Review: The God Committee (Tribeca 2021)


An exploration of morality that squanders a teed up home run of a premise while wasting its cast in a lifeless, simply bizarre final cut.

Following a heart transplant committee at a New York City hospital, The God Committee brings viewers into the room where decisions about who should receive the second chance at life are made with Kelsey Grammar, Janeane Garofalo, and Julia Stiles starring. Uneven writing leads to the film’s inability to establish the desired tone; scenes that should be tense fail to be so while others are quite awkward. The romantic relationship between Grammar and Stiles seems underdeveloped with unexplained references to trouble in paradise. This happens in a number or areas where dialogue is used to advance the plot in lieu of absent scenes or developments we’re led to believe occurred off-screen. As a whole, The God Committee attempts to tackle a number of subplots that ultimately lead to a convoluted story as a whole. Transitions between scenes, whether between past and (somewhat) present or otherwise, are hastily placed leading to abrupt endings to sequences and even confusion. Even potentially surprising twists and heightened anticipation succumb to slow, rudimentary building blocks.

While Stiles and Garofalo deliver fine performances, the cast as a whole seems out of place. The God Committee is likely a fantastic stage play, however this adaptation falls short in most, if not all categories.

Rating: 2/5

Photo from Tribeca

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