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Big Brother 23 – DAY  24: BRENT’S BLINDSIDE IS A BUST! (sort of)

PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRR….Day 21. As current Head of Household (HOH), Xavier put Britini (as a pawn) and Brent up on the block, with Brent being his true target. X told Brent that he was the pawn, but Brent knew he wasn’t pawn material. If you put him up, he’s the target. Because he’s THAT good. Brent is also THAT cocky…but more on that later. X and the entire house didn’t just want to vote Brent out, they wanted to epically blindside Brent. So, the blindside plans began before nominations were made. Xavier knew that getting Brent out the door meant putting up a pawn on the block next to him. And unfortunately, that pawn was Britini, since X is in an alliance with mostly everyone in the house and had slim pickings to choose from. To ensure Britini became eligible for nomination, The Wildcard Competition (Unlucky 13) had to be won by either Tiffany or Derek X., who were also playing alongside Britini.  Tiffany and Derek X. targeted Britini and Tiffany won! Targeting Britini sparked a little drama between Tiffany and Azah. But was quickly squashed (or was it?). As X, nominated Britini and Brent for eviction, he and the HGs knew that the only thing that could foil their plans was the Power of Veto (POV) competition. So, who won the Power of Veto (PoV), and did they use it to save either Brent or Britini? And who was evicted from The Big Brother House?? Keep reading to find out!

BRENT’S BLINDSIDE. The plan was in motion to blindside Brent. Meanwhile, Britini bawled her eyes out because she was on the block again. Even though once again, she was reassured she was the pawn.  The HGs wanted to ensure that Brent was blindsided and wanted him to feel safe, so that he wouldn’t think he was the target. And their blindside plans worked, up until they didn’t. Brent was SO cocky that he believed even if he was the target, he had the votes to stay in the game. He thought that X would be the one being blindsided. All the HGs played along. Especially Alyssa. Who Brent continually told everyone that she was in his back pocket. Making Brent feel even more safe, Alyssa ‘shared’ details of The Royal Flush (The Kings + The Queens) meeting with him on Tuesday morning (live feeds). #ButFirst… the Veto competition was coming up!

SCRAMBLING BEFORE THE VETO COMP. Britini was still bawling her eyes out, so X had to comfort her again. Seriously she was crying like someone from her family died or something. (please, please someone get Britini out of this game. If anything for my sanity alone!) Britini once again vowed that she would be winning the Power of Veto.  Meanwhile, Brent finally realized he might be the real target. He went up to the HOH room to let X know that he was no dummy. Repeatedly, he mentioned how he wasn’t dumb (haha). Brent then went to the gym to talk to The Aces (Whitney, Derek X., Hannah)  and told them that Xavier thinks “my body perceives my intelligence.” Whatever that means since it doesn’t make sense! The Aces pretended to have Brent’s back. And Brent believed that if he didn’t win the veto, and if nominations would stay the same, he’d still be safe, since he was convinced he had most of the votes to stay. (It’s sad how unaware he is that everyone despises him).  Players were then chosen for the Veto competition. Along with Xavier, Britini and Brent… Christian (picked by Xavier with a Player’s Choice), Derek F. (drawn by Brent) and Whitney (drawn by Britini) were chosen. During his Diary Room (DR) session, Big D. revealed that he would pull Britini off he won.  Xavier told Hannah he wanted him or Christian to win, so nominations would stay the same. X felt that Hannah would be a good ally. And although the CBS show made it seem that was when Hannah was pulled into The Cookout (Tiffany, Azah, Big D. Kayland and X), she had always been a member adjacent. And it was Tiffany who first sort of brought Hannah into The Cookout. But didn’t really make her a full alliance member by not telling her their alliance name. (they should just make Hannah an official member and tell her the name already!)

POWER OF VETO. Hey everyone, it’s time for the Veto competition! The players headed to the backyard wearing tutus for the Room Key Rumble POV competition. This comp was a ‘spin’ on the BB Bowlerina classic.  It was a face-off competition, where two contestants went head-to-head against each other. The first one who knocked down the correct pins won the match.  But the contestants had to spin fifteen times on a handle before heading to the bowling lane to knock down their specific pins. If they knocked down the wrong pins, the pins would reset, and they had to spin again. To make things even more difficult, there was a board blocking the pins. So, in order to lower the board, the players had to spin the handle.  Britini was chosen to play first, and she challenged Brent. Brent beat Britini (no surprise there!) and she was the first player out of the POV. (what a comp beast!! NOT) In the second round, Xavier also challenged Brent, confirming he was the target. The spinning was too much for Brent to handle. He ended up losing to X. And then he proceeded to vomit. A lot. Next up was Big D.  He chose Whitney, and after a LONG round, Big D. defeated her (they were both awful!). Big D. chose Christian. Christian easily defeated Big D. in their round, since Big D. was about to die from having just gone in the previous round. And finally, it came down Christian and X.  Where Christian was able to beat X, winning the Power of Veto.

BRENT’S “BLINDSIDE”. Brent, thinking that the “Best case scenario” would be for no one to use the veto (you read that right!), he concocted a plan, where he’d have The Queens tell X and Christian not to use the POV. Because he felt that if they were to use the veto on Britini, Derek X. would be the replacement nom and Brent would be sent home. But if the noms stayed the same, he’d beat Britini. It was hard for Kyland and Derek X. to keep a straight face. Because that’s exactly what they were going to do, but Britini wouldn’t be the one going home. Brent also passed his ‘blindside plan’ on to Alyssa. And she played along, so he’d still think she was in his back pocket. After the Veto meeting, where nominations stayed the same, Brent bragged to Derek X. and Kyland that the plan worked and “this is what we wanted” and The Mafia (The Aces + The Queens) were running the house. A very cocky Brent, spent that day gloating to the cameras how he outsmarted Xavier. And that he was in good shape because he had Alyssa in his back pocket and also Christian since he does everything Alyssa says.  Brent actually said he couldn’t wait to see X’s face when Julie Chen Moonves announced that Britini had been evicted from the BB house. He told Derek X. and Hannah. “It is going to be written all over their faces. We tricked them into thinking they had all of the control.” At the Veto ceremony, Christian chose NOT to use the Power of Veto, so Brent and Britini stayed on the block. In the DR Brent said “everything is going according to plan,” and that he couldn’t wait for eviction night to blindside X. Sadly for Brent, it was him that would be in for a shock on Thursday night. Or would he?

BRENT’S ACTUAL BLINDSIDE. Blindsiding Brent sounded too good to be true. The plan was set in motion and for the most part everyone was keeping their mouth shut. And we truly were in for a VERY fun and exciting blindside. But, this is Big Brother, and we should know by now to “expect the unexpected”. And what should’ve been an epic blindside, in the end was a blindside that really wasn’t. (Wah wah waaah). And that’s because Christian and Big D. couldn’t keep their big mouths shut. They HAD to hint to Brent that perhaps he wasn’t as safe as he thought he was. And since Brent’s “body perceives his intelligence”, he pretty much figured it out. Because during the live show, you could clearly tell he knew he was going home. The entire episode pretty much flashbacked to how clueless Brent was. But in those last live moments of his time in the BB house, you just knew he knew. And this entire week of anticipation, hoping for an epic blindside, was a complete letdown. As Julie gave Britini and Brent the chance to convince their fellow HGs to keep them, Britini gave her well-rehearsed speech (pretending she was going to rap) and Brent knowing he was going home, acknowledged that if nothing else, “they had fun”. Again, it was written all over his face… he knew. And we were not going to see a blindside.  One at a time, the HGs headed to the DR and by a vote of 11-0, Brent was evicted from the Big Brother house. He gave everyone such an awkward goodbye hug and walked out the door. He then proceeded to tell Julie Chen Moonves that he knew all along he was being evicted. Even after Julie pretty much called him out on his BS. But being who Brent is, he had to save face and said he knew he was going home. Liar. He was given hints and fair warning that he’d be the one evicted. That’s how he knew. And for those reasons alone, Christian and Big D. have now gone to the very top of my ‘target’ list. Enjoy being there with Britini, boys!

HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD. As of late Wednesday evening, no one really wanted to win HOH (what’s wrong with these people?). Even Britini, the person who had been bawling for two weeks straight, asked if she wanted Azah to throw it to her? WHAT THE HECK, BRITINI!! HOH keeps you from being off the block. (Ugh. She needs to go!) It was time for the HOH competition. As the outgoing HOH, X was not eligible to compete. The HOH competition, called Pier Pressure, consisted of teams. Each team had to race to complete a surfboard puzzle, but only one player from each team could participate at a time for a total of twenty-five seconds. If the clock expired on any turn, the entire team would be eliminated. The HOH would be the player on the winning team who put the final piece of the puzzle. And although the camera was focusing on The Aces, as they were close to winning, The Kings, with Sarah Beth completing most of the puzzle, won the competition. But since Christian put the last piece of the puzzle (because Sarah Beth let him), he won HOH. (Tiffany was not happy as Sarah Beth was supposed to throw the comp, so they could target Christian or Alyssa). I don’t know if Christian realizes this HOH came at the best time for The Kings! As someone (or two) on their team would’ve been targeted this week, had they not won, since they have four players. Will Christian keep to his plan and target Whitney and Hannah? And will the final Wildcard Competition of the season actually be used? Stay tuned next week to find out.

HOT TAKES AND OPINIONS. The anticipation of a true blindside was killing me. I was so excited! I hadn’t seen a true blindside in years. Probably since Season 11. So to not get one in the end. I was mad. Christian and Big D. ruined what could’ve been an epic moment in Big Brother history! Honestly such an idiotic thing to do. It’s not like Brent is in jury, so blindsiding him wouldn’t have come back to bite them in the butt. He was going home. End of story. So I don’t care what they do from now until the end of this game… Christian and Big D. are on my ‘target’ list! Also, not going to lie. I wanted anyone other than The Kings to be HOH. But since none of the teams wanted it because no one wants to show their cards, then someone other than The Kings is going home. I’m hoping it’s Britini. But since she’s not even the target, I doubt that’ll happen. Also, I’ve noticed that Derek X. is well aware of Tiffany’s excellent social game and lying skills. He’s playing a great game, except that he’s too close to Kyland and relayed the information to him, which he in turn told Tiff. So maybe Tiffany might start seeing Derek X. as a threat. OH, and The Jokers (Britini, Big D., Azah) are Have-Nots as they were the only team who hadn’t been Have-Nots yet. I don’t know why they even have Have-Nots since they never really talk about it on the CBS show. Let’s see if being a Have-Not messes with Big D. Especially since he’s always the one cooking and cleaning. But time will tell if this will make or break Big D. and Britini. Well we all know Britini will break no matter what. 

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