Review: Werewolves Within


Generic characters and the general lacking of an interesting plot bring down a campy outing with so much potential, but poor execution.

A werewolf is on the loose in Werewolves Within and a group of unique individuals are stuck under one roof without power. Sam Richardson stars, playing essentially a toned down version of his Veep character with few jokes peppered into his otherwise dry delivery of dialogue. Aside from Richardson, every performance is over-the-top in an irritating, ineffective way. Werewolves Within never finds a groove and lacks characters that you want to root for, boiling it down to a Clue-wannabe with most of the time spent with people just accusing one another. The premise is ridiculous and lends itself well to comedy, but the film fails to capitalize on the opportunity, buckling under the weight of silly writing. 

By the time the unsurprising “reveal” happens, you feel so exasperated as a viewer that the impact is negated. The generally dark visual tone works well and the film is overall beautifully shot, there just isn’t much meat on the bones.

Rating: 2/5

Photo from Tribeca

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