Review: Too Late

TOO LATE (2021)

A horror comedy that lingers on the latter more than the former, Too Late features a number of comedians telling a story about monsters in the comedy industry… with a literal monster.

When comedian Bob Devore (Ron Lynch) begins to question the loyalty of his assistant Violet (Alyssa Limperis), she may become his next meal. See, Bob is a monster. He eats people. Seriously. This low budget film, director D.W. Thomas’ first feature, is a solid debut with decent laughs and a cast fits the crazy premise. Lynch himself delivers his lines as though he is giving a never-ending voiceover with too much inflection, but Limperis carries the day, navigating between a cute love story subplot and the larger horror aspects at play. Even the addition of Fred Armisen doesn’t have the expected injection of ridiculousness you’d come to expect; his comedic talents are neutered.

Still, Too Late is well filmed, appropriately paced, and continually intriguing; there is a suspenseful air that permeates every scene. It’s also a ton of fun, never taking itself too seriously and coherently delivering a story that actually makes sense. What Too Late ultimately serves as is a warning shot across the sea of filmmakers that Thomas has arrived on the scene and has a bright future behind the camera.

Too Late is now playing in select theaters and on digital everywhere.

Rating: 3/5

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