The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 9

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:9 – “Bounty Lost”


Kaminoans at odds, bounty hunter versus bounty hunter, and at the center is a young, scared clone. But don’t let Omega being scared make you think she’s weak. Tossed back and forth between Cad Bane and Fennnec Shand, Omega holds her ground and proves that she’s truly something special. 


Pursued by Crosshair, the Batch prepares to jump to hyperspace, but Hunter doesn’t want to leave without Omega. Echo says that the bounty Hunter that took her is long gone and they’ll have no chance in finding her if Crosshair shoots them down. Hunter reluctantly agrees and so they make their escape. 

Aboard Cad Bane’s ship, Omega is in a holding cell. She is arguing with Bane’s droid, Todo 360. Bane then comes in and introduces himself to her. When she warns him that her friends will find her, he tells her that he’s taken care of her friend and that no one is coming for her. Bane returns to the cockpit and contacts Lama Su, reporting to the Prime Minister that he has the girl and she’s alive. They end the call by agreeing on payment and to meet at a predetermined rendezvous site. 

On Kamino, Nala Se says she will take the credits to Cad Bane and retrieve Omega, but Lama Su says her personal interest in the clone has threatened their operation enough. He sends Taun We, who we first met in Attack Of The Clones, to their abandoned facility on Bora Vio to deliver payment to the bounty hunter and recover their property. He then tells Nala Se that once the clone is returned, to extract the genetic material that is needed and then terminate her. Nala Se has a shocked look on her face as Lama Su turns and leaves. 

Echo, Hunter and Wrecker are looking at a profile of Cad Bane from Republic files. Echo says that Bane had multiple run-ins with the Jedi. Tech comes in saying that he’s further analyzed Omega’s DNA and found her to be a pure first generation clone of the host Jango Fett. No genetic modifications like clone soldiers. He said there’s only one other known pure clone, named Alpha. Though he goes by the name Boba. They realize then that she is important to the Kaminoans cloning operation and determine that they must have put the bounty on her. 

Back on Bane’s ship, Todo 360 is outside of Omega’s cell trying to repare his leg that was shot off during the confrontation with Hunter. Omega offers to help him but he says that she a prisoner and is not to be trusted. Omega tells him she’s just a kid and it’s not like she can escape off the ship. Todo, still struggling, agrees and opens the cell. Omega helps him attach his leg, but then shuts him off and starts searching for her comm device. 

As Cad Bane approaches the abandoned cloning facility, which resembles a Cloud City version of the watery facility on Kamino, he calls Todo up to the cockpit. When he doesn’t respond, he lands and heads to the cell area to check things out. Omega hears him coming and having found her comm device makes her escape. Bane finds the girl is gone and his droid is shut off. 

Omega is running and trying to contact the Batch. They pick up her signal but it’s very weak. They boost the signal and are able to respond. They tell her the signal is too weak to track her, so she needs to try and create a power surge. She finds a panel and activates it, but before she can take the next step, Bane finds her, places power cuffs on her and destroys her comm device. Todo alerts Bane that an unidentified ship is approaching and is told to check it out. As Bane drags a struggling Omega, they hear a blaster shot in the distance. As they head that way, they see a dead Kaminoan that Omega identifies as Taun We. Then out of the shadows, Fennec Shand steps out with her blaster pointed at Bane. She’s also holding the case of credits that Taun We brought as payment to Bane. He tells her she has no business messing with his score. She claims it was her score first anyway. She offers a trade, the case for the girl. Bane agrees bust just then, Todo comes up behind Fennec and grabs the case. A shoot out ensues. Bane throws a thermal detonator but Shand kicks it away. The blast knocks Todo out of a window and the case opens, spilling the credits into the clouds. 

Omega runs with Fennec Shand on her tail. Bane tries to catch up but is knocked unconscious when an explosive device on the wall goes off. 

While trying to find a place to hide, Omega comes across an abandoned cloning room. She sees green vats with old discarded clones and then finds and powers up the control panel. She manages to turn on the communications system and sends out a signal, which her Bad Batch brothers pick up. Fennec enters and says that they won’t get there in time. Shand then reveals that Omega is lucky that she found her and that what the Prime Minister has planned for her is far worse than why she’s there. Fennec says she’s trying to help, but of course Omega is not convinced. Todo comes in and tries to grab Omega but Fennec kicks him and he hits and cracks one of the vats. The vat falls on Shand and breaks, spilling fluid and a dead alien clone on to her. 

Omega runs and looking over the edge of a wall sees escape pods below. Looking for a way to get to them, she’s confronted by Bane. But again, Fennec interferes. She throws the girl aside and enters into a fist fight with Bane. Omega finds a ladder down and starts to make her decent. Todo floats up and tries to stop her so the girl jumps on the droid’s head and rides him down to the pod platform. She jumps off and Todo lands on his head, upside down, kicking like an overturned turtle. She makes it to a pod and just as she’s about to take off, Todo lands on the pod trying to stop her. She hits the launch and he is thrown from the pod. 

As Bane and Fennec continue to fight, Todo comms Bane and says the girl is getting away. He kicks Fennec to the ground and looks up just in time to see an escape pod launching into the sky. He orders Todo to get to their ship. Fennec then knocks him over the edge but he uses rocket boots to get back up. 

As Omega’s old pod starts to lose power and begins to decent, she is rescued by the Batch and brought about the ship. She starts crying and hugs Hunter, who she thought was dead. She asks why the Kaminoans are after her and Hunter tells her that she’s different and more valuable than other clones. 

Cad Bane gets to his ship and tries to start his engines, but they won’t engage. Realizing he’s been sabotaged, he looks out to see Fennec Shan’s ship heading away. 

On Shan’s ship, she receives a call from Kamino. It’s Nala Se requiring an update. Fennec tells her that she was rescued by the same clones she encountered on Pantora. She can track them, but it’ll cost extra. Nala Se says that won’t be necessary, as long as she is not in the hands of Lama Su, she is safe. She then agrees to transfer payment to Fennec. 

Back on the Batches ship, Omega tells Hunter she keeps thinking about the Kaminoans and is worried about becoming an experiment in a tube. The episode ends as Hunter promises that they will never let that happen to her. 

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