The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 7

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:7 – “Battle Scars”


We’ve been building up to this for a while now. Wrecker’s inhibitor chip finally goes off and we see him in Order 66 mode. Thankfully the Batch has an old friend with them to help. What I’ll say about this episode is that with several weeks of emphasizing Wrecker’s headaches, I was a bit disappointed at how quickly the issue was resolved. Had it spilled into at least one more episode before they were able to “bring him back” the payoff of that build up may have been more satisfying. 


The Batch is on their way back to Cid’s with a bounty they had scored, but are being pursued the people they took the bounty from. The Batch are trying to get away fast, but their hyperdrive is malfunctioning. With ships firing at them and feeling some pressure, Echo gets the hyperdrive back on line and they make their escape. 

At Cid’s, when Echo asks what the client wants with the small lizard they retrieved, Cid tells him that she doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Hunter, with a little bit of spite, says “as long as you get paid”. Cid reminds him that they get paid too. As Hunter, Tech and Echo follow Cid to her office, Wrecker and Omega take off for an “after mission” treat. While everyone disperses, we see a hooded man in the corner watching everyone. 

In Cid’s office, she divvys up the credits and Hunter questions how low their cut is. Cid hands him a list of all the things they owe her for, like docking fees, fuel, rations, etc.. While they are discussing these details, they hear blaster fire from the main room. The hooded figure and an entanglement with a couple of the other patrons. But when Hunter and the others get out there, they find the stranger and when he pulls back his hood, it’s revealed that it’s Clone Captain Rex. 

The men belly up to the bar, where Tech says that Imperial records show Rex as killed in action. Rex replies that ”being dead has its advantages”. He then reveals that Martel sisters told him where to find them. Wrecker and Omega come back and Wrecker gives Rex a big hug and Hunter introduces Omega to Rex. Wrecker starts having one of his headaches and Rex, being very suspicious, asks what’s wrong. When Tech tells Rex not to worry, that their inhibitor chips seems to have malfunctioned, Rex starts reaching for his blaster. A concerned Hunter tries to cam him down. Rex tells the Batch that what’s in there heads is a ticking time bomb. When Hunter asks how he suggests they be removed, Rex relaxes and says he’ll be in touch. 

On their ship, on their way to Bracca to meet Rex, Wrecker has more headaches and Tech finishes working on the chip scanner that he’s been working on for several episodes. Omega reveals that she doesn’t have a chip, which Wrecker says isn’t fair. They then arrive at Bracca, which is a planet used as a salvage yard for damaged or abandoned starships of immense size. (If you’ve played the game Jedi: Fallen Order, this is the first planet that the main character Cal Kestis is on and where the game begins.) The Batch pick up Rex’s signal and meet up with him. They make their way to a downed Jedi cruiser, like the one that Ahsoka removed Rex’s chip on. They need to be careful though, because the area is being patrolled by the Scrappers Guild. 

They start to make their way through the rusty and broken ship, when Wrecker, last to crawl across a cable, starts to fall as the cable snaps. He’s tangled and dangles above some water, in which a giant scrap eating monster tries to bring him down. The others shoot at the creature, which eventually lets Wrecker go. 

They finally make it to the medical bay, which is hardly a sanitary environment. They power up the med table and put the scanner on Wrecker. As Tech says he’s found something, Wrecker finally fully succumbs to Order 66 and starts attacking the others. They lead him out the med bag to keep him from destroying the equipment. A fight ensues and Wrecker gets the best of the others. As he chokes Hunter unconscious, a blaster bolt is shot next to his head. He turns around and it’s Omega holding the gun. The girl runs and he follows. He corners her and as he’s about to strike, he’s hit with a stun blast from Rex who stumbled in behind him. 

They finally get Wrecker on to the med table and use the machine to remove his chip. When done, it seems to take Wrecker quite some time to come back to consciousness. When he finally comes to, the others begin the process of removing their chips as well. Wrecker apologies to Omega for attacking her, saying he tried to resist but couldn’t stop. She forgives him, understanding that it wasn’t his fault. 

When they were all done, Hunter steps outside to find Rex talking into his communicator. Rex tries to convince Hunter that they should join him, but Hunter says they have their own path to follow. Rex then says his goodbye and heads back out toward his ship. As he’s walking away, we see that a couple scouts from the Scrappers Guild are watching them through macro binoculars. The episode ends as one of the scouts tells the other to notify the Empire that there are intruders on the old Jedi cruiser. 

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