Review: SHORT – Try To Fly (Tribeca 2021)


What happens when a baby owl who is afraid to take the first leap and try to fly is pushed by her mother?

She panics. She ruminates on all of the things that could happen in life, asking “what if” about potential injury, loss of a love one, failure, being along… all of the insecurities we all feel at one time or another. And then Try to Fly beautifully flips the script, embracing those insecurities and asking “what if” in a positive manner, shining light on all of the possibilities of life. Told in a singular voice by the baby owl, this is an absolutely stunning animated short that is not only artistically pristine, but narratively impactful. 

Did I cry? Yes, yes I did. I found myself enthralled and seen! What if we acknowledge our fears and move forward anyway? What if? What a triumph of a short film.

Rating: 5/5

Photo from Tribeca

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