The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 8

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:8 – “Reunion”


By the title alone, I had a feeling where this episode was going, and I was right. Crosshair was due to return. But I was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists this episode took, including the return of a Clone Wars character that many have wanted to see come back into the fold. This one certainly pushes the series forward and may just have the most, “now what?” ending of any episode so far. 


Opening on Kamino, Crosshair informs Admiral Rampart that Clone Force 99 has been located on Bracca. To Lama Su’s disappointment, Ramport orders Crosshair to locate and terminate them. 

On Bracca, Wrecker is teaching Omega how to disarm an explosive as Echo approaches. They start making their way back to the rest of the guys as three scrappers watch from a perch. Echo catches a glimpse of them and subtly tells Wrecker they have eyes on them. They charge after the scrappers as they start to flee. They stun two of them but one gets on his transport and starts to leave. Wrecker grabs the transport and is hanging on as it takes off. Echo reports the situation back to Hunter. Wrecker is eventually knocked off of the transport, but Echo manages to get a lock and stun the driver, forcing him to crash. 

With the three scrappers stunned cold, the Batch set to work gathering artillery left behind on the old Jedi cruiser. The intent is to sell them and use the funds to pay back what Cid says they own them. Echo still thinks they should have gone with Rex. 

Tech is sent to the bridge to get the power online and the others break up to search for goods. Omega and Wrecker find a load of explosives and torpedoes. Just as the power comes on, Tech calls Omega to the bridge. Hunter and Echo discuss Rex as they are moving a crate of weapons. Hunter says that Rex is on a different path than them, but Echo counters saying that they are soldiers, what other path is there? On the bridge, Tech tasks Echo to copy some data files when a proximity alert goes. Tech looks out to see three shuttles landing nearby and alerts Hunter that the Empire is there. 

Back on Kamino, Prime Minister Lama Su tells Nala Se that they need to send out more bounty hunters to retrieve Omega. Nala Se wonders if that’s wise, but Lama Su basically says it doesn’t matter which bounty hunter gets the job done as long as the young Clone is brought back to Kamino. 

Looking out at the shuttles that just landed, Hunter sees Crosshair exiting with a squad of clone troopers. Tech says he’s jammed their signals, but Hunter doesn’t think that’ll stop him from finding them. 

Crosshair tells one group of troopers to take a shuttle and look for the Batches ship. He and the rest of the troopers head to the Jedi cruiser. The troopers looking for the ship report back quickly saying they’ve found the ship, but no one is on board. 

Tech taps into the “regs” com and hears an order from Crosshair to push the targets to the hangar so Hunter and the Batch change course to cut through the artillery deck. It turns out to be trap. Crosshair knew they’d tap their coms. Hunter tries to reason with Crosshair. He tells him about the inhibitor chip, which Omega confirms. Crosshair ignores them and tells the troopers to aim for the kid. While this is going on, Tech and Echo are working to activate one of the old cannons, hoping that if it goes off, it will collapse the ceiling above the troopers. It works, causing enough of a distraction for the Batch to take down some troopers and get away. 

They make it to the ion engine where they plan to climb out of the ship through the chamber. They make it to an exit point where Crosshair is waiting and takes a shot. As the Batch starts to double back, they hear the engine starting to come online. With about two minutes to go before being incinerated, they make a plan to set charges around the engine, causing the part they are in to fall, shielding them from the blast. Just as they drop, the engine ignites. Without the shielding, the concentrated blast hits near Crosshair, forcing him to take cover as he gets burned. 

The Batch make it to their ship and find Clone trooper bodies scattered around. Realizing there’s someone else there, they look up to their ship and find the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane. (Cad Bane was a series regular throughout the Clone Wars series.) Hunter tried to get Bane to reveal who hired him, which of course he doesn’t give up. Hunter and Cad Bane face off in an old west style duel, hands hovering over their holstered blasters, waiting to make their move. Quick on the draw, Bane takes out Hunter. As Omega runs to Hunter, Bane sets his blaster to stun, knocking the girl out. 

After a quick scene seeing Crosshair’s troopers bandaging his burns and setting a broken arm, we cut to a POV from inside Hunter’s helmet as the rest of the Batch catch up and pull him on board their ship as more troopers shoot at them. They take off and Wrecker pulls of Hunter’s helmet. He tells Wrecker that a bounty hunter has taken Omega. The episode ends as Hunter says, “we have to find her”. 

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