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Big Brother 23 – DAY 17: GOODBYE FRENCHIE

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR….. Frenchie fell from power and Kyland became the new CEO, err umm, Head of Household (HOH). Because it was Kyland who won HOH, Frenchie’s paranoid heightened and so he blew up his own alliance, The Slaughterhouse. He went around the entire house telling everyone he was out! After holding ‘interrogations’ (and setting somewhat of a precedent for future HOH’s), as expected Kyland nominated Frenchie, but he also put Britini on the block, and she did not take being on the block well (ed. Note: I hope she never goes on the block again, as I don’t want to see a week of her bawling!). Sarah Beth won The Wildcard Competition: BB Flying Colors, which was a bust since she chose not to have a week of safety. Understandable, because she’d have to switch teams with someone on The Queens team to have safety. So, who won the Power of Veto (PoV), and did they use it to save either Frenchie or Britini? Keep reading to find out!

THE MANY FACES OF FRENCHIE. #ButFirst, two Jokers found themselves up on the block and they didn’t think it was funny! Especially Britini. She somehow couldn’t grasp that she had been nominated but wasn’t the target. She was nominated because Kyland feared that Britini would take Frenchie off the block. Big D. was upset that Kyland didn’t give him a heads-up of who he was nominating. And Azah wasn’t happy that it was Britini. Neither Azah nor Big D. really wanted to see Frenchie up on the block. They would’ve much rather it be Brent (more on that later). As Britini continued to bawl, Frenchie told her not to worry, that he’s about to, in his words “blow some s**t up”. Frenchie also said something about the HGs being scared of him because he IS the house. Once Frenchie calmed down and realized he was Frenched, he spoke to Kyland and told him that he wasn’t upset. Frenchie even gave Kyland a big hug and said that if he won the PoV, he’d be giving it to Britini. Kyland didn’t buy any of it. Meanwhile Britini was still bawling… even when Kyland told her she was not the target. Which, in her DR session, Britini stated that she would never trust Kyland again. Britini told Frenchie that Kyland told her she wasn’t the target, but she was up on the block because she was the only one who didn’t throw Frenchie under the bus (this entire convo is being held in front of Big D. mind you). Frenchie once again went Frenchin’ mad and blew up The Slaughterhouse alliance, this time naming names.  Well, everyone but Big D. and Xavier. He kept their names out. Much to Big D.’s delight. Because had The Cookout found out he was in The Slaughterhouse, Big D. might’ve been Frenched! But none of the other HGs seemed to care. Because they were all pretty much done with it anyway. And those who didn’t know about it, pretty much figured out he started the alliance, so it wasn’t a big deal. It was all very anti-climatic if you ask me.

THE POWER OF VETO. On Day 11, Alyssa (drawn by Kyland), Claire (drawn by Frenchie) and Derek X. (drawn by Britini) were ‘randomly’ selected to participate alongside Kyland, Britini and Frenchie in the Fun Tan Lotion PoV competition. The HGs competed separately and were required to fill containers with ‘suntan oil’ (aka..water)  in order to retrieve a whistle from the container in the fastest time.  So, who won? Derek X! He completed the competition in the fastest time of 4:51. And on Day 13, Derek X chose not to use the veto, leaving Britini and Frenchie on the block.

FRENCHIE IS NO DR. WILL OR DAN GHEESLING. At this point, after the veto competition, almost every HG talked to Kyland about not trusting Frenchie. But Frenchie was still trying to convince some of the HGs that the real threats were Whitney, Christian, and Brent. Feeling his days were numbered, Frenchie tried a new strategy. He threatened to leave the competition, telling people he was ready to go home and see his kids. He kept mentioning “Dan’s Funeral”, so it was safe to say he was trying to pull off something similar. Big D. was practically the only one telling Frenchie not to quit. But Frenchie didn’t really commit like Dan did, so that strategy didn’t work out.  He then tried a bit of the old reverse psychology move like Dr. Will’s. Frenchie started telling people (mainly Kyland and Derek X.) he would throw every competition if they kept him. But Frenchie is no Dr. Will…so Frenchie’s word meant nothing. And it really started to sink in that Frenchie was Frenched. Well to everyone but Britini. Even though she was not going anywhere, Britini still spent the week acting like she was in great danger (despite what the live show might have conveyed).  And regardless of the HGs reassuring her multiple times that she was staying, she still freaked out and bawled. She was sure she was a target because she does karate and is a comp beast? Even though she hasn’t won anything, nor do people know she does karate.  Britini is pretty delusional about her level of threat. Honestly, I wish she would’ve gotten evicted instead of Frenchie. But I’ll save this nugget for my hot take and opinion below!

LIVE SHOW. During the live show, there were flashbacks of Frenchie campaigning to stay in the house and Britini doing nothing but practicing her “final plea” speech. There was a lovely moment between Kyland and Sarah Beth, but it was heartbreaking, as Sarah Beth revealed it was the one-year anniversary of her dad’s death, who died from COVID ☹ Seems that Sarah Beth and Kyland are growing really close and she trusts Kyland as her final two, but unfortunately, the feelings aren’t mutual and Kyland plans on cutting Sarah Beth closer to the end. I can’t wait to see when that starts to happen, as it’ll cause turmoil! But back to the live show flashbacks… Kyland met with all the teams, asking them to give him safety the upcoming week, since he couldn’t play for HOH. Which was odd. Because he met with them AFTER he had no power. Like didn’t he know he was powerless? And that he needed to have these convos PRIOR to nominations and veto! But the HGs seemed to go along with Kyland and told him everything he wanted to hear. Well, everyone BUT Whitney and Brent. Which is why they’re the next targets of the house.

NEW ALLIANCES. Since The Kings (Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, Sarah Beth) pretty much swore their allegiance to Kyland, he decided it made sense for his team (The Queens) and The Kings to form an alliance. And The Royal Family (now known as The Royal Flush) was born. Meanwhile Brent still thought The Slaughterhouse alliance existed and told Christian and Whitney that the next person evicted should be a woman. Apparently, Brent knows there’s an all-female alliance and doesn’t want a female to make it to the end. Again, saying all this in front of Whitney, who’s a woman! Christian pretended he was down with the plan, but in his DR, he said he wants Brent gone. I personally think because Brent wants to date Alyssa and Christian wants to get rid of his competition. Brent went on to form The Radicals between The Kings and The Aces, but only Brent thinks this is a real alliance. And The Queens also formed a fake alliance with The Aces known as The Mafia. Again, only to make Brent think he’s safe. Out of all these alliances formed during this past week, The Royal Flush seems to be the most legit. Because they all have royal titles and all. It’s worth noting that Tiffany slipped and talked about her royal title in front of Hannah, who isn’t in The Royal Flush, but she tried to play it off like it was The Queens thing, but Hannah isn’t dumb! Nevertheless, it looks like Brent might be the next HOH’s target. So, who won HOH?

THE POWER IS UP FOR GRABS. After Britini’s final plea speech, which was the rap she had been practicing all week (and honestly, it was pretty good), with a vote of 11-1, Frenchie was evicted from the Big Brother house. Big D. gave Frenchie a pity vote, but he let the HGs know he was doing so. And Frenchie gave everyone a big group hug before exiting the Big Brother house. He went out with ‘class’ as Julie Chen Moonves said. It was time for a new HOH competition.  As outgoing HOH, Kyland was not eligible to compete. Tom Green, of “Celebrity Big Brother” (and other claims to fame), hosted the HOH competition Tom Talks BB. Green took to the streets in Ottawa, Canada to talk to people about “Big Brother”. Clips were shown of Green’s interviews, and each player had to watch closely and pay attention. Following each clip Julie asked the HGs a question about what they just saw. Whoever got the question incorrect would be ejected from the comp. The last person standing would be the new HOH! After the first question, Derek F., Britini, Brent, Christian and Tiffany were eliminated. After the second question, Azah was eliminated. No one was eliminated after the third question. However, Whitney and Claire were eliminated with question four. Question five saw Derek X., Hannah, Sarah Beth and Alyssa eliminated. And that left Xavier as the new HOH! Derek X and Hannah both gave thumbs up, when it was revealed that they gave the wrong answer. Which pretty much gave it away that they threw the competition. Seeing that they wanted Brent on the block, they knew if either of them had won, since they’re all on The Aces team, he’d be safe.  What was surprising was that Whitney also wanted Brent on the block. All the HGs think of her and Brent as a duo, but she made it clear on Wednesday that she can’t stand him. “He is such a sexist,” she told Britini. She really should’ve been telling Tiffany, Claire and Sarah Beth how much she hates him, because they were the ones leading the charge against Brent. But eventually, Hannah let them know that Whitney is not Brent’s biggest fan. Unfortunately, Whitney might still end up being collateral damage if they can’t get Brent out of the house.  And it doesn’t seem like Xavier would mind if Whitney left. So, who will be Xavier put on the block, and will the next Wildcard Competition or PoV foil the plans? Come back next week to find out.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. I love a good blindside. And call me sadistic, but I also like the house to be in turmoil. Sorry not sorry! So, when the entire house gets together to get out one person, and that one person leaves, I find the episode boring. And there’s nothing I dislike more, then a boring Big Brother house (like Derrick’s season. He kept it too calm). This is the reason I loved S20. Because of all the blindsides and turmoil! I was hopeful for this season, since the first week going into the house, there was SO much turmoil and happenings. But now, well now… everyone seems to have one target and one target only. If Brent is nominated, it’ll be a blindside to him. Which is fun! But we all know he’ll go home. So, if he doesn’t win The Wildcard Competition or the veto, then this week will end up being a predictable snooze fest. Which is kind of why I wanted Frenchie to stay. No disrespect to Britini, but she doesn’t bring much to the show or live feeds. Just rapping and bawling. And, I’d much rather see a crazy farmer go ‘Frenching’ nuts in the Big Brother house, than a delusional player cry her way through the season.

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