The Bad Batch Recap From Mike – Episode 6

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THE BAD BATCH – S1:E6 – “Decommissioned”


I love how this show ties the entire Star Wars universe together in nice, not so “in your face” ways. This episode brings back Rafa and Trace from season seven of The Clone Wars and pits them against the Bad Batch as they both are after the same target. There’s good action in this one, and Omega continues to prove herself as a valuable member of the team. But we need to keep an eye on our lovable bruiser, Wrecker. Something is definitely happening in that head of his. 


It appears that the Batch has settled in on Ord Mantell and specifically with Cid. We open this week at Cid’s casino and Omega practicing her new laser bow. Echo is giving her tips while patrons cheer her on. But she definitely needs more practice. 

Cid comes in and has a mission for them, to retrieve a tactical droid from a decommissioning facility on Corellia before they are all destroyed. Hunter chimes in saying that they haven’t decided if they are going to work for her. Cid tells him she’ll make it easy, they’re in. They all make money and she watches their back. 

Sneaking into Corellian space by attaching their ship to a cargo hauler, Omega asks what’s so important about a tactical droid. Echo tells her it’s because the more they fought, the more they learned. And now that the clones are in service to the Empire, the knowledge they have on how to defeat clones is valuable. As they approach the decommissioning site, they detach, land and go in by foot. 

Avoiding patrolling police droids, they enter the facility to begin their search. There are lots of conveyers moving droid parts into melting vats. Hunter, Echo and Tech go off to find the droid, Wrecker is put on look out duty, while Omega is told to stay put and keep an out for the target. Wrecker is not happy about being put on look out duty, “that was Crosshair’s job”. 

Hunter, Echo and Tech find a computer terminal with human guards. Hunter stuns them and Echo plugs in. As fate would have it, there is only one tactical droid listed in the system that hasn’t already been destroyed. From her perch up top, Omega announces that she found the droid but it’s in pieces. Tech asks if the head is in tact. Just as she responds that it is, she sees someone run up and grab the head. As she’s about to go after them, someone else jumps down in front of her to stop her. As Omega pulls out her bow, the other person lifts up their mask revealing a human female. (For people that watched the last season of The Clone Wars, you may remember this woman. Her name is Rafa. She and her sister Trace were in an arch with Ahsoka.) 

As Rafa’s sister, with the droid head, runs into Hunter, Echo and Tech, Rafa stands in front of Omega, who’s arms are getting shaky holding the bow. Rafa tells Omega she wins and just as Omega starts to put the bow down, Rafa lunges at the girl. Omega releases a loose arrow that hits a pipe causing a leek in a pipe, which attracts the attention of the factory workers. Announcing a security breach, they lock down the facility, trapping the Batch and the two sisters inside. And then in come the armed police droids. Now along with fighting the droids, the Batch and the sisters seem to be playing a game of keep away. The droid head they all want passes back and forth between both groups. 

Echo, from the computer terminal, shuts down the main systems to override the lockdown. To get the system back online, he calls for Wrecker to get to the main control panel. To do that, Wrecker has to jump over a firey melting pit, grab a dangling claw and swing over to the panel. As he jumps and grabs the claw, tells himself, “don’t look down”. He makes it to the other side but hits his head pretty hard. In pain, he pulls the switch that turns the facility back on. 

When the power trips back on, Omega, who is on one of the conveyors, falls and gets pinned down by heavy droid parts. Trace grabs the droid head and leaves Omega behind. As this is going on, Wrecker is being shot at by police droids. He’s hit and falls, and starts groaning “good… soldiers…” then collapses. 

Hunter and Rafa are forced to work together, being surrounded by shooting droids. As Trace heads for an elevator with the tactical droid head, she hears Omega struggling, as she approaches a melting vat. Omega uses her com and calls for Hunter. He causes some chaos by pulling down the structure that the police droids were on and goes after Omega. He doesn’t make it to her in time to stop her from falling in, but luckily, the debris that’s been dropped in hadn’t all meted yet, so there was a solid surface for her to land on. Trace runs to the edge of the pit and yells for Omega, reaching her hand out to help the girl, but she just can’t reach. Omega grabs a nearby droid leg and hands to the other girl. Just then, Hunter comes and helps to help pull her out. 

With a large wave of police droids heading their way, the Batch need to come up a solution to their problem and fast. In one of my favorite moments in the whole series so far, Trace says, “we need a diversion”. Then Rafa turns and says, “what we need is a diversion”. Trace says, “is there an echo in here?” and then Echo turns and says “yes. I’m Echo”. Echo and Trace, along with Tech go to work activating the tactical droid’s head and programming it to send a signal to the remaining deactivated battle droids. But the droid head runs out of power. Tech attaches a couple devices to it to try and get them back in business. Omega calls for Wrecker who is really struggling. He wakes up but is in pain. But he shakes it off and get back in the game. 

Tech finally gets the droid head working and B1 and super battle droid units start waking and attacking the police droids. In another funny moment, a B1 droid say, “what’s happening, did we win?” Another droid responds, “orders are orders.” 

Rafa calls their droid to bring their ship around as the sisters and the Batch make for the exit. They are met with another squad of police droids and one of them shoots the droid head out of Trace’s hands and destroys it. The reprogrammed battle droids catch up and clear a path for the group to get to their ship. 

On the ship, Omega comments that whoever Cid’s buyer is, isn’t going to be happy. Rafa, is angry and can’t believe that they would know how important the information in that droid was, but not know who it was going to. Trace says that their contact wanted that information to fight back against the Empire, to try and make things better. 

The sisters drop the Batch off at their ship and Omega says they should come visit them sometime. As Omega heads to their own, Hunter approaches Rafa and hands her a data rod that Tech had used to copy the droid’s intel before it was destroyed. She’s confused and asks why he would give that to them. He responds that they’ll use it for the right reasons. With that, everyone boards their own ships and depart, going their separate ways. 

In an “epilogue” type moment, we see the sisters in their ship contacting someone by hologram. We don’t see who it is, only their shoulder. Rafa tells him that they’ve acquired the data and they had help from renegade clones. She also says she knows where to find them, and thought he might want to know. 

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