky, he believes that he has the votes to stay (SPOILER ALERT: he doesn’t!), if he remains on the block. As “Operation Blindside Brent” is still underway, Britini is losing her mind that X nominated her. She demanded that X give her an apology…which he did on Sunday night, but he reiterated that she was the pawn and wouldn’t be going home. But she still didn’t feel safe. And has been bawling per usual (this is why I begged that she would not be put up unless she was the actual target!!). Meanwhile, Brent and his delusions of grandeur, believed that if the Power of Veto (POV) were used on Britini, Derek X. would be the replacement nom. Which, in Brent’s mind would’ve sent him home. So, Brent came up with some convoluted plan to ensure that the nominees remain the same by having The Queens (Tiffany, Claire and Kyland) “lie” and tell The Kings, (Christian, Alyssa, and Sarah Beth), that they (The Queens) would evict Brent so this would potentially keep Christian from using the POV because he wouldn’t want Brent to go home. He would then lock in the votes of The Mafia alliance (The Aces + The Queens) to keep him…which would blindside Xavier. It’s as complicated as it sounds. The funny thing is, everyone played along! Alyssa even shared some vital info with Brent, making him think he’s got her in his back pocket. This “plan” seemed to make perfect sense to Brent, and the rest of the HGs are eating it up!

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. Britini has got to go! She’s delusional (still believes she’s a comp beast, yet hasn’t won any comps) and a threat to everyone who is associated with her. The HGs wanted Brent gone because he played too cocky…well Britini also has a sense of entitlement. On July 24 at 10:42am, Britini was talking about being HOH (Like that will happen) and said people come up to her and say they are so sorry but none of them care or else they would go up on the block for her. Why would anyone in their right mind go on the block for her? Well I guess no one but Azah. Because she did tell X that she’d go up as a pawn instead of Britini and if she goes home, oh well. I think they’re both playing way too personal. I don’t think either has grasped the concept of pawns and how this game is played. Everyone has told them Britini is the pawn. Yes, this is Big Brother and they could be lying..but it’s Brent! If there were ever a time to feel safe, it’d be now. But Azah doesn’t think people should be picking on Britini. If those two aren’t careful…they’re going to end up being on the block together! Which, I’m not going to lie, I kind of hope that happens.

Who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to save Britini or Brent? And will Brent ever realize he’s the true target (I hope not!) and getting evicted if he stays on the block?… And who will be evicted from The Big Brother house? Stay tuned later this week to find out!

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